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Main Game

  • Domon and George invoking a Gundam Fight to let the crew safe from being questioned by the Federation if they ever get questioned later while saving Maria from the corrupt Federation officers attacking them.
  • No matter what route you pick at Stage 16 (Cephiro or Astragius), you will face off against Rony Marbuk, a guy with a huge Inferiority Superiority Complex that thinks he's a big shot with the Twilight Age giving him an excuse to look at your team lowly and humanity stagnating so he could stand above them. Then Meryl verbally beat the hell out of him by stating that despite the stagnation, mankind still tries to advance forward so his bombastic boasting can just go suck it, and every of the heroes' interactions with him are always tearing his ego up and making him whimper, realizing at how outmatched he is or how much he's actually not worth it. Obnoxious people like Rony may exist within the internet, which makes it both awesome and funny in the same time due to how savagely hilarious and well deserving (for people like him) the heroes put him down.
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  • During a cutscene, Tetsuya, Guy and the Magic Knights found themselves surrounded by Golems while on foot. The Magic Knights unleashed their spells to take out some Golems, while Guy and Tetsuya took out another group. It looked like another normal fanfare, but to wit, the Golems are something bigger than normal humans, and at least the fledging Magic Knights required either sword or sorcery to combat it. Guy is a cyborg so he had physical enhancements. Tetsuya? Just your typical normal human albeit a real combat pro, and he's not in his Humongous Mecha. He still wiped out some of those Golems all the same, with nothing but his own on-foot skill. Another day of SRW showcasing how badass Tetsuya is.
  • Van ends up firing up the crowd when he summons Dann out of nowhere in the arena to help out Chirico and Shako in their tournament.
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  • After seeing the Company send out a young boy, Paul, to fight for their sake, Hikaru became dead-set on making him stop fighting, and does not relent on saving him after he ended up Brainwashed and Crazy and the company also attracted a swarm of the STMC that even temporarily shook Guy's bravery. When Paul recovered, he ended up being scared shitless. While also personally scared, Hikaru mustered all of her courage, covers for him and tells him that if he's a man, he should know to retreat. This bout of bravery inspired Noriko to also take hit for Hikaru, even if she's just with a lowly RX, prompting Jung to deploy and defend the base with Hikaru... until Noriko returned with the Gunbuster in tow and getting the encouragement from Coach Ohta and Kazumi to show the result of her hard work and guts. The result: Two Top squadron pilots with the knowledge to kick STMC asses, one Magic Knight that decided to also believe in hard work and guts and got the approval from her Rune God to use a new spell… all fired up and ready to kick ass.
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  • Akatsuki Nagare is a man of dubious morality that works more on money and almost no one trusts him. But when he personally led his Nergal Corporation men to force the Martian Successors under Haruki Kusakabe to surrender, we get this gem when one of Kusakabe's men declared that they're all fighting for justice, Akatsuki shows what happens when his Grey and Gray Morality views works in favor of the heroes (unlike in the original anime series) and shuts him up with this piece:
    One man's justice is another's injustice. Money, though? That speaks to us all equally.
  • After being put in the Berserker System again, Allenby was fought by Domon, who urged her to cast away her fears and believe in her strength, despite her inner problems. Allenby not only broke free, she also discovered the ability to control the Berserker System on her own without going crazy. This is pretty much close enough with Allenby gaining her own version of Meikyou Shisui.
    • The SR point for this stage is to destroy Wong on the Grand Master Gundam with one attack. It counts support attacks as the delicious icing on the cake is have Domon deal most of the damage then have Allenby give the sweet karma cherry tapping on top.
  • In the original movie, when grafted into Infinity, Tetsuya spent his time unconscious. But in this game, he's conscious. So he spent his time there... warning the heroes when Infinity was going to attack and the chance to counter, praising them for hitting him and taunting Infinity when its HP got low that its rampage was about to end. Being in distress doesn't mean Tetsuya was going to take it sitting down and doing nothing. Even better, when he's grafted out, he followed up by teaming up with Kouji for the debut of Double Burning Fire on Infinity.
  • Van gets to deliver a mighty Shut Up, Hannibal! against Lady Debonair, an Emotion Eater that usually eats Revenge obsessions like the one he had for breakfast.
    You stay the hell out of my revenge. (puts up his 'super angry' face usually reserved for the likes of The Claw) And don't you DARE talk about my love for Elena, you wrinkled old hag in an ugly dress!!
  • Due to Van losing the satellite that holds Dann it now carries injuries and has to dock in the Arcadia instead of teleporting away to heal for the next encounter. Since he's tied to Dann Van becomes deathly ill. Tochiro rallies together all the mechanics and scientists together to try to make sense of this ancient but superior technology to repair it. During the map battle Emeraldaes shows up a massive satellite factory and Tochiro sends every bit of information with Van and Dann in hopes they did enough. During all this chaos Michael and Fasalina show up and start to reveal the Claw's master plan. When Michael see's Tochiro's plan he dismisses it, being pessimistic and insisting the Golden Age could never come back, it won't work. Tochiro asks how he knows it won't work which Michael stutters and can't answer. Tochiro's belief in hard work and optimism counter's Michael's cynicism and soon enough Van and Dann return to the map ready to join in the butt kicking.
  • While we may not be getting the famed "Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken", we do get an equally epic substitute, in which while Domon launches one Sekiha Tenkyoken to save Rain from the Devil Gundam, he recites all those epic Love Confession from the original anime throughout the Sekiha Tenkyoken battle animation.
    • The build-up to that is also equally awesome. Domon at first thought that the only way to save Rain was to initiate a suicide attack onto the Devil Gundam. All of the sudden, Van gets into the two and scolds Domon for not being himself, revealing that Domon's over the top Love Confession in the 13th Gundam Fight and the miracle that came from it were big inspirations for him and he used to regret that he could have saved Elena if he was just a bit like Domon. Then he resigns that if Domon is not going to listen and be the man that made miracle out of love, might as well just go sit in the sidelines and watch him die. Cue members of the T3 giving him all kinds of encouragement to show them the miracle and power of love and the above scene.
  • GUN×SWORD finale. Van gets 300 morale to himself when fighting against The Claw. Asskicking ensues.
  • In the very last level of the normal route the final big bad is revealed it's Dyma Goldwin who went into hiding and prepared a massive counter attack, fortress and mecha all for the sake of being dramatic. Not only that but he plans to basically do what the UND did: invade and conquer the galaxy. He's so sure that people will love him not matter what that he has had the battle broadcast on tv and the internet and he's sure people have gathered to cheer him on. Cue a reality check from people booing him for fighting T3 and it culminates in Ruri giving him a savage verbal beat down, she sums it up as him being an unemployed man suffering a mid-life crisis. It's so devastating that his morale drops to nothing and everyone else is reinvigorated. Ruri even modestly insists that it was more the people tearing him down than herself. Savage.


  • In "Decade-Long Trio", there are a few moments from the veterans themselves. Amuro, Koji, and Ryoma pull off a much better Jetstream Attack against Zeon remnants. And when Koji's Scrander was taken down by a surprise attack, Amuro makes the Nu Gundam jump up really high in the air and distract the flying Kikaiju while Musashi uses his Daisetsuzan Oroshi on Koji to fling Mazinger Z up in the air and let Koji use a Rocket Punch.

Meta examples:

  • The roster itself. Remember when V's roster made everyone drop their jaws in awe? Well, this SRW takes cue from that and goes even beyond:
    • Amongst the old, returning series, one of them is GaoGaiGar, who has not been included since BX. This, in turn, has the effect of softening the blow of how The Brave Express Might Gaine is appearing for the third time in a row, because hey, it's a first for a double Brave Series inclusion, double the Hiyama yelling, double the Hot-Blooded awesome. Gunbuster inclusion was a most welcome addition, but the cherry on the top is also the return of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, which means that this is the first time that G Gundam and GaoGaiGar will be in the same regular SRW, with two top Hot-Blooded voice actor Tomokazu Seki and Nobuyuki Hiyama ready to duke it out at their top Hot-Blooded roles. Adding to that, GUN×SWORD also returns from its only appearance in K, and unofficially adds up the Brave Series robots into threenote . These would have been a killer combo by itself... but the newcomers stole the show.
    • It started out fine with Expelled from Paradise, a new, solid entry... but the fans started screaming in awe with the reveal of Cowboy Bebop, one of the 1990's shows that aired on Toonami and defined its Western anime fanbase, making it even when they just have a small ship as unit. This is then followed with Arcadia of my Youth - Endless Orbit SSX, one of the anime that featured the most esteemed Space Pirate in history: Captain Harlock. And as the finale, they included Magic Knight Rayearth, a Magical Girl series that has been most requested by the fandom for nearly twenty years and finally the Unyielding Wish came true.
    • And those were just the credited roster. Come the second PV, the fandom were given with more treats than what's officially credited, all of them unexpected. First, there's the Bellvine, an unused Aura Battler Dunbine and probably intended for a Mid-Season Upgrade for Shion Zaba, now coming to fruition. And finally, the Shin Getter Dragon rendition from the obscure Playstation 1 game Getter Robo Daikessen!, meaning that it's Getter's turn (beyond Shin Getter Robo) amongst the 'Holy Trinity' to get nifty 'need-to-dig-from-inner-materials' toys after Gundam got Hi-Nu Gundam and Mazinger got Mazin Emperor G!
    • In other words, all these roster reveal were enough to make the fandom let out a mass Squee! Bandai Namco hit the jackpot this time and judging from the second PV... looks like they Can't Stop.
  • And then there's this little video from longtime series producer Nobuyuki Terada and T prducer Syohei Mogami. While it's formally addressed to fans "in Asia", it's very much a wink-nod way of thanking fans from all over the world for supporting the new effort to localize the games and release them in a way that deals with the licensing issues but also makes them available to nearly everyone in the world (and even just outright mentions "globalizing the series" at one point). Terada makes it clear that the support for V and X has been noticed, and so long as sales remain good, it's clear they intend to keep pushing this new effort as far as it can go, all driven by the fans. And it even makes clear that reveals and whatnot will be kept up to pace in English on the Namco-Bandai SEA channel!
    • Another nod toward the global fans was in the first radio show the team did after the trailer reveal... which, among other things, mentions that G Gundam and GaoGaiGar were picked primarily for "their popularity overseas". For SE Asia, that isn't quite as true (if you're going by popularity in English-speaking SEA, Voltes V is what'll be at the top of the listnote ) though both naturally have their fans... but in America, that is very much the case, especially among the older-school mecha fans Terra is clearly aimed at, and it makes clear that the ambitions of B.B. Works, and the feedback they listen to, go way beyond Asia, licensing issues be damned.
  • There is an awesome announcement during the Taipei Game Show 2019. During that time, JAM Project gave the announcement that they will sing the theme song "Tread on the Tiger's Tail" in their native language... and Chinese, Korean and English languages depending on in which region you buy the game. That'll be a first for an anime music in a game to be given not just two, but four language editions!

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