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Heartwarming / Sonic Colors

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Great job, Sonic!

  • During the ending cutscene, not only have a handful of Wisps managed to rescue Sonic from the black hole, but the normal, non-corrupted Wisps are seen transforming the purple "Frenzy" Wisps back to their original forms.
    • Yacker's goodbye is also rather touching. He thanks Sonic and Tails for saving the wisps, gives both of them a high five, and leaves with his friends to return to their planet. *Sniff*
  • A huge heartwarming moment near the end of the Wii version where Sonic shoves Tails into the space elevator back to their world to protect him.
    • And for the whole scene before that: when the final machine pops up and surprises them, Sonic instinctively steps up and puts his arm in front of Tails in a shielding "get behind me" motion. He doesn't drop his arm at all during the entire scene, even when he and Eggman are exchanging witty banter. It's a small detail, but it's very heartwarming.
  • This instance in the ending cutscene, which instantly became the iconic representation of Sonic and Tails's never-ending friendship. In other words, their Brofist (which is also the picture for this page, seen above).
    • For that matter, much of Sonic and Tails' interactions in this game — with all the emphasis on heroics and believing in themselves in their characters taking precedent for so long, it's nice to see a game where even while saving the day the two aren't so intense, palling around and acting like brothers.
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  • Orbot's relief when Cubot's voice finally turns back to normal is somehow touching.
  • During the final battle, all the wisps you rescue band together to help you defeat Eggman and take back their freedom.
  • In the DS version, one of the missions has you run into Silver in front of a ride that promises an experience of the future. Silver comments that it's nothing like the future he's from; when Sonic asks what it is like, he says that there are blue skies, and smiling people. "That sounds just like the present." "Heh, exactly." It's a small thing, but after all the crap the kid's been through, that's pretty sweet.

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