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Heartwarming / Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After about four sidequests' worth of failed attempts to woo demons, Anthony's final EX mission has you ask a Gemori for love advice on his behalf. During the dialogue after you report to Anthony, you learn that he stuck to his word of looking to better himself and listened intently to Gemori's advice, without thinking about wooing her. Quite the Character Development.
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  • The crew of the Red Sprite welcoming back Commander Gore when he returns as an enlightened Ubergestalt to give them hope for the future. At least if you not taking the Neutral path doesn't force you to kill him just after.
  • Arthur's dialogue after the battle with Awake Jimenez in the Neutral path shows that even AIs can have a soul:
    "This is Arthur speaking. I have verified your victory over Jimenez. [Player], I understand the pain of having to eliminate a former comrade. I will not tell you to forget it. So long as you continue to live alongside humans capable of sin, it cannot be avoided. But I am partially responsible for leading you down this path. Like you, I am an entity that bears sin. The only way to atone... is to succeed at our task. [Player], continue your mission."
  • The game does something if you go Neutral that really makes you feel like it was a good choice. In other SMT games, hardly anyone cheered you on if you decided both the Law and Chaos sides were crazy. In this game, every human on your team will not only cheer you on, but as you go deeper and deeper in the boss dungeon, you get so many slaps on the back and encouragement to put your foot up the ass of the final boss that it's impossible not to feel like humanity's survival is worth your efforts.
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  • Lucifer's speech in the Chaos route about how while he has no love for humans, he will never ever abandon them.
  • In Redux, Louisa's approval of you taking on any of the New endings; all ultimately end up supporting free will, so even the New Law ending leaves her overjoyed that Zelenin is working to improve humans rather than turn them into something unrecognizable.
    • Both New Law and New Chaos also see Zelenin and Jimenez come back from their extremism thanks to Alex showing them how their actions ultimately cause nothing but suffering.

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