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Headscratchers / Super Robot Wars V

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  • Wait, how are they gonna include both the children Ple and Ple Two, but also the adult Ple Twelve? for that matter, who's gonna claim the Nahel Argama?
    • Simple, really: first of all, remember that Getter Robo Armageddon is in the series, which has a fifteen year Time Skip. As well, with Crossbone Gundam, Prince of Darkness and Space Battleship Yamato 2199 part of the series roster, it wouldn't be of any stretch to put Ple and Ple Two on board the Mother Vanguard, Nadesico-B or the Yamato and then come back to find out that ten years have passed and Ple Twelve's grown up. The same goes with possession of the Nahel Argama as, nine times out of ten, Beecha's in the Hyaku Shiki in-game, not the Nahel Argama - that distinction goes to Bright Noa.
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    • It's been stated that the story of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 takes place 100 years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Furthermore, remember that Cross Ange has the Spacetime Convergence Cannons, which can rip apart the fabric of reality and showcase alternate timelines should two of them collide. With this in mind, this may mean that there will be Time Travel/Alternate Universe shenanigans in the game.
    • The game itself does indeed feature Space-Time shenanigans, but Ple Twelve's situation has nothing to do with them. In the game, Ple Twelve simply left cryosleep earlier than the rest of the Ples, causing her to go through the hardship and aging that would lead to her becoming Marida Cruz. That said, Ple One still insists on calling herself Marida's "Big Sister", even though Marida is older than her.
  • ...hang on. Might Gaine is, in its own series, a video game character. How are they planning to play that off?
    • How were they able to play it off in the original show? This requires elaboration.
      • To be honest, it was never really explained all that well in the original show either. For nearly the entire series, the fact that the whole series is in reality 'a game' is never brought up, and is only touched on and explained in the last 5 minutes. Furthermore, said explanation is so rushed and vague that it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Is Might really a video game character? Is their world in fact the actual real world, somehow controlled and modified by the Big Bad? Just what is the Big Bad? Is he an alien? An extradimensional entity? It's also implied that there are more like him, but in that case, why would defeating this one member of his race vanquish the bad guys forever and ever, and if they do somehow control Might's world, why don't they restructure reality and wipe Might out of existence with but a thought? Now, you could say that taking it over via just a crap-load of giant mecha was all part of the game, but when it came to preventing the one being who ended up defeating you from doing so, you'd think the bad guys could stand to be just a bit more proactive. It's a hastily written explanation done to spite the big-wigs who care more about the money and selling products than making something good, and it shows. So when you ask me how they plan to play it off, it's a question I can't really answer, because the show never answered it either.
      • Stage 51 raises the possibility that Black Noir is just another rogue piece of supertech that developed delusions of grandeur and had *partial* success manipulating the AD dimension.
  • The Founding Nations or World of Mana originally had six superpowers, but Misurugi is the only one that exists because of the Dawn Pillar. What happened to the others and how is the outside world not aware of their collapse? It should also be reminded that Hilda and Emma came from outside Misurugi (Endrant Union and Rosenblum Kingdom respectively), which shouldn't be ignored.
    • That was faulty information, they didn't collapse, they just never appear on screen. (The "Hilda goes home to find her mom" plot point is still in the game.)
      • So Lord Djibril was lying out of his ass when he told Julio that the Misurugi Empire was the last of the Founding Nations still standing, or was it a translation error?
      • Translation error, in the original, he only says that Misurugi is the only one of the Founding Nations that actually has real power because Embryo put them in charge of the Dawn Pillar. So much for "better translation than Moon Dwellers"...
  • Why did Embryo choose Ange's sister to take as a hostage? How could he have not already known Sylvia tortured Ange to the point she doesn't care about the feigning cripple anymore? Isn't he the "God" of the Founding Nations who should know everything that's going on?
    • Are you really gonna wonder how a guy who is ultimately a Harem Seeker would even think?
  • Where the hell did Unit 13's spears come from? Did it just pull the Spear of Longinus off of Lilith? And what about the other one? Why does it look exactly like the Spear of Longinus? Is it the Spear of Cassius?
  • Why did Embryo bother bringing back Lord Djibril? Logos was exposed and destroyed years ago, and Djibril was a wanted criminal before he died, so it's not like he can do much to help him.
  • Why doesn't El Ragna override when Spacetime Convergence Cannons are used? Why isn't it even the default music for those weapons? Music customization is a thing, sure, but the song is part of the firing sequence for the weapons!
  • Is there any reason why Jill doesn't have Ability Unlock as an attack? It's not like she has something instead of that attack (she only has 2 attacks, Beam Attack and Sword - both of which are also used by Salia and Hilda on their Ragna-Mail), so it's not like she got something in return.
    • Because she doesn't get one in Cross Ange proper. Beyond them just not having a super mode to give her, it was an important part of her character that thanks to her own personality flaws and being unable to be honest with herself, she was never able to bring out the power of the Ragna Mails the way Ange, and later Salia and Hilda could. Remember she piloted Vilkiss before Ange and couldn't access any of the 3 super modes it has despite using it for YEARS. Hence, no Ability Unlock.
  • Why didn't Ange and Hilda call for their Tenku allies (Nadesico and Celestial Being in this case) to come help them if they were leaving for Misurugi and Enderant? The stage shows the Nadesico easily Boson Jumping into the heart of Misurugi, give their defenses a punch in the nose, and flee before the Founding Nations could do anything. Not that there's too much love for the fake cripple anyway, but they could've taken Sylvia and give her Character Development while avoiding the whole execution scene in the first place.
    • Most likely because they wanted to be discreet and/or they didn't trust the rest of the team enough yet.
  • I don't have any problem with Mazin Emperor G itself, but I do have to ask: Why didn't they use Great Mazinkaiser instead? G strikes me as a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for the latter.
    • Probably due to a combination of the fact that the Tetsuya in this game is the Shin Mazinger version and not the ZERO version, as well as the fact that Great Mazinkaiser got hit with the Worf Effect hard in its home series: despite how powerful it was built up to be, it was still brutally curb-stomped by ZERO.

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