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Fridge / Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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Wolf 3D - Wolf (2009) - The New Order - The Old Blood - The New Colossus

Fridge Brilliance

  • During the last cutscene where B.J. was preparing for the attack on Deathshead's compound, we can see that he was taken to RAF Kinloss in order to join the attack force, where said forces consisted of a numerous number of bombers and fighter planes. But if we pay close attention, RAF Kinloss, at least in our real life, was only a small training establishment grounds, never intended as a massive base of operations for the Allied Forces. This shows that in this alternate reality, the Allied Forces might have turned every remaining airbase in England to became fully operational given the desperate situation of the war. Makes the prologue mission of the New Order to become all the way more tragic...

Fridge Horror

  • After the release of the alchemical gas, fire and zombies are already everywhere. The earthquake is the obvious cause, but it seems a bit odd for it to have taken out that many people, especially out in the open. When you consider that the alchemical gas can only reanimate what's already dead, and realize that you're returning to areas you've already been, the realization comes that you're probably responsible for a good chunk of these zombies. This also makes B.J.'s dismissal of Kessler's insistence that you do not take out every Nazi you see on the way in a bit of a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, especially if you fail to save him.


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