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YMMV / Asdivine Hearts

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  • Awesome Music: Stay on the overworld map and listen to the entire theme (since it resets after every battle). You will feel like being able to take on the world as it gets further beyond where a battle will normally interrupt it.
  • Catharsis Factor: The game gives the player more and more reasons to absolutely loathe Julius every time he appears on screen while keeping him just shy of monster status or crossing the Moral Event Horizon, but getting to beat the absolute shit out of him feels incredibly satisfying. More so than any other battle in the game.
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  • Ending Fatigue: The True Ending route is mostly one Fetch Quest after another and the final dungeon is very long and has a higher encounter rate than normal.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Jewels that add status effects to regular attacks are very plentiful and don't take up much room in a character's Rubix with Paralysis being the most useful as it negates the enemy's turn and takes the longest time to heal naturally. A party decked out with Paralysis Strike jewels, combined with a little luck, can easily defeat end-game enemies that are accessible after obtaining the airship.
    • 20 Jewel + Next Jewel = A fast character like Felix being able to single-handedly wipe out an entire party of Metal enemies. The fact that Felix hits twice means that one hit on each enemy can miss but still not break the chain. It turns grinding for experience and SP on the islands full of Metal enemies into a breeze.
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    • The Trust Gauge abilities as a whole, but especially Zack and Celine's. Zack's can hit any enemy for 20 hits and does double damage against Shadow elements- meaning he can easily 1-shot the Normal Ending's final boss. Celine's is similar but is limited by her normal attack range and doesn't have any elemental bonuses, but comes with a free Limit Break allowing her to spam her most powerful Skills 5 times in a row for free and further increase the damage output. Uriel's special is a boss-debilitating marvel on its own. It inflicts most status effects on anything — even bosses — and lowers stats at the same time. Enemies will spend turns losing health from poison and unable to act due to paralysis. Add copius amounts of Shockstones and bosses will be child's play.
    • Void Shockstones are group-killing stones of destruction. They hit hard and can be easily farmed in late-game areas for an easier-than-expected time.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Uriel's home village crossed it before the game started, as Human Sacrifice was not only a common practice and even used for selfish desires, but had become so accepted that virtually nobody saw anything morally wrong with it.
  • Tear Jerker: Uriel revealing that her best friend was used as a Human Sacrifice and how it did appear to placate the famine at the time only for the village to be utterly destroyed not long after.
    Uriel: Looking back at it now, that famine was a minor problem in comparison. But now it's too late...


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