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Heartwarming / Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

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  • In the good ending, Mickey splashes the Mad Doctor's face with paint, giving him a real My God, What Have I Done? moment before he uses his machine to rescue himself, Mickey, and Oswald from falling into the Thinner river. Later, the trio are brought back to a group of people, and the Mad Doctor realizes what being a toon is about. As a result of Mickey and Oswald's good actions, the Tints (paint guardians) transform the Mad Doctor into a real toon.
    • Just Oswald's kind hearted attitude towards the Mad Doctor in general, and how willing he is to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if it is obvious to everyone else that his reformation is fake. Even after the Mad Doctor's ruse is exposed and he fights the heroes in the Final Boss battle, Oswald is still moved to Save the Villain when said villain nearly falls to his doom, which can lead straight into the above good ending.
  • Oswald and Ortensia, full stop. "Good luck, hunny bunny!" :D
    • Even better? Moments before the above quote a worried Ortensia tells Oswald to be careful while he, Mickey, and Gus head off to fix the projectors. How does Oswald respond? He simply gives her a kiss without a word, and she's reassured. Oswald didn't need words to comfort Ortensia. They're that close.

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