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Heartwarming / Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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  • Hendricks convincing Taylor to rescue all hostages held by the NRC, not just the one (Minister Said) that Taylor desires.
  • In an Even Evil Has Loved Ones example, Goh Xiulan being determined to avenge her brother Goh Min, whom the Player and Hendricks inadvertently killed while posing undercover.
  • The Player refusing to abandon Kane and disobeying her orders, going to rescue her from Goh Xiulan instead of continuing to search for Taylor.
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  • The Player reassuring Kane that they will not succumb to the infection of Corvus after interfacing with Sarah Hall and being given Corvus's infection.
  • The Player reassuring Hendricks that he/she needs him in their life due to their friendship.
  • The Player insisting that Kane search for Lt. Khalil's location after he gets captured by the NRC, owing to his helpfulness to the WA in hunting down Taylor.
  • The Player reassuring Taylor after Taylor fights back against Corvus and rips out his DNI to avoid killing a wounded Player.
  • Kane leaving her bandanna on The Player's surgery bed and proclaiming "Don't forget me". She then spends the final mission helping The Player confront Hendricks out of loyalty.
  • In a Tear Jerker, The Player and Kane putting their hands together while Kane dies from the effects of the Nova 6 gas.
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  • Corvus itself, wanting to create a place where DNI users could live on after death after causing the Singapore disaster, which killed 300,000 people.
  • The Player shouting to Corvus that he/she will avenge their teammates Diaz, Hall and Maretti, who all died from the infection of Corvus.
  • Taylor helping The Player remain determined in the face of Corvus and completing their objective of purging their DNI and erasing Corvus.


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