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Heartwarming / Star Fox

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • In any battle where you have multiple NPC allies, if you shoot down an enemy chasing them, they'll thank you and wish you good luck.
  • "Don't ever give up, my son."
    • And at the end of the whole sequence too.
    • Top it all off, when Fox gets back to the rest of the team, Falco actually gives a completely sincere compliment to Fox for making it through, saying "That's our leader!"
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    • The Official Player's Guide includes an interview with Miyamoto where he mentions this is his favorite part of the game. The reason? "I'm a father too."
  • In Adventures: Fox making Tricky an honorary Star Fox member. Fox has gone from getting angry at him for... telling him it's a good thing he fell in a hot spring?, not really wanting to take him along after making his mother well and only taking him because he's useful, and saying "That's a shame" after the Warpstone tells him he cannot warp dinosaurs (meaning Tricky therefore can't join him for the Krazoa Palace segments) to saying "I'm gonna miss you, too" and promising to visit soon, on top of the aforementioned honor. They've really grown into friends over the course of this adventure.


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