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Heartwarming / Far Cry 3

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  • One of the side missions Jason can undertake is helping a relic hunter retrieve the dog tags of Japanese soldiers who died on the islands in WW2. The relic hunter does it largely for the money he gets sending them back to their families, but Jason insists that he won't do the mission unless the relic hunter offers the families a discount, which the relic hunter reluctantly agrees to.
    • Another side quest has a man ask Jason for help recovering some tablets to help rebuild one of the Rakyat's sacred ancient temples. Given that 90% of the side missions in this game involve killing large numbers of people and/or animals its a nice change of pace to help someone build something for a change. Especially since it shows that the Rakhat aren't just mindless killing machines who value strength and power above all else and actually care about other things besides crushing their enemies.
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    • A side quest in which two relatives of a man have been killed by privateers, he says something in the lines of "A man has the right to fight, to seek vengeance". Jason understands the man's pain and sorrow, and mutters, notably irritated: "Just tell me where they are". Then goes on his way to kill the privateers.
  • Really, anytime Jason does anything good for anyone, especially his friends. Because it's heartwarming in its own right, but also because it reminds you that even though he's well on his way to becoming a monster, it's not a one-sided battle.
  • The Good ending, where despite being completely drug-addled, barely in control of his faculties, and a bloodthirsty killer that has, in his own words, killed more people than he can count, Jason rejects the Rakyat culture he was so infatuated with, declaring that there's been enough killing and he's done, while saving his friends. That single action is more powerful than any other he takes in the entire game, because it shows that he's NOT the remorseless, merciless sociopath that everyone wanted him to be.
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  • Extremely easy to overlook but sometimes you can find pirates hanging together and chattering. They swap "first kill" stories and talk among themselves more or less like decent human beings would. Rarely you may find them sharing barbecue and complaining about the lack of hot sauce.

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