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Heartwarming / Sally Face

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"Looks like it was just a small scratch."
Note: all spoilers are unmarked!


  • Sal being a Nice Guy to everyone he meets. Weird tenants, creepy-looking ghosts - Sal is polite and friendly to everyone he encounters, and offers his help whenever possible.
Episode 2
  • In Episode 1 Sal meets Larry and Lisa for the first time. In Episode 2, about half a year later, Sal is already included in their family photos.
  • Sal hugging Larry while the latter cries in his arms.
Episode 3
  • After Travis punches Sal, Ash sees that Sal is bleeding and decides to wipe the blood with her bandana. Sal tries to stop her when she's undoing the latches of his mask, but she proceeds anyway, wipes the blood, then smiles, content with her job...while not for a split second being fazed by Sal's Facial Horror.
  • Sal seeing past Travis' Jerkass Façade, being calm and patient while talking to him after his breakdown, and offering friendship and support despite Travis punching Sal in the face the previous day. And it works.
    • Finding out that Travis uses bullying as a cover for his insecurity about being gay while being raised in a deeply religious and abusive household via Sal picking up a discarded anonymous love note that Travis began to write to another boy. Talking with Travis has him apologize to Sal about harassing him and his friends, who he previously all called gay, and he admits that he doesn't actually hate them at all. Hopefully the poor kid learned to love himself eventually.
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  • Sal and Larry exchanging a platonic Dying Declaration of Love, and Larry throwing his arms in front of Sal in an attempt to shield him from Mrs. Packerton. Thankfully, it was just Ash who walked in on them.
Episode 4
  • The reveal of the first time Larry saw Sal's face starts out funny: Sal was headbanging so hard, his prosthetic flew off and whacked Larry in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. But then...
    Larry: Yeah, but then once I told you I was fine...why did you cry?
    Sal: Because you didn't look away.
  • Sal's interactions with Maple, Chug and Maple's baby daughter Soda.
  • Henry (Sal's dad) and Lisa (Larry's mom) getting married is heartwarming on several levels. Firstly, Sal and Larry, who have been already viewing each other as family for several years, officially became step-brothers. Secondly, Henry and Lisa's marriage means that they finally moved on from their respective losses. And thirdly, in Episode 3 it was revealed via Jim's diary that several years after Larry's birth Lisa had a stillborn daughter, and Larry was upset that he didn't get the younger sibling he was promised - meaning that years later he finally got to be an actual older brother.
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  • Ash reminding Sal that he is not alone when he tells her about his depression, and once again saying that she doesn't mind seeing Sal's face.
  • Larry's suicide note is a mixture of this and Tear Jerker.

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