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Fridge / Super Robot Wars V

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Fridge pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

Fridge Logic

  • How in the world is Ange even breathing in space? Even Chirico had to put on a mask in space!
    • The engineers modified everyone's Para-mails to make them airtight.
      • But can you explain the part where she opens the cockpit to fire her machine gun for her dynamic kill?
      • The fact that she's in a psuedo-magical robot and a REALLY big convergence is happening thus distorting the worlds so it could make sense that she's able to breathe in space.
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    • Without any doubt, she's a descendant of Mr. Wayne. Hey! She's a Norma; She must have the blood of the most famous Badass Normal in existence!
    • Seriously though, while the English version simply says that the cockpits were made airtight, the wording used by the original Japanese version is that an "airtight field" was placed around the cockpits, implying that it's actually an invisible force field of some kind. Not too far fetched considering the AD World's tech level.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Shadow Army ninja mooks all have "Terrain Use", an innate skill that cannot be purchased which doubles terrain effects. Tusk has that skill too, because he's also a ninja.
    • Goes right back into Fridge Logic because Otto has that too and he's no ninja.
      • He isn't but his seiyuu voiced Tobi when he mitates Madara and the real Madara himself.
  • Shogun Mifune has "The Ultimate", a skill usually reserved for final boss tier enemies, because he's an American obsessed with Japanese culture, just like Graham Aker (who's the only friendly character with this skill in the entire game).
  • Kamille starts with the Spirit Endurance skill, because he managed to recover from Scirocco's Mind Rape.
  • The limited use of the Yamato's' Wave-Motion Gun helps keep the player from breaking an important plot point of the 2199 anime of the Yamato's crew being more responsible with its use than the Iscandarians were.
  • You may question why Purple participated in Ange's botched execution and why Julio merely excused him and his men for hosting a rock concert despite not being from the Founding Nations. It's later revealed that Black Noir has been hiding behind Embryo, the founder of the Founding Nations. Considering that Purple works for Exev, who also works for Black Noir, and how weak-willed Mana users are overall, it may explain where they gain human resources for such a large army.
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  • Why did the Dragons attack the Martian Successors? They work for Embryo.
  • Those who know the Gundam 00 movie will obviously understand that Aeolia sought to overthrow Embryo. Otherwise, humanity's First Contact with the ELS would be a complete disaster.
  • Why do Gardim's people look almost exactly like humans? Considering their close ties with the Yamato 2199 plot, they are most likely descendants of the ancient Aquarius, just like humans and Garmillas.
  • Applying Dinosaurs Are Dragons, the Dragons' opposition to and weakening of the Getter Rays essentially have them fulfill the role of the Dinosaur Empire, which doesn't exist in the continuity of Armageddon.
  • Ghuli being obsessed with speed is similar to how some people need adrenaline rush to feel alive but the Irony is that he technically isn't. He's an android and didn't know it.

Fridge Horror

  • A lot of characters have special dialogue against Dragons, some of them are actually pretty funny, like Lottie saying that she feels like a knight from a fantasy story and Clouseau saying that he feels like a Tokusatsu hero. Then it stops being funny and turns horrifying after the Wham Episode which reveals that they've been gleefully killing people.
    • It gets worse, there's a DLC scenario where the ZZ Gundam team and the Arzenal First Squadron start a competition about how many Dragons they could kill while defending a supply convoy. While the DLC was quite lighthearted in tone, the above mentioned reveal completely ruins it when you realize that this is basically an unintentional killing contest.
    • The less mature members are probably in for a Swiss Moment at some point, but they'll probably justify it to themselves. The dog actually did shoot first this time.
  • During the battle in Baleras, the Gamillas capital, Captain Okita orders the team to exercise caution when firing, since there are still countless civilians in the city. However, Yamato's Type-3 Shell animation always shows only one shell hitting the target, out of six. Every time you use that attack, you're dropping five fusion bombs on defenseless civilians.