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Tear Jerker / Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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  • One of the newspaper clippings that you can find it is revealed that in this timeline the Nazi's won D-Day and are building a museum dedicated to their victory using Allied POWs taken during the battle as slave labor in it's construction.
    • Based on one of the newspapers collectibles, we can read that the Allied Forces had suffered about 156,000 casualties alone during the operation... While the Germans only suffered 89 casualties in total. Makes you wonder how superior the Germans were during the battle.
  • In the latter missions of The Old Blood, you can only save one of your friends from the Zombie Apocalypse that engulfs Wulfburg: Kessler or Annette. One of them has to die, and it's not pretty either— the one you can't save gets killed and rises as a Shambler, forcing you to look them right in their burning, undead eyes and [[Mercy Kill put them down.
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  • There are also the deaths of Agents One and Two, aka Wesley and Pippa. Wesley is tortured for hours, and Rudi keeps him alive just for BJ to find him, and then see him fed to Greta the Kampfhund; just before his death, BJ learns the "count to four" catchphrase from him. Pippa is killed by a zombie just seconds before BJ can reach her, and turns into an undead herself. Especially in the interactions and dialogues with Pippa, you can see those two were not just colleagues but friends for BJ.
  • This being a prequel the last cutscene, set just hours before the beginning of The New Order, and BJ's monologue, cannot be met with other than sadness since you know how it will end. Furthermore, if you think about it, even if you save Annette, there may be no future for her in the Nazi-dominated world.
  • Rudi Jager's complete breakdown after you killed Greta. Yes, the man was a monster who fed prisoners to his dogs, but he was still a man who loved his dog like a daughter. In the end, it didn't matter who killed who: one way, Rudi would have avenged Greta, the other (in his mind at least) he would have been reunited with her.
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  • BJ's passing comment early in the game that "America would never fold" when confronted with the truth of the failing war effort. Sure enough, come the events of The New Order, he is appropriately horrified to learn that America ultimately did the face of the atomic bomb no less, and is now just as screwed up a place as every other to be occupied by the Nazis.

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