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Funny / Asdivine Hearts

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  • The Legion's black magic in Alvin town causing Governor Hyde to fall in Love at First Sight with Zack. The girls quickly beat him back to his senses.
  • In the True Ending path, when Noctodemus possesses Stella to recover his power, he's rather confused over having to deal with her having breasts. It gets even better from there when she begins arguing with him.
  • Zack's proposal to Stella in her True Ending: Done in the middle of a crowded arena right before they engage in a competitive battle after their opponents reveal their Battle Couple nickname of "The Combat Couple." Stella is so embarrassed that she throws Zack into their opponents to deliver a One-Hit KO before accepting.
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  • Felix's True Ending: Where she spirits Zack away into a pocket dimension to experience a make-out session after knocking Noct into a lake.
  • Uriel's True Ending in the sequel is a delicious Bait-and-Switch wherein it looks like, after catching the Bouquet of Fate, she goes full Yandere and keeps Zack chained up in a run-down shack only for it to reveal that the scene is only out of her latest book.

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