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  • The heartfelt reunion between Yurika and Akito. While holding back her tears, Yurika even does her classic victory pose for old times sake.
  • When Tusk and Momoka save Ange from Julio's clutches, they're not alone; cue a Dynamic Entry when the whole 1st Paramail Squadron saves her as their ally, along with the Nadesico and it's complements.
  • Marida reuniting with her sisters. Considering what happens to all of them in their respective canon series, its great to see that they are alive and well in one universe.
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  • Mineva forgiving Amuro for killing her father, Dozle Zabi, during the One Year War.
  • The group refusing to think that simply killing Koji is the only way to stop Mazinger Zero. They worked alongside the guy for almost as long as Tetsuya and yet when he goes rogue their first thought is to save him in anyway.
    • Not to mention HOW they save him. Shin Getter exposes Koji to Getter Radiation in an attempt to defuse Koji from Zero.... but in the process Koji's able to talk to Mazinger Zero who not only allows him back control but also gave the idea that Dr Hell was embellishing his tale about his Grandfather and that he actually loved him.
  • Unlike in the canon series where he only came to after being nailed by the Stoner Sunshine, Professor Saotome is in complete control and buys time fighting in Shin Getter Dragon to let Go, Gai and Kei enter the machine and take control. He also expresses joy at how much Kei has grown since he last saw her as Genki and charges the Getter Teams with the future.
  • After Yazan and Jerid join the group, the latter and Kamille decide to have a little talk. In said talk, they both finally bury the hatchet with their grudges with Jerid even apologizing to Kamille for making fun of his name.
    Jerid: So you just want me to forget the past?
    Kamille: We were at war.
    Jerid: As if that makes any difference.
    Kamille: We both took countless lives in battle during that war. I killed many you loved. But you killed my mother, Four, and Lieutenant Apolly.
    Jerid: Do you think that makes it any easier to forgive?
    Kamille: I'm not saying I'm innocent. I'm simply saying we were in a time of war. That's why now, in this time of peace, I want to stop hating once and for all.
    Jerid: Kamille, I...
    Kamille: Otherwise, nothing will ever change.
    Jerid: I understand. I've actually understood for some time now. I just thought if I didn't kill you and get my revenge that I could never move on. That's all.
    Kamille: But now we are all here together, fighting for the same cause.
    Jerid: I don't even know how to live my life anymore. But Kamille, I will say this. I'm sorry for making fun of your name back then.
  • A minor one for Sylvia, who returns to her sister instead being separated from her forever in the normal ending. However, Ange says she needs to start walking on her own. Though she undoubtedly has long ways to go before earning her forgiveness, if ever, the moment is still there for her.
    • In the Golden Ending, shegets admiration from Ange as she works with ex-Mana users to overthrow the Founding Nations.
  • Finally, after more than two decades since the debut of the Zambot 3 crew, they get to retire happily and pursue their dreams right after the fighting is over, and get to give the eponymous robot as a gift to Maito and his company.note  It's not much, but given what's happened to them before, it's certainly sweeter than the Z series and, as always, miles ahead of the original show's ending, since, above all, instead of working somewhere or getting horribly trashed in a Heroic Sacrifice, they just go back to a normal life as normal teenagers.
  • The normal ending has Hathaway telling Tobia that he will not become "Mafty Navilles Erin" after being confused by Tobia for most of the game.
  • The salute the entire Earth Fleet Tenku give towards Captain Okita's death as the Cosmo Reverse System starts working with each protagonist having a word:
    Bright: Earth Fleet Tenku! Salute Commander Okita!
    Tobia: (Our journey as Earth Fleet Tenku is at its end.)
    Kincade: (The long journey to save the Earth.)
    Tetsuya: (Now new battles will begin.)
    Ryoma: (The memories of the battles we've fought will never fade.)
    Setsuna: (We will walk the new path we have chosen.)
    Amuro: (We will live in the new way we have chosen.)
    Might: (The people we've met-)
    Akito: (The people we've lost-)
    Kappei: (Anger and sadness-)
    Banjo: (Hope and joy-)
    Ange: (We carry all of that within us.)
    Judau: (We will not just exist, but live.)
    Kira: (We will never forget-)
    Shinn: (The battles we've fought-)
    Hathaway: (The world will change.)
    Banagher: (No-we will change the world.)
    Sosuke: (We will keep changing too.)
    Kamille: (But there are things that will never change... Things that must never change.)
    Koji: (Love. Courage. Pride.)
    Shinji: (We learned what those things mean.)
    Kodai: (Thank you for everything, Commander Okita. I'll never forget what you taught me. And I swear, I will continue to fight alongside the Yamato to protect this bright blue planet.)
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  • In both endings, Leonard gives a solid Pet the Dog moment after seeing Embryo, who is just as bad if not worse than he is, utterly loathing the man and everything he himself had done, and shooting/stabbing Embryo In the Back to protect every Love Interest of the V cast.
  • Nine eventually asks Akito to tell her about the man who seemed to have influenced his life so much, Jiro Yamada. Both Vivian and Shinji are interested as well. Akito tells them that he'll agree to do so, on one condition; that they call him by the true name of his soul, Gai Daigoji. Nine accepts, and Akito decides to start from the very beginning, but first...
    Akito: "Let's start by watching every chapter of Gekiganger 3."
  • Around the late twenties scenarios there is a sweet moment between Chitose and Nine. Chitose calls Nine 'lovely' which makes Nine blush. Chitose mentally notes that despite Nine being an AI she still got excited at being complimented like a biological woman would.

Secret Missions

DLC Missions

  • The second DLC mission has Tobia reminiscing about the time he met a nameless Federation Pilot who ended up sacrificing himself to save him. Despite not knowing his name and having just met the guy, its heartwarming to see that Tobia still remembers the pilot and his sacrifice.
  • The third DLC mission has Kodai attempting to keep Ryoma in check. Ryoma refuses to listen to Kodai's commands but after Kodai selflessly shields Ryoma from an attack, Ryoma has a change of heart and starts listening to him. After being sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, its really heartening to see Ryoma opening up to his new comrades.
    • Plus something Tetsuya points out is that Ryoma purposefully jumped into battle so that his friends wouldn't have to be in danger. He likely knew the odds were against him but he wanted to save his friends from getting murdered by the Invaders.
  • Kappei encountering two Federation pilots who thank him and his friends for saving them during the fight with Gaizok.
    • Considering the amount of hardship Kappei had to go through in his own series, its heartening to see him get some much needed affirmation for his heroics.
  • Marida faces off against Angelo but gets caught in a trap. Cue Ple, Ple Two and even Zinnerman coming to her rescue. By the end of the stage, all four of them consider each other family which is touching considering their dark pasts.


  • Nobuyuki Hiyama, Hikaru Midorikawa and Ryotaro Okiayu have stated the three of them first worked together in The Brave Express Might Gaine and consider their Role Reprises for Super Robot Wars V as a "classmate reunion".note  Furthermore, Midorikawa admitted he was afraid of meeting Hiyama after seeing his back-in-the-day Death Glare profile picture, but after meeting him he thought he was a fun guy to hang around with.
    • While we're on the same topic, Hiyama and Midorikawa in particular, went to record their roles together in the same studio, on the same day and time.
    Midorikawa: "I sat in the same studio with him (Hiyama). And damn, he (his Might Senpuuji) sounded just the same (as 24 years ago)."note 

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