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  • Almost everyone who actually gets to play Super Robot Wars UX will agree the story astonishingly brilliant, so much that its popularity now only rivals Super Robot Wars W (too bad for those from the state side). One of the main props is that UX has one of the largest Secret Character cast in recent SRW titles (almost all canon deaths can be saved), and if you manage to save them the scenerio will drastically change afterwards (some even up till the epliogue); meanwhile there're just "oh god how many" crossovers between different series to the point that they're all smoothly written. Some of the best moments will be explained in the following lists.
  • After being mistreated in Super Robot Wars K, the Fafner cast finally receive their justice, filled with awesome moments here and there...Some along with Shinn Asuka and his Mark Destiny.
    • Stage 25. When Kazuki is in a pinch defeating those Festum on Tatsumiyajima, Shinn also joins the fray to protect Yumiko (who is about to get killed), but his Impulse gets heavily damaged in the process. However, before Shinn gets assimilated (even telling Kazuki, who rushes in to help him, to get away so that he can protect more people) we hear Tsubaki's whispers, and she remotely delivers the newly repaired Destiny Gundam to Shinn's hands, who proceeds to rip Festums apart together with Kazuki...All happens along the song Life Goes On.
      Tsubaki: It's fine, the destiny is on your side...And since it's your answer, this is the wings of fate you hoped for!
    • Stage 27 (Byston Well route) is a major one, but only if you fulfill requirements to save Shouko Hazama: Rouri Yahan and Kanamoto Heiji are beating up your team badly with their new Aura Battler, but suddenly Soushi receives a familiar signal in Siegfried System, and out there comes no one but that supposed-lost Mark Sechs and Shouko, who outright curbstomped Rouri on spot. To put it into perspective, Fafner's resident Ill Girl has been level-grinding so much that she's now known as a skillful female Aura Battler. Suddenly the stage's title "Earthlings' Aura Power" (and her name) instantly leads to a whole new meaning.
      • The next stage involves Koumei Re-GZ seeing through Sakomizu's plan and asking Al-Azif to lend him the Mirror of Nitocris, allowing him to recreate the infamous "Empty City Strategy" to distract the flagship's barrage, while Lockon (under Shuuyu Hyakushiki's command) takes the main cannon out before it can recharge. It then follows that up with Sousou Gundam's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sakomizu, stating that he can't become a real "king" if he only relies on trickery.
      Sousou Gundam: This is what you hail for your dream, Sakomizu? Sacrifices are permissable, but one who only relies on evil plans and trickery will not become a real king!
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    • Stage 29, Shinn and Lunamaria rush out to save the Fafner cast as they try to persuade Koyo Kasugai to regain his humanity (if Shouko is alive, she'll pitch in too), and revealing their new Combination Attack in the progress. Luna then states she'll bear Shinn's responsibility to protect those around from being harmed, as she is now his partner. It also gets heartwarming when you realize the two actually get married in real life.
      • The after-stage Lantern Flow scene (which used to lament for the dead) is a minor Moment of Awesome, as the scene will run differently depending on your routes taken, and if you saved someone before. To a surprise for Demonbane fans, Leica will also lament for her brother Ryuuga. This is BIG, because their origins and relations were cut out in the anime, while only one route in the original Visual Novel will mention it. Clearly the staff has Shown Their Work.
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    • In Stage 38, to prevent Tatsumiyajima being nuked, Mamoru becomes such a Determinator that he nearly kills Sakomizu, who're just going to activiate Oukaou's Super Mode, and impressing him, of all things. Unfortunately Hazard Pascha kills Mamoru seconds later, despite the fact that he is protecting his frigging nuke-carrying ship the whole time. Such act just gets Sakomizu (and your teammates) understandably and mightily pissed. Oh, and Mamoru does all these, as of original, without his Goubain helmet.
      • Mamoru also gets one later in Stage 41 if you manages to save him. The new Fafner pilots and your team are facing the assault of the new Festums, and the rookies are understandbly shaken, but Mamoru pulls out a Big Damn Heroes along with a Rousing Speech and Shout-Out to Kamen Rider Spirits, and conduct a Combination Attack with Hiroto Douma (too bad it doesn't get animated).
      Mamoru: Even there're no chance of victory, one will still fight for he believes that tomorrow will come...That is what known as Goubain!
      Mamoru: There're still many enemies out there...But yet it's not a problem, for me and Hiroto are now Double Goubain!
    • Stage 39, we finally come to Operation Azure. If conditions are fulfilled, Michio Hino will pull out a Big Damn Heroes to save Irubora from Idun, to repay Irubora's act of saving his life earlier. But the real awesome moment? Not only does Maya take advice from resident snipers to take out Idun near the end, and not only do the the Earth Federation's forces (or to be precise, Kati's troops) help with your assault, but also Fei-Yen HD, who finally fully awakens, sings In the Blue Sky to give your team Heroic Second Wind to defeat Idun once and for all. (Which actually becomes obvious if one understands to pronounce "39" in Japanese.)
  • Stage 4. Tobikage comes out of nowhere and BEATS UP Master Therion. No more explaination is needed.
  • Stage 22 can be alternatively called as Moment of Awesome: The Stage. Your team is still the enemy of the whole world despite fighting so hard against Katou Organization's satellite weapon and their alien reinforcements, Hazard Pascha is about to become Commander-In-Chief of all Federation's forces, the democracy seems dying out with the thunderous applause among the council...Until Arthun (who pulls off his Alex Dino disguise almost exactly the way and the words Quattro Bagina used) and Agent Hughes arrive on time, reveals that Hazard is actually betraying the Earth, and giving him a proper verbal smackdown before the President relieves Hazard from duty note . She then immediately contacts your team and calls for a request to destroy the satellite weapon. Now your team (which up to this point is known as an antagonistic mercenary group) finally becomes the force of justice!
    • That's just half of the awesomeness. Eida fought very hard for the first 22 stages so that her companions can live their ordinary life (it's a long story), but now (at the same time as of the above events) she also reaches her limit and is about to get killed......But suddenly, "CHOUJUU GATSHIN!"note  This signals Team D's reformation and your time for a counterattack, while the game's main theme is playing. The later half of the stage we'll see your team and Earth Federation race to destroy the nukes flying in the air, which is also an awesome thing to watch.
  • Remember the Final Phase scene from Super Robot Wars L? Well, now play Stage 45. If you fail to save Ishigami, he'll pull out a Heroic Sacrifice as of in the manga; BUT if you manage to save him, Sakomizu and Ryofu Tallgeese, here's how it works: Under the heavy attack from Human Machinas, Sakomizu suddenly returns to the field along with Ryofu, and they start to kick those Machinas around (in Sakomizu's case, he'll reveal his Combination Attack with Asap); and when Ishigami is about to pull his Heroic Sacrifice anyways, Shinn, Kira and Athrun convince him to live on so he can create a new future, and try to destroy the portal (which brings out the question that why Mobile Suits' power output can be that high), and followed by EVERYONE (including Jin). To pull a nail on their portal attack, Ryofu, Ryuubi, Sonken and Sousou unleash their (manga-only) Combination Attack, and ends with Ishigami and Katou's attack on the last of the Human Machinas. Oh, and even though Linebarrel's story in UX isn't from the anime, PROUD is played all along Ishigami's scenes. Ishigami's words afterwards really drives the point home, though:
    Ishigami: The future has been changed......Well Juda, seems that even you can't predict things like this, huh?
  • Setsuna and his 00 Qan[T] doesn't get much chance to shine in the movie, but in UX his 00 Qan[T] rolls out much earlier, we finally get too see it in action. Its debut in Stage 38 involves trying to convince Sakomizu stopping his conquest, telling him not to be trapped by the past events; and in Stage 43(Tatsumiyajima route), Setsuna actually uses the Quantum Burst on Hisataka Katou so he can understand what his respected teacher (Amagatsu Kizaki) really means to save the world. One can say that the success to direct Amagatsu's last words from Kouichi to Katou makes Setsuna confident that he can do the same to ELS.
  • Stage 49, you finally get to kill Hazard Pascha for good. Admit it, after all those Kick the Dog moments and countless Moral Event Horizon he crossed, "satisfying" doesn't even enough to describe one's feelings upon his death. (At least in UX, anyway)
  • Stage 50 wraps up the last of Macross Frontier. As the possessed Queen Frontier is about to bombard Macross Quarter with its Macross Cannon, by Sheryl and Ranka's songs and emotions, those Vajiras you saved return to block the shot as of original......But it doesn't end there. In fact, ELS and Festum also rush to help protecting your force: A living proof that the attempt for coexistance does not, and will not end in vain. Your force then proceed to beat the living crap out of those Cyber Nobles, ending with the infamous Wing's Dance to end the war against Vajira.

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