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According to its article on this very wiki, Super Robot Wars is "A Massive Multiplayer Crossover franchise, based off almost every Humongous Mecha series ever made in Japan."

Obviously, that is a good setup for awesomeness.

Other Examples: (please sort by game)

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  • How many of you have been sitting around, possibly watching the show in question, and thought, "Wow. That robot had some cool moves. I should look up the animations for the moves in that one Super Robot Wars game." Then an hour later after you've watched that robot's moves in six or so different games, you go on to watch the moves of a whole bunch of different robots just because you're doing it anyway?
  • This series is so awesome it just got one in 2011 before the newest game came out. Why is that you ask? Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann got to debut in Super Robot Wars Z2!
    • And so did the long fan-requested VOTOMS!
    • And then Tetsujin 28 Go got to join Saisei-hen, too!
    • Just about everything about Saisei-hen's second PV. Rand and Setsuko are back, most of the old units' strongest moves are back (some gaining new moves even), and USABLE. SHIN. DRAGON.
  • It's amazing that the Internet didn't break down by sheer awesomeness from the news that 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation would release in August, featuring the cast of Destiny, for PlayStation 3.
  • UX finally made many fanboys' dreams a reality, by bringing in Demonbane.
  • We should probably first point out that many units' strongest attacks or Combination Attacks are actually taken from a Crowning Moment in their own series.
  • A behind-the-scenes one: during negotiations to license Neon Genesis Evangelion for Super Robot Wars, some Gainax executives were reluctant to give permission because they were worried having Eva Super-Deformed would be bad for its image. When Hideaki Anno, Eva's director, learned of this, he got pissed and delivered a verbal bitchslap to the execs along the lines of "No one is going to prevent my Eva from fighting alongside the likes of Mazinger and Getter!"
    • Another one for Anno: as soon as the license for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann became available, he called up Super Robot Wars series producer Takanobu Terada — at roughly 2 in the morning — and asked "So, do you still have any room left for Gurren Lagann in your games?" Seriously.
      • According to Terada, he had issues on how to do the final battle of the series so script writer Kazuki Nakashima told him to make all of the units to be size infinity.
  • Godzilla is officially part of Super Robot Wars as of X-Ω. Repeat; Super Robot Wars has not only reached the Godzilla Threshold, they went in whole hog, and it is GLORIOUS!!!
  • Usually when it comes new installments, the developers prefer to do announcements for them on their own. With the "Super Robot Wars Steel Ultra Appreciation Festival 2021" online event set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, they would announce Super Robot Wars 30 there, right? Not this time: 30 was publicly revealed a month prior to the event in a Japan-only Nintendo Direct for E3 2021! Even if it was relegated to only appearing in the Japanese version of a Direct, a Super Robot Wars game getting announced simultaneously in two of the biggest events in video game media coverage during the year is one hell of a signal boost!

    Classic Timeline 
  • Shinji Ikari, if properly leveled gets a huge one in Super Robot Wars F Final, where he more or less takes on the entire Mikene Empire, including the Great General of Darkness single-handedly, and beats them pretty freakin hard into the ground. The (for lack of a better term) slaughter doesn't really end until the Fifth Angel pops up and wipes them all out.
    • Speaking of Shinji, one can't forget that classic scene when he's put in Amuro's shoes of being scolded and Bright Slapped by Bright. Complete with the immortal line word-by-word, "You hit me! Not even my dad hits me!" and the eventual effect.

  • The re-enactment of the Kazuya Ryuuzaki's Unstoppable Rage in Super Robot Wars Advance is improved to the level of awesomeness. Amuro Ray was being threatened to a gunpoint by Miwa Sakimori when protesting about his racism (even though it's been revealed that he was using cheats to get away with it). Heero Yuy almost follows with his Endless Waltz line by pointing a gun at Miwa and utters the same thing to Dekim, "If you're pointing a gun, you should be prepared to be shot too." and counts to three. Before he can finish, though, Kazuya emits a Tranquil Fury that even overawed Heero, being The Stoic he is, by just telling him to "Get out". And then when Miwa opened fire, Kazuya jumped, beats the crap out of him by hitting just the vitals, and it takes not just Kyoshiro, but also the rest of the Wing boys, and either Axel or Lamia (whoever gets picked as the protagonist) to restrain him.
  • Later on, Richter's death. Instead of sending himself to the sun out of guilt, Richter takes on the battlefield with a mech strapped with nukes to wipe out a huge fleet of Vegan Empire robots, intending to redeem himself for being tricked by Olban. He gave his last farewells and blessings to Erika and Kazuya and just before he does so, Raiza appears and asks to stay at Richter's side and also redeem herself. Richter accepts and together, they went out with a bang, dying in a blaze of glory and taking many Vegan fleets with them, giving Daimos and the Londo Bell a chance of victory.



  • As already said in some places, after the fiasco with Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli returned to piloting in Super Robot Wars K. And Banpresto decided to make her first mission one that is just plain awesome on principle. Taking on the Festum in the outdated and underpowered Strike Rouge becomes a lot more badass when you realize those things can alter gravity, create black holes at will, read your mind, and that pretty much EVERY canon pilot who had a chance against them had been genetically modified. If there was any canon Cagalli to take a swing at to show she hadn't lost anything, that was the one.
  • Overman King Gainer finale stage. Gainer and friends are at the mercy of the Overdevil which is freezing everything. Good thing SRW K has the newest Gaiking in which by the way is hot-blooded and fire personified!
  • The emergence of the Regret Buster
  • Scenario 35. The final battle of the Virtual-ON series against Dymon and controlled Tangram. The Rose sisters and SHBVD join you while fighting against Dymon units and Z-Gradts. For all the fans of the series and the disappointment with Marsenal (MARZ), this makes up for it.

  • You think the Fix Fic for Gundam SEED Destiny in the aforementioned SRW Z is epic enough? Well, Banpresto takes that one step further in Super Robot Wars L by almost rewriting the second half of the story. Major cases in point:
    • Stage 15 (Berlin route), Stellar is rampaging in Destroy Gundam as of original. Shinn tries to stop her just as Archangel arrives, and just when what the anime showed is about to repeat, Kira instead helps Shinn to bring Stellar away for safety. Dereka's words to Shinn about Kira's moral of saving lives before this stage helped.
    • As such in Stage 16, realizing the Archangel crew helped to beat up Iczer enemies, Talia helps Murrue to escape by faking the sink of Archangel. After that Arthun officially leaves Minerva for Archangel, leaving the rest to Shinn for he is another FAITH on board.
    • Stage 27, after LOTUS and Archangel crew retun to Orb to beat up Orb-Earth Federation forces, Original forces led by an Imperial Valley appear and beat up Kira in his Strike Freedom pretty bad. Just as the Imperial Valley is about to land a fatal blow, Shinn steps in and smacks the enemy away, and yells at Kira to recall his will of protecting everyone in the world. Cue Combination Attack to destroy Imperial Valley. It's just as awesome as it seems.
      • Another awesome moment for Shinn and his Destiny albeit Meta sense: Strike Freedom has one of the best mobility among all Destiny Mobile Suits, yet an Imperial Valley is technically much more mobile than any unit in the game, allowing the pilot to beat up Kira. Shinn is able to keep up with that machine and smacks it? Think about it for a moment.
      • While the Strike Freedom is highly vaunted for its mobility, the Destiny is actually superior in that if not speed at least as it doesn't need to deploy dragoons to use its wings of light and Shinn's own style is better suited for rushing in.
    • Shinn delivers the last blow to Lord Djibril just like the manga version in Stage 32.
    • After all the events in LOTUS, Shinn decides not returning to ZAFT for Gilbert Durandal's Destiny plan by himself—only Rey leaves for Messiah. You can use Shinn to convince him back, of course.
    • Meer guides the group to evacuate Messiah and lives on as a singer. That is all.
    • Even Durandal gets his moment. After defeating the last ZAFT forces in stage 33, LOTUS turn to Big Gold's moon fortress, but Neos Gold refuses to give way. Cue half-dead Durandal commands the battered Messiah to ram at it, paving way for LOTUS to fight for the future by sacrificing his life.
  • Stage 37, the last of Linebarrels of Iron. If you take appropriate steps you can convince Soubi to join you in this stage, but it grows awesome when you realize that you can use Chang Wufei to convince him in a completely logical sense and doesn't look out of place. This also creates a meme calling Wufei "Nataku's Factor".
    • But the awesomeness doesn't end there. After fighting through this crowning That One Level of the game, the Final Phase proceeds but a major shockwave is about to hit Kouichi... until Shinji, Rei and Asuka jumps in and use their Evas' AT Field to block it. Until then you realize Movie!Shinji's presence in this game is one of the major factor of Kouichi's Character Development, turning him from a Jerkass to a hero.
  • At the end of Stage 40, the Big Bad tries to wipe LOTUS out by shooting them with his mecha's BFG, from the moon. It's a completely pinpoint attack that will annihilate LOTUS if it hits. How do the heroes survive? By having Rushbird absorb all of the energy and transfer it to Straybird, who uses the energy to create an Imaginary Road large enough to teleport everyone directly to the moon.

    Other Non-OG 
  • Another villain, Shuichiro Yukimura, proves his badassary in Scramble Commander 2. First, the cinematic shows his Asoeb overpowering Rahxephon in his god form. Then the heroes join forces, the Aura Battler Dunbine team combine their aura power, all of the singers (Minmay, the sisters and Lacus) sing their best to form song energy and Raideen summons Star of La Mu - it takes all of that to increase Rahxephon's power and topple Asoeb...and then the heroes find out that they don't accomplish anything, the Asoeb (still in perfect condition in comparison to the weakened Rahxephon) still manages to destroy the world by returning it to Origin Point of Time.
  • In Super Robot Wars Compact, the Londo Bell forces comes to rescue Judau from Neo Zeon in "A New Strength" and Seabook from Crossbone Vanguard in "Inside the Winds of Light"
    • Shinobu Fujiwara telling Muge Zolbados that Dancougar will cut through enemy spirits and unlocking the Dan Kuu Kouga Ken MAP attack.


  • During the 30th anniversary live-stream on July 11, 2021, it was revealed that the franchise has obtained a Guinness World Record for having "the most intellectual property licenses used in a role-playing video game series" at a whopping 274! To put this into perspective, Super Smash Bros. is often seen as the most renowned Crossover for the medium, while Super Robot Wars tends to be overshadowed despite having existed longer, yet suffered from a combination of No Export for You and being parts of two genre that became more niche as time passed on. Then-Banpresto and current-B.B. Studios soldiered on, beating Smash Bros. to a punch when it comes to attaining such recognition.
  • It took 30 years, but with the upcoming worldwide launch of Super Robot Wars 30 on Steam, the franchise can finally be brought to all audiences across the globe with barely any restrictions, something not even the "VTX Trilogy" could do!


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