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Heartwarming / Asdivine Hearts

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  • The scene in Luna's cabin where she, Celine, and eventually Zack have a long discussion that helps Celine begin to deal with her I Just Want to Be Special complex.
  • Stella finally being able to be somewhat honest with her own feelings and helping Zack out of an oncoming Heroic BSoD after Felix reveals he's the Light Progeny.
  • Zack and Uriel's conversation about The Power of Friendship and what it means to trust somebody when she expresses doubt in Celine's sister.
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  • Uriel's True Ending wherein, after becoming a writer and Walking the Earth with Zack for a few years to write all about Asdivine, she declares that the next story she wishes to write is the never-ending tale of their falling in love.
  • Celine's True Ending where she's finally able to overcome her fear of animals while holding Zack's hand and then proceeds to propose to him.
    • Topped in the sequel where she and Zack get married and are expecting a child.
  • The True Ending in the sequel wherein Luna not only gets her sight restored, but she and Lars get married.
  • Nadia's True Ending in the sequel where she manifests herself every day and becomes a doting housewife.

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