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Main Game

  • Van continues to grow his list of nicknames, but one that takes the cake of funny is this one that he could say in the early game:
    Howdy, pardner! I'm Van the Cowboy!
  • During a conversation, Spike managed to hit several of Judau's sensitive buttons when the latter wasn't in a good mood. And then a spectacular Insult Backfire happened:
    Judau: I really hope I don't grow up to be like you.
    Spike: Same here, kiddo. Here's hoping that you'll grow up into a proper, upstanding adult.
  • When Kouji shows everyone Mazinger Infinity, the thing numerous factions are attacking for, Lisa but in wanting to call it Imazinger: the God of Imagination. Sayaka insists the name is settled and she isn't going to change any minds now and she had to use her authority as the Head of the Photon Power Research Institute to veto that idea.
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  • Judau reminding Saburota that despite just having transported to the magical land of Cephiro, they're living in their reality, this isn't anime. Says the guy whose origin's first theme song was literally titled "Anime ja nai/This isn't anime."
  • Hikaru can understand Mokona very well, but the Super AIs just can’t. Black Gaine even starts to overheat in his attempts to figure out Mokona's language.
  • When Ryoma goes in the tournament to help Chirico win the tournament, the crowd boos at him for being a really huge, what they think at least, red AT while the crowd gets fired up when Van summons Dann. Then when the venue is under attack, the crew come back and Van teases Ryoma that he and the Shin Getter 1 are cheaters.
  • Tryder G7's Combination Attack with the Shuttle. It starts with Watta spamming every one of Tryder's weaponry (Which is pretty much everything except for Tryder Bird Attack), which is then followed by his subordinates taking action into their own hands. Starting off, Kakikoji spams all the missiles from the assistant carrier, Atsui pops up in a small ball-like mecha to fire a tiny laser before flying away with missiles, and finally, Kinoshita walks through the upper screen upside-down (even if the animation is happening in an area with no ceiling like an open valley or space), and drops a lot of steel balls before scurrying away. Just after the damage numbers have been portrayed, Ikue offers him a set of tea before tripping and dropping the tea-set... which does absolutely nothing other than dunking the enemy portrait with spilled tea.
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  • If Sagiri is the main protagonist, during the encounter with Paul, he called her an old lady. Sagiri gets a rather prolonged Ma'am Shock, which is only stopped with Rami telling her to get a hold of herself... ma'am. At least it's better than old hag. But then when she encouraged Hikaru to do her business with Paul... Turns out Sagiri was still reeling from that shock.
    Hikaru: I'm close to his age!
    Sagiri: I'm... far from his age...
  • In Chapter 22, if Captain Harlock moves to a certain point, all of the sudden, he'll meet a rather quirky sailor, Kaiji, who somehow turned his submarine to be able to travel in space, because space is like sea and SEA IS THE BEST and that's kinda the sole thing that runs in his head. His obsession with sea creeps the heck out of Umi (because her name means sea/ocean).
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  • "What in the ever-loving hell?!" Normally impeccably polite Tetsuya Tsurugi is taken aback when one of the post-combat wrap up sessions uses the Martian Successor Nadesico What! and Why format.
  • During the reunion of the 'Holy Trinity' (Kouji, Ryouma and Amuro), reminiscing of their past led to arguing about their current flaws, namely Ryouma being an ex-convict, and Amuro hiding from war due to issues. Kouji then makes a backhanded comment that he's probably the only well-adjusted one between the trio... until both Ryouma and Amuro threaten to tell Sayaka about that one time Kouji had a fling with a certain Tsundere alien princess, prompting Kouji to try to avert the discussion.
  • When Tetsuya and Great Mazinger end up getting used as part of Infinity's Pilder, letting the Getter team fight against Tetsuya allows the Getter team to pick on Tetsuya with Musashi thinking he should take a picture of the occasion.
    • One dialogue exchange is if Spike asks Tetsuya if he's sure he can't get his pilder undocked from Great Mazinger. Tetsuya assures him he can't and Spike is disappointed since he wanted to try docking the Swordfish II in and take over.
  • Wassilmon tells Chirico that they've already filled all available AT pilot positions so they don't need him to join, and proceeds to order his ship to destroy his piece of trash AT. Chirico doesn't find this amusing.
    Wassilmon: I'm afraid the AT pilot position has been filled. Your services are no longer required. All guns, fire at will. Get that ugly AT out of my sight fight good.
    Chirico: ...You'll regret that.

DLC Missions

  • In the beginning of Armor Fight DLC, Allenby and Pricilla were preparing to fight over an argument... and all of the sudden, there comes Stalker the Announcer doing what he does as an announcer and the first time he appears within in-universe characters... to the confusion of those seeing him.
    Wendy: Um, excuse me, sir, but who're you?
    Stalker: I'm just a passer-by, no need to worry about that!
  • In "Magic Knight vs Aura Battler", after the Magic Knights were done with physical training, they're to move forward with magic training, and the Dragon Siblings were more than happy to assist. Therefore, Hikaru paired up with EnRyu, Umi with HyoRyu, Fuu with FuRyu... and unfortunately there is no Magic Knight of Thunder/Lightning, so RaiRyu ended up being dejected that he didn't get any pair.
  • In "This is Paradise", there's a few.
    • The scenario started with the return of Kaiji, admiring the ocean like usual. And we cut to Umi sneezing, somehow she felt glad that she didn't take the vacation or else she'll meet the guy that creeped her out at Chapter 22 again. At the end of the scenario, Kaiji popped up again to utter the same line. We assume that Umi snooze again afterwards.
    • Allenby went to the beach using her skin-tight Gundam Fight outfit, which others pointed out and embarrassed the hell out of her.
    • Tobia dragged Sai Saici into peeping the girls, but when Fasalina launched her attack, they immediately deployed and tried to deny that they're there peeping, though the girls quickly caught on with Yukiko stating that they're in for a scolding from Bright... which is what they got once the scenario ended (though they're lucky they didn't get slapped).
      • Also in the same scenario, Fasalina attempted to use her temptation that worked on Michael, on the boys. And for a second, Sai Saici almost bought it.
      Fasalina: I see that you're at the age where you start growing an appreciation to a female's body. If you join the Comrade, I will happily give you lessons about how to please a woman.
      Sai Saici: F-for real!?
      Allenby: Sai Saici, for God's sake!!
  • In "Decade-Long Trio", Amuro, Koji, and Ryoma pick on each other just like old times for them.
    • Hayato wondering after so long, why they didn't just use Getter-1 to just carry Mazinger Z back in the day, when Koji didn't have the Scrander and he had to deal with flying enemies. Amuro and Ryoma end up making a few excuses, whilst Koji admits that he never thought of that idea.
    • After the battle, Bright ends up calling all three at the bridge and start lecturing them about military protocol. Amuro notes that some things just never change. And speaking about the bridge, even Bright ends up getting dragged down in memory lane when Ryoma wishes he could have snagged a woman himself while Bright ends up telling him that he can't have anyone fooling in the bridge. Ryoma then notes that Bright isn't one to talk when he married Mirai, the White Base helms woman. It takes Meran to remind his captain to continue on with the lecturing to get Bright back to business.
  • In "Troubled Rivals", Tod tried to do good by leading various 'loners' of the T3, including Joe, J, Lantis, Eagle and Ray, to team up and respect each other through battle. For the most part, it worked and it made Tod happy... until Show came up and told him that he's still in for a scolding from Bright for breaking protocol. Tod just can't take a break.
  • In "Curse of Super Deformed", The Magical Knights and both Gunbuster pilots get trapped in a dimension distortion, and as a result, they are all turned into their Superdeformed appearances from their respective anime, much to their horror
  • In "Who's the Protagonist?", your Gespenst pilot (AKA the protagonist not chosen as the main one between Saizo or Sagiri) rallies several secondary characters to rise above their respective series' protagonists in a mission. Said mission had them encounter a new UND officer that just got hired to replace the fired Rudi Pixyzalto. The officer tried so many times to say his own name... but your team absolutely refuse to let him finish his introduction line. Every time.
  • "Beautiful Criminals" is basically T's answer for "Miss Tenku Contest" and "Miss X-Cross Pageant". It has a few gems:
    • Rami's introduction of the scenario worked like usual, until she kind of spoiled the beginning of the event.
    Beauty is a crime and I learned at how my own beauty caused such argument... *pouts* What!? Isn't it OK to get excited a bit for this occasion!?
    • And after the arguments of who's Miss T3 (which was formerly Sagiri's way to cheer Rami up when she's down in the dumps, but then Sagiri attempts to claim the title for herself, and it just escalates from there), we hold the contest with guest commentator being "Champion Philanderer" Akatsuki Nagare. Who responded to such 'title' with a dry "thank you".
    • While the matchup banters worked just as you expected, there's something funny with how Hikaru ends up being super Innocently Insensitive about age and maturity when debating with Angela who insists that her matchup title, 'just out of their diapers', didn't fit her because she's mentally in her twenties, causing her to snap and prepares a spanking for Hikaru.
    • If Sagiri is the protagonist, at the end of the contest, everyone is declared as 'Miss T3', and she, along with the rest of the Special Section 3 girls, proceeds to refer to each other as 'Miss T3', much to the confusion of Saizo, who got saddled with the job of arranging a victory meal for them.

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