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Trivia / Super Robot Wars T

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General Trivia

  • Super Robot Wars T, by dint of serendipity, will be the closest the franchise has come to having (nearly) every property involved being licensed for sale in North America prior to release since Super Robot Wars W. In fact, some of these were on the nose: Armored Trooper VOTOMS was picked up for licensing by HIDIVE roughly four months prior to the announcement of Terra, while Discotek Media brought over the specific version of Captain Harlock for this game in May 2017. The only properties not licensed for distribution by time of release were The Brave Express Might Gaine and Invincible Robo Tryder G7 ("Trider G7", however, did get a release in Italy during the 1980s).
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  • The standard version of the game does not contain any music from Expelled from Paradise, with Angela Balzac's Leitmotif defaulting to a game-original tune titled "DIGITAL DEADLINE". This marks one of the very few instances in which Super Robot Wars creates a song to serve as the battle theme of a licensed series. Oddly, "Eonian", the actual theme of Expelled From Paradise, appears exclusively in the Premium Sound version of the game.
  • T is the video game debut of a majority of characters from the second season of Magic Knight Rayearth: up until this title, all Rayearth video games ever released only covered the first season.
  • Super Robot Wars T marks the final vocal performance for Makio Inoue, who returned to portray Captain Harlock. Once voice-over production was finished, Inoue permanently retired until his death on November 29, 2019.



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