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  • None of the Happy Dream residents whom Russell had killed in real life wanted him to die, even when they knew what he had done to them. Even Cody who said she hates Russell for his actions and Dogma who agreed that Russell should atone by suffering the same pain as they did.
  • All Happy Dream residents always care about Russell, especially after he had become pale after seeing a memory.
  • Russell killing his parents after his father had killed Yumi because he didn’t want them to hurt any other people again.
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  • In a world where monsters are hunting the characters, the Lamenting One, a giant cake boss representing Gardenia’s father, would fully recover Gardenia’s HP and MP.
  • Kantera is said to be very fond of Russell, which is precious since he is a draken, who would usually see themselves as more superior than normal human beings.
  • Raymond offering Russell the chance to have a drink together if they meet in the real world on Day 6, showing how much he has come to care for Russell over such a short time, especially since Raymond originally regarded Russell as just another psychopath he had to deal with.

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