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Because of the fact this is the first licensed SRW game to receive a multi-region release with the official backing of Bandai Namco, coupled with the ongoing issue with Harmony Gold USA and the Macross franchise altogether, it's safe to say Harmony Gold USA got the entire Macross franchise the permanent DQ, starting from Voyage.

  • The fact that Harmony Gold USA has done NOTHING to prove this notion wrong and the fact they singlehandedly denied the USA the SRW Alpha saga speaks volumes to Macross' future track record.
  • I would say to wait and see. Something to note is that Macross went on somewhat of a hiatus period until this year, so possibly there was no series available for Macross to take part this year.
    • I think it's safe to say that it's more because the entry they probably would have included, Macross Delta, was really recent; while I know that the supposed rule about a series having to wait a few years before it can appear in a SRW game is a myth (otherwise, they probably would have included Vandread by now), but realistically, the series finished airing near the end of September 2016 - odds are that they would have included Delta if it had finished airing earlier; chances are that they might have CONSIDERED Delta while planning the game, but they had a specific length of time for planning the scenarios out (either giving Fix Fics to new entries, or updating the existing ones with the new characters), and by the time they knew what happened in Delta, the time period for planning the scenarios had ended. The only way we'll know is if they decide to include Delta in the next game. Then again, the first season ofMobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Gundam: Reconguista in G weren't included either, despite both finishing before Macross Delta, so for all we know, Banpresto could plan on having those 3 games debut at the same time, but because Delta was too recent for them to plan anything, they have put off including them until the next game.

Several of the Alien Invasion plotlines will be integrated into the Yamato 2199 plotline

  • I think that it's quite straightforward. The Gamilon empire in Yamato 2199 use their subject races as cannon fodder, so several of the alien invasions plotlines of the series involved (Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, the Gundam 00 movie, etc.) will be welded to the Gamilas plotline, with aliens either as Gamilas cannon fodder or as enemies that will force an Enemy Mine situation (the ELS come to mind).
    • Jossed.

We will have to fight Mazinger ZERO before using it

  • Basically Mazinger Zero will fill the role that Mazinkaiser filled in several SRW games that used the classical series, having to fight it (because it was stolen or went berserk on its own) before being usable.
    • Confirmed!

This game is an apology for how lackluster Z3 Tengoku-Hen resulted.

  • There's various units in this that were hinted to appear in Jigoku-hen's stinger but never appeared along with a good number of other 'unlikely' series.

There will be an alternate Hathaway's Flash scenario

  • From how the PV had him on the player's side, and how CCA exists along side it suggests the older Hathaway may do a Heel–Face Turn.
    • It's been stated that Hathaway's Flash is unit only, so don't bet on it.
      • Zigged-Zagged. Hathaway's Flash doesn't have a scenario, but elements of it (most notably Lane Aim and the Penelope hunting after Hathaway) are included. Odds are that if they do decide to do this, it would be for a future game (maybe alongside Tomino's Gaia Gear).
      • Confirmed that the story of Hathaway's Flash did indeed happen, but only in the NCC Dimension and took place 100 years in the past.

  • As seen here, there's some moment in the actual show where Mileena forces some type of liquid down Daitarn's throat and Daitarn ends up drunk. At some point in the game, this will happen right in the middle of a battle against enemy forces, and Daitarn will have no choice but to fight against them like a drunkard. It'll only be for that one level, but it would be worth it just to see Daitarn trying to sober up.
    • Also, since there are sentient giant mecha here, the shenanigans could as well involve others such as Might Gaine and Mazinger ZERO.

When the two Spacetime Convergence Cannons collide, a lot of the people will see various scenarios and their alternate selves.

Regarding The Brave Express Might Gaine's inclusion (WARNING: Contains major spoilers for Might Gaine)
At the end of The Brave Express Might Gaine, Black Noir reveals that all of the characters lives up to that point were just commercials to help an alien toy company sell toys. Take this with a grain of salt but what if, in this game at least, said toy company didn't do this to just Might Gaine, but every single series included by giving the funds and materials to their clients (i.e. The Federation, NERV, Cosmo Navy etc.), keeping themselves tight-lipped about WHY they're doing this, and up until the Plot Twist, being seen as "kind investors". Furthermore, assuming this game does have a Time Skip, that could be the doing of the toy company as well, having deemed the "toys" "out-dated", and transporting them to another point of time where they would be considered "material" for a "retroactive lineup".
  • ''Gekiganger 3'' will figure into this, somehow.
    • Preemptively jossed. The plot twist was never that the world was created by an alien toy company, but that it was some sort of game, and full detail hasn't been put into what that means. That being said, the plot twist was figured into the storyline, but only for the SEED series, the 00 series, Cross Ange, Martian Successor Nadesico, Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, and Might Gaine'', while all of the other series have nothing to do with it. And Gekiganger does figure into it.

Might Senpuuji will be good friends with Banjo Haran
Due to the both of them being wealthy and having a burning sense of justice, they could potentially have some good friendly chemistry, with Might trying to comfort Banjo during his fight against the Meganoids. They could also both be mentors for the Zambot 3 team, leading to them unlocking this game's equivalent to the "Sun Moon Bird Attack" from Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen; the "Sun Moon Fire Attack", with "Joint Dragon Fire" taking the place of "Trider Bird Attack".
  • Confirmed. In Chapter 17, Might regards Banjo as his sempai and mentor in combat training, while the Zambot 3 swears kouhai-hood to both Banjo and Might. Might also mentioned Banjo as one of his concern's biggest investors.

Prince Of Darkness' storyline will also cover how the whole series was originally supposed to end
The movie was actually going to be the first in a trilogy, which was cancelled due to its backlash. After spending so many years in SRW with advancements in video game technology, this would be a good time to show what would've happened if the other movies had been made. Finally bringing a closure to a series that's actually been Left Hanging on the first part of its Grand Finale.
  • We see Yurika in Nergal uniform in the second preview, so it might be possible.
    • It could use elements of the Dreamcast game Martian Successor Nadesico: The Mission, that has a post-Prince Of Darknessstoryline.
    • Unfortunately jossed - the storyline for Prince of Darkness only covers the first movie, albeit the ending is happier.

Super Robot Wars V will occur in the beginning or middle of Cross Ange and you can alter the storyline.
  • Confirmed. It takes place after Zola's death and there are dialogue options you can choose. The SEED Destiny crew also show up to fix the plot, with Athrun and Shinn rightfully making attempts silencing the negative attributes of most of the 1st Squadron (mostly their narcissistic tendencies and scathing arrogance.) Dealing with Ange, however, is Judau's job.
  • Other changes would include:
    • Sylvia's betrayal and Ange's near lynching can be averted. Jossed.
      • Sylvia's relationship with Ange can be rebuilt. Semi-confirmed. Sylvia does reunite with Ange. Details of their relationship are...unknown.
    • Julio's massacre on Arzenal can be averted. Confirmed. While he still attacks Arzenal, the casualties are minimum. However, they're still composed of Ersha, Salia, and Chris, who become part of the Diamond Rose Knights.
    • With the might of the cast from Super Robot Wars and Mana's massive disadvantage in military power, you can quickly seize back the Misurugi Empire and claim the throne yourself. Jossed.
    • The cast of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny would teach the Norma and Mana of coexistence with the use of military force. Or, putting the unknown extent of Embryo's mind control abilities into account, they may not even need to.

There will be significant crossover interactions between Ange and Shinn
With both shows having the same creator, it would only be natural for there to be notable moments between their protagonists. Assuming Gundam Seed Destiny is a Post-Script Season, Shinn, if not just as a comrade, could even possibly serve as The Mentor towards Ange.
  • Partially confirmed. Shinn is summoned by Athrun when he realizes that the 1st Squadron has one too many problems for him to keep track of and suppress during combat. However, the role of interacting with Ange goes to Kira and Judau.

Mazin Emperor G, like the Mazinkaiser from Super Robot Wars F Final, will "evolve" via exposure from "Getter Rays"
Given Getter Robo Armageddon is in V, the explosion of Getter Rays when nuclear weapons are used on the Shin Dragon is what leads to the Great Mazinger being given its eventual Mid-Season Upgrade
  • Jossed. The Great Mazinger self-destructs in the story, and Emperor G is a completely different machine.

Just like in Super Robot Wars Judgment and Super Robot Wars W, All the teenage characters of the PC faction (except Ange and Company and the OG Mech Pilots, if they're teenagers) will enroll in Kaname's High School

The Whispered will have something to do with Mana, somehow
  • Semi-confirmed - Embryo teams up with Leonard Testarossa.

  • Akito's Neural Interface was Sozo's doing.
    • Confirmed. Sozo doesn't have anything to do with Akito, but he actually discovered Boson Jumping.

The Dinosaur Empire will be the source of The Dragons
  • Aura will be the consort of the Dinosaur Emperor.
  • Sho or Kei (or both) will have a crossover friendship with Ange, and their discussions of their respective love lives will be Too Much Information for Tusk.
  • There is also the possibility that it'll actually the other way around, with the Dinosaur Empire being Dragons that somehow ended up on Earth.
    • Jossed before the game even came out. You do realize that the Dino Empire wasn't even a thing in "Armageddon", right?

The Mitsurugi Empire will become one of Mithril's Clients
  • Which means that Ange and Tusk will join the Love Dodecahedron mentioned above, too.

Banpresto will make Ange the new Chirico Cuvie.
  • Someone's gonna have to take up that mantle and the second trailer does have her use the machine gun on foot against a giant enemy.

  • This has to happen Banpresto.
    • Semi-confirmed. They appear together.

In relation to Tetsuya being a playable character, Energer Z could be playable as well
In Shin Mazinger, Tetsuya showed up in a flashback involving Kenzo and Dr. Hell's expedition of Bardos, with him test piloting Kenzo's prototype mecha, the Energer Z. This flashback could appear in the game to reflect the battle against Dr. Hell and his true intentions, allowing us to take full control of the Energer. Going even further with this idea, the Energer Z could an unlockable hidden unit to be used.
  • Also, in relation to said flashback, given the type of series Super Robot Wars is, characters from the other series could participate in the flashback as well like, say, Char Aznable in his Quattro Bajeena persona.
  • Jossed.

When Captain Okita and Captain Hoshino and crews meet, someone will make the obvious jokes
  • This troper's money is on Izumi.
  • Captain Okita and Admiral Misamaru were good friends who fought together against ZAFT and Char and ZEON, and either Okita had faith in his daughter the admiral didn't, or else their first meeting will involve Captain Okita apologizing to Ruri about the things he said about Yurika, with Ruri telling him he shouldn't be so hard on himself.
  • The Andromeda and Nadesico C will be unlockable secrets, probably unlocked in the same stage(s).
    • Jossed regarding the Andromeda, which isn't in the game whatsoever, while the Nadesico C is unlocked normally - it does, however, have the Phase Transition Cannon as a secret attack.

Soji Murakumo is somehow related to Gai.
  • He is quite possibly a Coordinator or Newtype.
  • Just because the events and characters of Gundam Seed Astray aren't directly a part of the game, doesn't mean either won't be obliquely referenced.
    • At the moment, jossed unless they release another sequel featuring Astray.

Banjo Haran will have to work through personal issues in order to work with Ruri and Kira.
  • Daitarn 3 seemed to have a remarkably anti-transhumanist message (at least to this troper).
    • Jossed - Daitarn 3's story happened in the past, and he doesn't seem to have a problem interacting with them. If anything, he's actually one of the friendliest pilots in the cast.

We will get an version of Breast Fire Dynamic Fire Nova.
  • If the actual ending to Shin Mazinger Zero is of any indication(go to about 13:50 here Warning for Spoilers and sheer concentrated HOLY SHIT!), we could get so much more than that.

There will be an incident where Angels will fight Dragons by Mistake
  • Izumi will provide color commentary that some of the pilots will find Actually Pretty Funny, if she's selected for the mission, that is.
  • And then the Getter Dragon gets in on the action...
  • Confirmed when the 5th Angel and the Dragons attack each other in a scenario.

We will get a Final Dynamic Special in this game
  • Cause it needs to happen, dammit!

  • How can this NOT happen in a game featuring both Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Cross Ange?
    • While I can see why this might make sense (since the heroine of Cross Ange gets compared to Kamille Bidan), it seems like if they were going to have Embryo form a Big Bad Duumvirate with a Gundam villain, it would make more sense to use Gilbert Durandal instead of Scirocco, since Cross Ange gets compared a lot to SEED/SEED Destiny - plus, one of the WMGs above predicts that Shinn will become The Mentor to Ange; maybe by interacting with her, he would realize the error of his ways and turn against Durandal.
    • While Cross Ange and SEED Destiny have the same creator, the idea of Embryo teaming up with Scirocco likely comes less from Ange being similar to Kamille, and more due to the 2 Big Bads themselves being similar: they both seemingly praise women as being superior, and yet to outsiders, it's clear that they see them as little more than tools. And in any case, Embryo teaming up with either Scirocco or Durandal is done under the assumption that Zeta or Destiny will have their plots included, which aren't looking good right now.
    • And jossed. Embryo does form a Big Bad Duumvirate with another villain, but it's not with Scirocco (or Durandal for that matter - neither are in the game, much less part of the villainous faction). It's with Leonard Testarossa.

The Bomber and Diver teams, and Might Kaiser will only be playable already combined, except when plot demands that they be separated, and then only to play up the drama.
  • Based on what happened with the Dragon Brothers and Volfogg from GaoGaiGar in Super Robot Wars BX, it's quite clear Banpresto learned a lesson from Super Robot Wars Alpha and Super Robot Wars W.
    • Confirmed in terms of the Bombers and Divers. Only Guard Diver, Tribomber and Battle Bomber appear as playable units in the game, and never defuse into Fire Diver, Police Diver, Jet Diver, Drill Diver, Leo Bomber, Dino Bomber, Bird Bomber and Horn Bomber respectively. The Bombers and Divers only appear in cutscenes. Semi-confirmed with Might Kaiser, who is only playable until you get Great Mightgaine.

There will be Time Travel shenanigans about.
According to the 2nd PV, the story of Space Battleship Yamato 2199, which is the centerpiece of the story, takes place 100 years after that of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. So, assuming that they don't change things so that the Zeta, ZZ, CCA, Unicorn, and Hathaway's Flash characters have only heard of Char as some kind of legend from a past century (which isn't likely, due to the popularity of the Amuro/Char rivalry), chances are that the Universal cast (barring maybe Crossbone) are in the past, and during the Yamato's trip to Iskandar, they end up having to go back and forth between the two periods.
  • Semi-confirmed. The way the Gundam pilots save for Crossbone are brought into V's mainstream story are through dimensional travel or time travel, highly reminiscent of Z.
  • It's actually because the multiple universes are at different points in time: While it's more than a hundred years after Char's Rebellion in the Yamato universe, the UC universe is still fighting the Neo Zeon under Full Frontal.

Assuming that he will join the party, Black Gaine and Vivian will have an Odd Friendship
  • And Viv will act as a Cool Big Sis to him.
    • Subverted. Instead, the AI characters become his mentors.

  • And if Stella is still somehow alive, then they'll also include her.
    • Stella's dead in this continuity.

SWRV will use elements of Mazinger Zero to give us the second season of Shin Mazinger Z we never got.

Embryo is the Big Bad.
He is called the "Tuner Of Worlds" for a reason.

Chris and Teletha will mistake each other as sisters.
And during the battles, they actually do form that kind of relationship.
  • Jossed. The two don't interact at all.

Ange will undergo more Character Development.
Specifically growing out of her Misanthrope Supreme personality she developed in her series. And calling the other humans who come to her world also as monsters will earn her a smack in the face.
  • During the first scenario with the Vilkiss, Judau puts Ange in her place and the ensuing conversation triggers his Double Zeta's Bio-Sensor. Confirmed?

During the Cross Ange arc, Shinn will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the Founding Nations, butchering every Mana user on sight.

As part of his unstable personality and hatred for the Norma's prejudice, his actions are reasonable.

  • Semi-jossed. Shinn is reported to have stabilized when he arrives, and is instead brought in by Athrun to correct the habits of the wildly dysfunctional 1st Squadron.

The cast of Gundam SEED Destiny will give Embryo a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech.

When Embryo goes on how humanity will always be at war with itself and Mana must have a scapegoat, they talk him down pitting both groups at each other.

The rest of the world will intervene once Julio is on the move

Due to many failures from the Mana-supported third parties and being an unstable leader to the point of an Absolute Xenophobe, he'll no doubt try to declare war on the world, attacking not just Arzenal, but everyone else.

  • Confirmed. When Julio threatens to execute Ange, he provokes Arzenal, ZAFT, Celestial Being and the Orb Union to fight the Founding Nations.

Lord Djibril will make a sudden appearance.

And he would team up with Julio.

  • Confirmed. Djibril shows up as an assistant...accompanying Embryo.

Sylvia and Hilda's replacement sister
will meet.And bond...
  • Jossed.
Mana's ruthless discrimination against the Norma is due to the Light of Mana.

Since Embryo has Mind Control abilities, this is a passive form of the same power.

The SRW team will fight actual Mana users inside vehicles.

All the enemies fought early on are Mecha-Mooks from Mana and the Earth Federation. However, there are still the Mana police forces and vehicles that need to be manned, including Julio's fleet. Furthermore, they could be acting on their own or under Embryo's Mind Control.

  • Jossed. Julio's forces only consist of AI controlled mobile suits and mobile armors and the Pyrethroids. Though Julio himself appears in a Garuda, he's taken out in a cutscene.

The fate of the Founding Nations/World of Mana.

It's technically located in the Gundam universe and is eyed on by other nations, specifically ZAFT and Orb. Leaving Mana to rot will only intensify discrimination and cause a political messup. Therefore, it's would be humanitarian to open Mana's eyes to the truth and provide assistance to the survivors so that Embryo's cruel world won't happen again.

Your choices can affect the ending.

  • Confirmed. There are two endings in the game and it is based on Captain Okita's choice whether "the battle is over" or "the fight has just begun". However, the most significant difference is whether the three earths are cut off from each other or not, and thus whether everyone's personal endings are in a So What Do We Do Now? or Where Are They Now format.

Mazinger ZERO and Mazin Emperor G are foreshadowing the eventual future appearance of the Getter Emperor in the SRW Franchise
When the Emperor finally turns up, ZERO and both Emperors will have a new version of the FINAL DYNAMIC SPECIAL team attack, one that is strong enough to shatter universes and will have a Dynamic Kill animation that changes depending upon who initiates the move.
  • There IS a Sequel Hook at the if we get a "SRW V 2", it might happen. If they were to do this, it would only be fair for them to include Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann alongside it, if only so we could see who would truly win.
    • STTGL will engage in a duel/arm-wrestling match with the Getter Emperor if they meet each other and decide to test their strength. Their team-up dynamic kills will involve brofists of galaxy-shattering intensity.
      • Maybe perhaps Tekkaden could comment on it, and some of the other pilots would find said commentary to be Actually Pretty Funny. And if Super Sentai has somehow made it's debut before thisnote  Oborojime will somehow obtain a fourth life explanation , causing it to grow to the size of the two, resulting in Getter Emperor and STTGL teaming up for the first time to take it down, thus unlocking the combination.
  • Why do people keep thinking that Emperor G is on the same level as ZERO and Getter Emp? ZERO can blow up planets in its initial stages and devour universes in the end stages. Each of the Emperor's Getter Machines can fire planet-busting Getter Beams on their own. And Emperor G can... summon lightning and swing a sword really fast. The only reason why Emperor G helped turn the tide against ZERO was because it wasn't at full power, as well as the implication that Emp G, being an original unit, cannot be perceived by ZERO's higher dimensional prediction.
The ending for the Cross Ange arc foreshadows a sequel for the original series.
  • Characters from both Cross Ange and Gundam Seed mention how the World of Mana or Founding Nations is in chaos. Even though it ends on a high note, where Sylvia is working to overthrow what's left of Embryo's old order, there's also a chance that they'll reemerge and start another war. And the start of it will be another invasion of Arzenal. Apart from Super Robot Wars, just because the World of Mana lost its power doesn't mean there's no longer any discrimination against Norma. Not all the Norma left with the Libertus plan and it's shown that not every Mana user is an irredeemable Jerkass (see Momoka, Misty, and later Emma and Sylvia for example). In fact, Arzenal might've given a new reason to wage war against them and the Dragons.
    • There's also a meta-example: the author himself said that sales were good enough for a sequel.

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