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  • The Old Blood announcement trailer ends with B.J disembarking in an underground dock, picking up a shotgun and a table saw to saw the barrel down... until a burning zombie randomly drops from the ceiling, upon which he starts sawing much faster.
    • Just a little after that scene, the way BJ says "Look at that, it's raining Nazis" (zombified soldiers are falling from Zeppelins), like it's the most normal thing in the world.
  • One piece of concept art in The Old Blood describes how BJ has such an enormous build that not a single Nazi uniform could fit him for undercover work, so the (American) military had to hire a very bemused tailor in order to get one!
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  • BJ goofing around with a skull in Rudi's room, doing the Alas, Poor Yorick scene from Hamlet... and then fumbling and dropping it before he puts it back where he found it. Then again... it is less funny if you wonder where that skull came from. Or about the large bullet-sized hole in it, for that matter.
  • Early on in the game, if you listen to enemy chatter, you discover a literal Grammar Nazi!
  • In the beginning, one of the officers scolds one of the soldiers for loitering around, and asked what would his mother think about him. The soldier's response? "I'm sorry, uncle."
  • The Oh, Crap! moment when Rudi Jäger, asks BJ if he's from Frankfurt as in, a frankfurter. BJ replies that he's "Ein 'Hot Dog'". After a Beat, Jäger and the receptionist burst out laughing. Jäger then follows up by saying he loves BJ's parody of a "stupid American", and how he cannot wait to show them what's what once the Nazis takes over.
  • After meeting Kessler, BJ is tasked with defending the tavern from a veritable horde of Nazi soldiers. It goes on long enough that even he starts to get weary...
    • Once the attack is dealt with, BJ goes to let Kessler and Annette out from the cellar:
      • Even better is how that encounter ends:
      Jäger: Oh, mein leben! I will see you soon, Greta!note 
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    • Then there's Kessler's first transmission after you've started heading to Agent Two's location.
      Kessler: This place is infected with Nazi pigs. You should be careful, do not kill anyone unless you have to.
      B.J.: What's that? Kill as many Nazis as I can?
      Kessler: No, I said—
      B.J.: (makes Fake Static noises) Can't hear you Kessler, lots of static.
  • When posing as a waiter in a tavern to get the file Helga is holding Blazko can overhear as a Nazi try and consoles his friend, whose wife has just left him taking the kids with her. The Funny part comes when the saddened Nazi goes on a rant of how the universe is indifferent to individual suffering and how it is inevitable someone in his bloodline will be hurt and he won't be there to protect them. His good friends then asks if he talks to his wife like that. He answers "Sometimes." so he replies "Maybe that's why she left you."
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  • The village drunkard. Who not only talks to you like a long-lost friend, but somehow manages to get to Wulfberg before BJ!
    Village Drunkard: My fellow generous Nazi-hating half-naked lunatic!
  • Before infiltrating the tavern, BJ's contact instructs him to leave his weapons behind. BJ proceeds to individually deposit his entire Hyperspace Arsenal into a large chest.
  • After chasing Helga around for half the game, how epic is the final fight against her? well, turns out there is no such thing, since the giant monster throws her away like a ragdoll, and when B.J. finds her bleeding to death and rambling on, he just shoots her without a word. Bonus points for there not even being a prompt or cutscene, you just do it if you want to.
  • When being tortured by Rudi for a name for a collaborator, B.J. retort "Klaus", as in Santa Claus. In New Order, Klaus is the name of one of the members of the Kreisau Circle and a former Nazi, making this weirdly prophetic.

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