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Main Story

  • Magical Girl Pretty Salian and Salia's look of utter horror when Ange finds out about her secret hobby.
  • ''Playable'' sick Ange. Even has battle quotes and everything!
  • Shinn's reaction to Athrun calling him over to Arzenal for reinforcements.
    Shinn: Did you call upon me to help you deal with these terrible women?
    • And later, after seeing Chris and Rosalie's obvious crushes on Athrun:
    Shinn: Athrun! Did you summon me here so you could feel better about yourself?
  • Ange breathing in space
  • Nine meeting Rei for the first time.
  • After his introduction, Leonard Testarrosa spends two chapters showing off his superior attitude, manipulative nature, and obsession with Kaname. Then Embryo (whose personality is the same but more so) approaches him to build an alliance. While Embryo is smugly oblivious to Leonard's tone, Leonard is clearly unnerved to see this from outside.
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  • Judau makes an interesting pun when describing Ramiel's laser attack.
  • Setsuna refers to the time Tieria is Disguised in Drag in the 00 anime, sparking the female pilots’ curiosity in the process, much to Tieria’s dismay.
  • After defeating all of Misurugi's forces.
    Julio: This can't be happening! All of my utterly disappointing!
    Ryoko: Ange, your brother is a coward!
    Ange: I don't see him as a brother anymore. And, I have to agree with you.
    Vivian: You tell him, Ange!
    • And then Lord Djibril, who is just as much of a Hate Sink as Julio, insults the Emperor for good measure.
  • When Ange gets her white pilot suit thanks to Vilkiss, Al thinks it's one handy robot. Sosuke meanwhile thinks that Al could learn a thing or two from it.
  • When Hilda's confessing her love for Ange, she mentions that Ange knows so many princesses and men, which Tusk then wonders if she's talking about him. Setsuna's reaction is hilarious.
    Hilda: But you know so many actual princesses and not just that, but men too.
    Tusk: (Is she talking about me?)
    • And after Hilda confesses her feelings and Ange returns them, Setsuna and Athrun proceed to Troll Tusk over it.
    Tusk: Um... So what about me?
    Ange: (To Setsuna) You have a nice voice.
  • Somehow, the developers decided to make the arcade episode of Cross Ange even funnier by having Salamandinay think of the arcade shop as an ancient fighting arena. Ange and Tusk proceed to correct her on that.

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  • The Love Hotel Mu La Flaga from Cross Ange returns, with Tusk commenting that he should tell Athrun's group about it.
  • Julio tried to save face by trying to look dignified (as much as his smug self allows) when delivering a speech on trying to crush Arzenal for harboring Ange. Nadesico, Ptolemaios and Eternal deploy their units... and there's no Ange (she was stuck in the DRAGONs homeworld). On realizing this, Julio suddenly threw a tantrum that all those speech and grandiose means nothing if there is no Ange to crush and he promptly boots off the battlefield. Seriously, if Julio wasn't spending his time being an utter scumbag, he spent his time by being so pathetic that it makes you laugh.
  • You want to know how Nadesico can be even funnier then it already was? Why set the attack theme to Naze Nani Nadesico of course! The annihilation of an enemy force has never been funnier when you can have them blown to kingdom come with one of the funniest themes in the game.
  • When the group encounters the Dragons for the first time. Almost everyone notes the utter absurdity of fighting mythological dragons with giant robots. However, Sousuke takes the entire affair seriously, saying he'll target at whatever he believes is a weak point. Al notes that Sousuke is taking the situation surprisingly well, and Sousuke tells him that he's been through so much weirdness that he doesn't think anything will surprise him anymore.
    • Many other Dragon encounters also cause an Oh, Crap! or Big "WHAT?!" moment to good and bad guys alike. Even the 1st Paramail squadron, despite several attacks against them, are oblivious to why they're appearing in other worlds in the first place.
  • After beating the Eighth Angel, Might congratulates Shinji while Shinji says that it was thanks to him. Asuka gags at the scene, and tells "Stupid Shinji" not to end up like Might. Shinji then points out that Asuka's calling him by his first name and not "Daddy's Boy". In response to this, she blushes furiously and tries to excuse it as payback for him calling her by her first name. Might smiles and says this.
    Might: And calling him "Stupid" isn't a bit out of line?
    • After Shinji and Asuka take their leave, Might comments that they make "a strange pair". He's still smilling while saying this, by the way. It seems Might has a couple of ideas about those two.
  • The beginning of the Nadesico What! and Why?. That is all.
  • After both Ples have a chance to connect with Marida, Ple 1 suggests that they go out for ice cream. Ple 2 agrees, and they both say their "Pleplepleplepleple" catchphrase, leaving Marida confused.
  • A case of Disproportionate Retribution played for laughs on the mission "Not Your Natto".note  Several of the support characters are all kidnapped by Vuitton in a plot to destroy all the natto in Japan. All of the kidnappees are flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of the plot, even more so when it's found that the reason for her plot is because someone got clumsy and spilled some natto on her at a restaraunt.
  • Shogun Mifune isn't any more mature, he tried to take Zambot 3 for no reason other than that it looks like a samurai.
    • During the final battle against the DG Alliance, after Mifune's robot was destroyed, he tried to make up a death poem on the spot. Kappei had to remind him that if he has time to do that, he could just eject, causing him to do so. When asked why he tried to save him, Kappei replies that it's because he praised Zambot 3's look.
    Kappei: If you have time to spout off that nonsense then you have enough time to eject and save yourself!
    Mifune: That's also not an unreasonable idea! *promptly ejects*
  • Asuka frequently comments on The Brave Express Might Gaine's characters and robots as being too cheesy, saying it all looks like something that came out of a kids TV show. Meanwhile, Akito, being a fanboy of super robot anime, is very aware of the standard tropes and can accurately predict what will happen next in the Mightgaine storyline.
    Asuka: Are you serious? It's like something out of a stupid hero comic or anime!
    Akito: That's what's so cool about it.
  • Another one by Akito has him confront Lunna Naito. He sees through her disguise perfectly but what sells the hilarity of the scene is this next gem:
    Akito: More to the point, It's always the mysterious girl who cozies up to the hero, who is the spy. Everyone knows that.
    • After all the guy has been through, he still has enough of the old Akito inside to crack a meta joke like that from his Gekigangar watching days.
    • More specifically, this is a call back to Episode 10 of Nadesico, which showcases the very same trope in an episode of Gekigangar III whilst simultaneously deconstructing it in the 'real' story.
  • After freeing Chris from Embryo’s influence, Rosalie comments that Chris has terrible taste in men, which sounds a bit rich since they were both going for Athrun, one of the resident Chick Magnets, before then.
    • Originally, Hilda never directly interacted with Embryo. But in here, she gets to, and delivers a hilarious burn to the Tuner, which may serve as a prelude of Ange's ultimate final burn in the end... and being the one to actually rile up Embryo a bit, unlike the others where he could afford to act smug and assured.
      Embryo: If you're piloting that Ragna-Mail, Hilda, it must means you're one of my knights.
      Hilda: Is your head full of bugs? Let's keep the jokes limited to your stupid hair!
      Embryo: What!?note 
  • During the finale of Cross Ange, Embryo had the bright idea to use Sylvia as a hostage to use against Ange. Only problem is that Ange has been thoroughly pissed with the Mana people and Sylvia for their mistreatment against Norma and anything that's not using Mana that she disowned her sister and asks Tusk for a gun to just shoot her (missing on purpose) to make a point. Embryo just picked the wrong person to use as a hostage.
  • Black Might Gaine channeling his inner Domon Kasshu when fighting Exev
  • Sousuke giving Kaname a verbal beating in order to bring her back to her senses.
  • Bonta-kun is so cute that not even the final boss can resist his charms
  • The Final Boss who sent Nine to analyze humanity failed to understand a single concept: Love. The Reason? Nine asked the question way too directly, which left people too embarrassed to answer the question. These group of people includes love freaks like Yurika. The normal ending emphasizes the humor in this when the boss' attitude breaks down into a Tsundere mode.
    • The Best Part? They start playing The Exceeder by JAM Project when this begins.
  • In the Golden Ending, when Ange decides to establish Arzenal as a resort, Tusk gets a terrifying idea about having to dress up as a girl.
  • Nine questioning Ryoma about love. The person who is regarded as one of the most hot-blooded pilots in mecha history panics and would rather run away than give Nine an answer.
    • Not just Ryoma. Koji and Sayaka reacted the same way while Go...left everything to Getter Energy...
    • Shinji ran away screaming the moment Nine starts talking about him needing to "get some".

Secret Missions

DLC Missions

  • "A Grudge Among Men" DLC mission has the guys being jealous of both Banjo and Athrun thanks to their Chick Magnet status. So when it's time for Athrun and his team to go out scouting, the guys decided to do whatever the hell they wanted, enumerating the reasons why they hate him and Banjo. Then Gates appears but the guys decided to gang up on him. While they did learn the lesson at the end of the day, it turns out that Nine set up cameras on their guns to learn how to be jealous and live streamed the event. Cue the girls hating on the jealous guys.
  • In the scene before the start of the "A Life's Vow" DLC mission, as Tobia is about to confess to Bernadette, Soji/Chitose comes in. Upon seeing Tobia's disappointed face, Soji/Chitose soon realize exactly what they have done.
  • Amuro's reaction to fighting his bio-brain
    Amuro: Heck if I know...All I know is that mecha is a real pain!
  • Beecha once again becoming the captain of the Nahel Argama after Captain Otto falls ill. His captaining skills are so unorthodox, it leaves Angelo so dumbfounded that he can only question if Beecha is a fool or a genius.
  • The Getter and Mazinger teams attempt to teach the EVA pilots about teamwork. Let's just say that Asuka made their job very difficult.
  • One of Lane's lines in "G-Hound's Critical Battle" implies that Yazan grabbed his crotch, too. For those who don't know, he did the same to Arado Balanga and the Druggie Trio in the Alpha series.
  • At the beginning of "Three Sisters of Axis", Ple and Ple Two attempt to boss Marida around as they are technically her elder siblings. Marida is helpless and begs for help. Zinnerman arrives to try and remedy the situation...only to be called "Bearded Bear" by the twins.
  • Similar to the Miss Z-Blue contests in Z3, the women in Tenku get into an argument and intend to fight it out to decide who is the best woman. Nine is asked to organise the contest and pairs up all the women in some unique and hilarious match-ups. Nine will even participate herself and pilots the main mech solo. However, the contest is interrupted by Goer and his goons who are soon given a trashing of a lifetime. Nine's real objective for organising the contest will be different depending on who is the main character:
    • If Soji is the main character, Nine will reveal that the objective of the contest was to find a suitable candidate to be Soji's girlfriend. Predictably, the women of Tenku all decide to withdraw from the contest upon learning the truth, leaving Nine the default winner.
    • If Chitose is the main character, Nine will reveal that the objective of the contest was to determine who would be a challenger for Chitose since in her eyes, Chitose is the best woman. And by Nine's standards, none of the women are a match for Chitose, leaving Chitose the undisputed winner.

Quit Game Skits

Final Boss

The final boss of the game, Nevanlinna, spent much of the game collecting data from the protagonists. During the final battle with her, however, it turned out that she learned a lot of weird and unnecessary things from our heroes...


As per series tradition, tons of enemies have some hilarious special dialogue against Bonta-kun. Only this time, it's not just pre-battle dialogue, but in-battle dialogue as well.


  • It's clear that NO-ONE expected Space Battleship Yamato 2199 to be in the game, but this example takes the cake. In an anniversary concert for Super Robot Wars, many singers who sang the theme songs of all the featured series in V were brought in to reprise their respective tunes. One of them was Isao Sasaki, the singer of Space Battleship Yamato's theme song, and apparently he almost went "What am I doing here?".