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  • The launching of the Yamato and the subsequent firing of its cannons during the climax of the first stage
  • The first firing of the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun
  • Tenku not being deterred at all when facing 10000 Gamillas ships
    • Near the end of the stage, the Yamato uses the power of the Wave Motion Gun once again to blow up Planet Balun, destroying thousands of Gamillas ships in the process.
  • Judau talking down Ange. It's so powerful, it actually triggers Judau's Bio-Sensor which detected the Hot Blood undertones in his speech.
    Judau: (in response to Ange pleading for death a third time) What are you talking about?! [...] You say you want to die, but your actions say otherwise! That's why your body keeps moving! [...] It's only natural! Those who are alive don't easily throw their lives away! (Bio-Sensor switches on)
  • Sumeragi's solution to Ange's Kill Steal problem and everyone's Perpetual Poverty? Buy them for Celestial Being and determine their pay based off of teamwork and behavior, as well as results. When asked about Jill's approval, she already got it long ago.
  • Judau activating the ZZ Gundam's Bio-Sensor to save Banagher while he is being controlled by the Unicorn Gundam's NT-D System. To make things even better, Sousuke uses the Arbalest's Lambda Driver to power up the ZZ Gundam. Judau then proceeds to unleash a full powered High Mega Cannon, disabling the Unicorn. Setsuna then unleashes a Quantum Burst, enabling the Newtype pilots to free Banagher from the system's control. Thanks to everyone's help, Banagher is able to have full control over the NT-D System.
  • Mazinger Z being able to single-handedly stop a berserk EVA-01 without killing the pilot.
  • Shin Getter vs. Great Mazinger. After a seeming Face–Heel Turn on Tetsuya's part, Ryouma gets pissed off enough that he challenges Tetsuya in the Black Getter and loses. Enter Go, Hayato and Benkei in Shin Getter, with Go giving control of the machine to Ryouma before setting off. This leads to an amazing sprite-based battle between the two machines. Even better? It's done to the Getter Robo Armageddon BGM "Yuusou". That's right, a massive battle between two legendary machines done to the theme of the freakin' Stoner Sunshine!
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  • The arrival of the Nadesico C, led by none other than Yurika herself.
  • At Ange's execution site, the Big Damn Heroes moment and Ange's summoning of Vilkiss is followed up by the Nadesico jumping in. Ruri and Julio proceed to have one epic Double Entendre exchange:
    Ruri: (as Ange retreats to the Nadesico) I am Major Ruri Hoshino of the Earth Federation Forces' Autonomous Nadesico Squad. We appreciate your cooperation in apprehending this deserter. We will take custody and deal with her appropriately.
    Julio: Who gave you permission to jump into Misurugi?!
    Ruri: Uh, as an autonomous squad, we don't exactly need permission? But I offer my apologies nonetheless.
    Julio: Forgive me for my gruffness, Electron Fairy. Since you are already here, it would give me great pleasure to have you as guests. Would you care to engage in a war game with the Misurugi defense forces?
    Harry: C-Captain! They are-
    Ruri: I'm aware, Harry. Thank you, Emperor Julio. We respectfully accept your invitation. As you will apparently be using live ammunition, we'll follow suit.
  • Shinn shutting up Ghuli after the latter kept on interrupting Kira, then finally decides to fight alongside Kira for good, unlocks his SEED Mode and his second Combination Attack with Lunamaria.
  • Meanwhile on the other route, the threat of the Sixth and Seventh Angels decided to show up when a bunch of Neo Zeon Mooks also show up to join the Angels in wiping out Earth. At least until the last minute when the protagonists give them a What the Hell, Hero? speech about protecting Earth. So the barrage of attacks happen when the grunts decided to cover Shinji so he can fire the Positron Cannon.
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  • The formation of Great Might Gaine. The bravest robot of all is here!
  • Nine arriving and delivering the VangNex/GranVang to the main character.
    • Moreso on Soji's route when he's active throughout the entire stage heavily injured after being shot by Gardim. After the stage is over, he passes out telling Nine not to tell them anything until he knows it firsthand.
  • The team has to hold back a colony just long enough so that a colony laser can destroy it. With time running out before they can boson jump to safety, Banagher steps in and taps into the awakened powers of the Unicorn Gundam, uniting everyone's consciousness and ensuring their safety.
  • The fact that Full Frontal himself will join your side with the Neo Zeong during the final stretch of the game on both routes if conditions were met.
  • Shinji had a very good showing in this game. A couple of highlights:
  • Compared to Tengoku-hen, EVA-13's final attack is so brutal, it puts even Awakened EVA-01 to shame.
  • Mazinger ZERO as a playable unit. No words can make justice on the quality and destruction levels of its attack animations.
  • Professor Saotome telling Embryo to suck it when Embryo dares to say that the Shin Getter Dragon is the professor's greatest creation. And revealing to the team that he threw the fight in the first place and entrusts them with the future.
  • If players deploy Akito on the field, then Akito will Boson Jump towards Domel's ship and stops his attacks dead-on, crippling Domel's side.
  • Great Might Gaine gaining the Double Drive Wheel Sword attack during the final showdown with Exev. It even comes with an Obari pose!
    • Also, bonus points to Joe who will be the one to finish off Exev and avenge his parents if he was the one to lend the killing blow.
  • On Stage 47, Shin Getter Robo and Shin Getter Dragon not only unleash the Shin Shinespark on Cohen and Stinger but Okita also authorizes the use of the Wave Motion Gun, giving the player the chance to finally use such a powerful attack in battle.
  • A lone Gardim soldier manages to not only retain a large amount of Ghuli's personality and memories, but also manages to bring Soji, Chitose and Nine out of captivity. To top it off, he even manages to have one last honourable fight with the protagonist and dies with no regrets.
  • Ange's final version of Vilkiss was kind of a letdown in the original anime so Bandai Namco gave it some love by having it use all of its weapons.
  • Every single female character giving her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Embryo.
    Embryo: [after getting beaten down by the heroes] I-it's no good! I can't get the energy I need to regenerate!
    Ange:It's over, Embryo!
    Embryo: I chose you, yet you still stand against me?
    Hilda: Until the very end—
    Salia: Looking down on others—
    Salamandinay: Displaying atrocious behavior!
    Mao: You over-confident—
    Ryoko: Braggart!
    Sayaka: Men like you—
    Lunamaria: Who don't know the first thing about love—
    Fa: Don't deserve it!
    Roux: So don't you dare—
    Elle: Ever let us catch sight of that hairdo—
    Marida: Ever again!
    Ple: Get out of here, pervert!
    Ple Two: Don't even look at us, pervert!
    Asuka: Get lost, scumbag!
    Mari: Just disappear, you waste of space!
    Rei: Good riddance.
    Embryo: Very well. I no longer need a woman who's incapable of comprehending my love!
    Ange: What love? You're nothing but a shameless narcissist who's always acting superior. You have no taste in clothes, you never stop grinning. And your hairstyle is repulsive! It would probably be biologically impossible for me to pass on your perverted, misogynistic, thousand-year shut-in genes anyways! Turn back to the dust of the Earth!
    Embryo: Ange!
    Ange: You wouldn't have a shot with me in a million years!
    Embryo: Gyaaah!! [Hysterica blows up]
  • Tusk and Ange still deal the final blow, but the one to really seal Embryo's fate is Leonard Testarossa. He shares his utter resentment toward the Tuner of Worlds in his last moments and how it took a lot of guts to get one last shot at Embryo before passing on.
    • The other route deserves a mention which is really one long Humiliation Conga for Embryo. First off, he only kidnaps Lacus instead of at least half the battleship captains. Then the events happen on the normal route happens as normal till Ange and Sosuke show up with Embryo and Leonard following them. This is where things go differently from the normal route. Kaname reveals that the entire dimension is Embryo's home base so he can infinitely regenerate as much as he wants which prompts the team to destroy the dimension. Ange starts singing with Salia and Hilda syncing their Ragna-mails with Salamandinay joining in Ange's song, unlocking Vilkiss' true power in the process. Unfortunately, according to Embryo, the entire song is incomplete as no one from the Founding Nations nor the Dragon clan have the complete song. Except Lacus reveals that she knows all of the lyrics, prompting Embryo to break down and the combined song destroys the dimension, leaving the team back to the real dimension. And instead of dealing with five Embryos, the team only needs to defeat one. So normal events happen except everybody sees Leonard's sacrifice to shoot down Embryo and Ange, alongside the other ladies, give him "The Reason You Suck" Speech with Ange delivering the final blow by blasting Embryo with a Space Time Convergence Cannon.
    • Special mention goes to Full Frontal giving a heroes welcome to the party and then joins them (alongside Jerid, Yazan, and Lane if they're not recruited), allowing players access to the Neo Zeong.
  • The final fight that ends the Shin Mazinger Zero story arc. Hades has returned as the Emperor of Darkness, flames and all, and everyone gangs up on him. He keeps boasting about how even if they kill him now he'll return later on.... only to then be shown the future... his future death at the hands of both Zero and Getter Emperor. Read that again. FULL POWERED MAZINGER ZERO AND GETTER EMPEROR ARE THE ULTIMATE DEATH FOR THE EMPEROR OF DARKNESS.
  • Shiro Sanada is responsible for several deity-like villains breaking down just from his simple deductive reasoning. All that just from a sub pilot of the Yamato. Namely the flawed plan in Black Noir's attempt to defeat the heroes. If he had remained unfought and by showing up and making it clear that there was no certainty in defeating them that Black Noir have pretty much lost.
  • The True Final Boss fight of the game by unlocking the IF route deserves a mention: the Wave-Motion Gun is now available for use, both MAP and normal. Cue the entire final boss fight having the Yamato be the One-Man Army and single-handedly beating all copies of the final boss. This was right after Nevanlinna has coldly rejected the Power of Love and has Nine endure a Hope Spot when her Heroic Sacrifice attempt fails and proceed with her plan with the intention of leaving Nine alive so she she can watch her friends fail. It goes to show that Tenku came prepared for the worst as even Starsha approve of the use of the Wave Motion Gun just for this one.
    • The final defeat of said True Final Boss is something to behold: After destroying all of her clones, Nevanlinna tries to pull a Taking You with Me by accelerating the reality decay that's threatening all three Earths. Except Kouji, Ryouma and Shinji use the reality warping abilities of their own mechs to pin her down, Ange (backed up by Hilda and Salia), Sala and Lacus drain her power with the Space Time Convergence cannon and song, before the heroes finally finish her off with the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun. What makes this even more awesome is that the Gravity Anchors were damaged because of Nevanlinna's attack at the Yamato before Mori comes back to the bridge. If the Yamato fires the Wave-Motion Gun, the attack might blow up the Yamato as well which is bad because the Cosmo Reverse System would get damaged and that would null everything they've worked for. Cue the entire cast holding the Yamato steady to absorb the blast, fully knowing that they might die from the recoil.

Secret Missions

DLC Missions

  • The second DLC mission ends with a nameless Federation soldier sacrificing himself to give Tobia the opening he needs to escape. Despite knowing that he will never make it out alive, the soldier never hesitated and truly showed why he was a man of destiny.
  • Hoi Kow Lou decides to man up and save his customers and partner by single-handedly defeating 4 enemies with one attack. He does so in a crappy Shaomai no less!
  • Joe using nothing more than just his drill to pierce through the absolute defensive barrier.
  • When a Kedora hijacks the Mazin Emperor G and holds Tetsuya hostage, Koji mans up and manages to stop the Emperor with the help of ZERO. Tetsuya then shows off why he's an excellent pilot by shaking off the Kedora through sheer speed and endurance alone.
  • During the contest to decide who is the best woman in Tenku, Nine steps up and pilots the main mech solo, providing unique dialogue as she fights.



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