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    Transformers live-action film series 
Transformers (2007)
”Hold on, before it’s too late”
  • Steve Jablonsky's inspirational heroic musical theme, as four warrior angels of steel descended from the heavens. In particular, the dignified male choir accompanying Ironhide's rise from the water like a metallic savior moved many a fellow Trans Fan to tears.
  • Lennox says in the opening scene that he just wants to go home so he can hold his baby daughter for the first time. Also, his later conversation with his wife and his joy at hearing their daughter has his laugh.
    • At the end of the film, we see that Lennox managed to get home and hold his baby girl, as he has earlier said he wanted to do.
    • Even better, it is Ironhide who gives Lennox a ride home, showing some compassion from the gruff Autobot weapons expert.
  • In this sad age of cynicism, it gives one hope that heroes like Prime still remember that "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
    • Overall, the scene of Optimus talking with his fellow Autobots about having to destroy the Allspark sums up his character perfectly: loyal, noble, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.
    • That line was the winner of a "Get a line in the movie" contest. So is it really surprising that it's very very in character?
      • It was also the motto of the original Optimus Prime toy.
  • Early in the film, Bumblebee goes out of his way to try and help Sam. Both in his love-life as well as protecting him from harm.
    • The fact that Bumblebee only temporarily dumped Sam and Mikaela off so he could get a new vehicle mode (one that would make even the stuck-up Mikaela happy!).
  • Ironhide and the little girl asking him if he happened to be the toothfairy! A very small but cute moment.
  • Sam and Mikeala making out.
    • Their theme song, Goo Goo Dolls' "Before It's Too Late", massively qualifies.
  • At first, Sam's parents are worried he was masturbating in his room, causing Sam to try and explain Not What It Looks Like as Mikaela is hiding— he and Mikaela were investigating the glasses that the Deceptions wanted. Mikaela then comes out of hiding, and his parents are both relieved he was hiding a girl, which is normal teenage behavior, and happy that he seems to be in a relationship.