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Heartwarming / Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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  • 47 having donated all of his money from his previous hits to charity.
  • When Father Vittorio is kidnapped, he IMMEDIATELY drops everything to go after him.
  • Diana bends the rules to their absolute breaking point to make sure 47 gets the help he needs, even when he's out of money.
  • 47 going to the trouble of saving Father Vittorio in Silent Assassin. While he leaves his life of peace behind, it shows that he is not without a conscience.
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  • Father Vittorio spends much of his time reassuring, no matter how many bad things 47 has done, he's still a man with a heart and that God loves him.
  • Rescuing Mei Ling. Sure, it's optional and it'll cost you a Silent Assassin rating, but 47 shows concern, if paired with slight annoyance, at Mei Ling's predicament.


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