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  • The Original Generation of the game has the overall theme that a Salaryman is not a lame-ass job, it's a job someone can be proud of, plays an important part in society and also helps build good camaraderie and character (In fact, Dyma fell hard from his heroism because he never learned the humility that came from being a Salaryman, like Hirosuke coined.). For players that already worked and ended up having less-glamorous jobs and usually saw people looking down on Salaryman in general, this can be a very uplifting message.
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  • It isn't much but there was sweet moment between the protagonist and Rami after they defeated The Company's first new recruit Siegel. Before hand, the protagonist accuses Rudi of giving Siegel a job where he has to fight. Rudi points that that isn't much different from making Rami fight for a living which the protagonist admits she has a point. It is afterwards that the protagonist for the first time asks Rami full out if she really wants to keep doing this and if she does not it would be okay. Rami admits she still does not like fighting but she wants to keep working with the protagonist in this way.
  • During the visit to Tokyo Tower, the T3 noticed that the situation has been rather somber because the scenery was ruined by the Colony Drop that they only stopped partially. Not exactly a good time for vacation to this cultural landmark. All of the sudden, there comes Hikaru, not at all affected with the somber situation because she just met a legendary war hero like Kouji, and she continued to cheer for them even after she left. Both Kamille and Fa noted that it's good to see a light of positivity amongst the children despite the anxiety around.
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  • Scenario 26 has the UND attacking the VTX facility with Rudi jumping in later. During this scenario she's make job offerings to members of T3. When she gets to Tetsuya, she clicks off his berserk button immediately.
    Rudi: Tetsuya Tsurugi... The UND has heard that you're a known as a combat professional, and we respect that.
    Tetsuya: I don't know who told you that, but I don't trust people who go around spouting hearsay.
    Rudi: If you wish, you can even bring your wife and child along and-
    Tetsuya: You stay the hell away from them, or so help me I'll tear you apart...even if I have to chase you to the ends of the universe to do it!
    Rudi: My-my apologies!
  • Though Glemy's rebellion dies with him earlier on, in the last stages of the war against both Neo-Zeon factions we come to learn through Ple Two's interactions with Char, Haman and Nanai that all the Ple clones were spared and given safe haven in compensation for her services, their word kept even after the factions' eventual defeat. While the aversion of their deaths alone is heartwarming enough, the implication that Ple Twelve will never go through the tragic events of her canonical counterpart further sweetens the achievement.
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  • The reunion between Akito and Yurika is handled differently than in V. After rescuing Yurika and the Nadesico crews greeted her, Akito... stayed away, thinking that his hands have been stained and he no longer had the rights to reunite, or his black getup represented his darker, brooding self, unfit to see Yurika again. Cue the T3 telling him to go and meet her anyway, he had to finish this, and topped with Van saying that those black getup looked more like a tuxedo to greet his bride, and he really should go to her since unlike Van, his bride is still alive. When Akito tried to explain why he's distancing himself with Yurika and how he's no longer worthy of her, Yurika shut him up by telling that no matter what, she'll always be his wife, stroking his face while crying Tears of Joy. There's even a special sprite for the two and did we mention that the scene between the two was voiced for extra sweetness?
  • After any events that The Claw is dead, if you deploy Van and/or Ray and have them attack anything, they will think back on how their battle for the vengeance of their beloved is over... but they're still going to keep fighting anyway, because that was what their beloved wanted, and they still want to protect their beloved's resting place. It shows that vengeance hasn't really consumed them completely, and for someone like Ray who used to claim that emotions get in the way of revenge, deep down he still wanted to do good things.
  • During the endings, this time, the Magic Knights had to personally send their Cephiran friends off. Of course, after confessing love with Lantis, Hikaru is also saddened that she had to send him off, although both are assured that they will meet again. Primera, after spending her time pinning on Lantis and seeing Hikaru as nothing more than an obstacle to Lantis' affection, proceeded to cheer Hikaru up as a friend, not because of any sorts of jealousy that she had in the past. It is refreshing to see that Primera grew beyond being Lantis' clingy fairy.
  • One of the DLC has Spike and Maito repelling an attack from the enemy at a location that just so happens to be where a certain former mafia boss is working as a chef. In a game where we encounter numerous enemies who seem to squander their second chance like Catherine Vuitton and revert back to their villainous ways, it is quite nice to see Hoi Kow Loon instead making a genuine attempt to reform and work a legitimate job. He also gets his own awesome moment when after the stage he actually manages to whip up a dish that is good enough to not only satisfy Van, but for him to demand more.
    • It's also implied that despite them still using pseudonyms, Maito actually knows their true identity, but he still let them be. His friends actually brought up about their past deeds, but as Maito coined it, "Hate the sin, love the sinner."
  • The Bellvine. Unlike the Billbine, which was just a high performance Aura Machine built by the Kingdom of Na that Queen Ciela Lapana had gifted to Show in gratitude for saving her from the Storm Sphere, the Bellvine was constructed by the royal family itself and built specifically to cater to Show's fighting style. Normally, an Aura Machine commissioned by the royal family would be white like the Whiteguard of Na, but the Bellvine is teal green, the personal color of Show. This implies that rather than being a member of the royal guard, Show is the personal knight of Ciela herself, which is something that she had always secretly desired but her responsibilities as queen prevented her from acting upon.
  • At the end of the game we catch up with a number of people. One that worked the hardest to get his happy ending was Akito who has been taken in by Boss and going through an intense training regimen to re-learn how to make his dream Ramen. At the same time Guy with the GGG is trying to research a way to get Akito his sense of taste back.

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