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Heartwarming / Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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  • Seliph's conversation with the ghost of his parents after killing Arvis, especially with the remixed version of Seliph's theme.
  • Claud's conversation with Silvia in chapter 4:
    Silvia: Ohhh! I bet your sister is real elegant an' beautiful an' all. Nothin' like me.
    Claud: That's not true! I find you very attractive, and you have a grace all of your own.
    Silvia: Really!?
    Claud: Of course. I'd never tell a lie.
    Silvia: Wow! No one's ever said anythin' so nice to me! Er.. I feel funny inside... You are... so kind!
  • Many of the lover conversations in Chapter 5 hit just the right heartstrings to make you care about them.
    • Silvia's lover convo with Lewyn is quite heartwarming for how she opens up about her Insecure Love Interest status. Then there's Lewyn's talk with Lene in chapter 10...
    • Arden's lover convos with Ayra and Erinys are ridiculously sweet.
    • Lex and Ayra's convo has him trying to send her away to safety, however she refuses and firmly says she wants to fight with him to the end. Lex relents and muses to himself that that may very well be the reason he fell for her in the first place.
    • Lex and Tailtiu's convo. "Look, we've both been dealt a crappy hand. I wish we could've been together longer. I will cherish every single moment we had."
    • Naoise's convo with Lachesis has him remaining adamant that she should be escaping to safety in Leonster, but Lachesis just as adamantly wants to stay by his side no matter what may come to pass.
      • The conversation also has some pretty heartwarming foreshadowing as well, as it turns out Sigurd is on the lookout for Ares. He still wants to help his best friend in any way he can even if the man himself is long-gone.
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    • Edain's chapter 4 conversations with Azelle or Midir.
    • Tailtiu's conversation with Azelle.
    • The chapter 5 conversations between Dew/Lachesis and Erinys/Arden.
  • Edain's convo with Azelle in chapter 4 can bring a person to tears of joy when you consider this is not only Azelle's dream come true, but that she tells him just how happy she is to be with him.
    • Her convo with Midir is just as sweet, for the same reason plus the element of devoted Bodyguard Crush.
  • Arvis telling Sigurd how much Azelle means to him in the prologue of the game is heartwarming enough, but the Oosawa manga takes it up a notch. During the wrap-up of the Verdane arc, Alvis actually talks to Azelle in person and tells him he loves him.
    Arvis: If by chance, some time in the matter what happens, I always want you to believe in this fact.
  • Lewyn telling Erinys he loves her in chapter 4.
    Erinys: Ah, so you and her were... I'm sorry. I didn't know.
    Lewyn: Erinys! You've got it all wrong. When I was a little kid I thought your sister was hot. But that was then. Now it's you.
    Erinys: Eh!?
    Lewyn: I love you, Erinys...
  • In the Oosawa manga, Lewyn is knocked out cold by a Sleep Staff and Sylvia risks her life to rush to his aid, telling the Bishop how wonderful he is as she holds him in her arms. Sylvia's feelings for Levin in general double as this and Tear Jerker material; the manga takes game!Sylvia's huge crush on him and adds a heartbreaking reason why she clings to him so. Makes it all the sadder that she doesn't end up with him in this manga... Or in any of the others, for that matter.
    • And as a call-back, in chapter 34 of the manga she and Fury interact again after Sylvia's Tear Jerker of an explanation of her and Lewyn's bond... and not only they get along much better than the last time, but they smile to each other and promise to be friends. A very sweet and refreshing subversion of the usual catfights over a guy in the middle of a Love Triangle.
  • Azelle's talk with Tailtiu in chapter 4 of the game displays their bond of childhood friendship beautifully, and strengthens their Relationship Values at the same time.
    • This is expanded really sweetly in the Oosawa Mitsuki manga, where Azelle reveals about how he constantly held Tailtiu's hand just so she won't cry on her grandma's funeral, and that's... exactly what happened. And on remembering that, this exchange happens:
      Tailtiu: You have no idea, did you? Ever since that time, I've always liked you!! Yet, all you talked about was about Lady Edain...
      Azelle: .... Y-you're now going to say "Gotcha, Bratzel!" now, right?? (She's going to trick me, right?) Besides, you already have Father Claud!
      Tailtiu: *blush* I do like Father Claud. But... it's different from the way I liked you...
      Azelle: *blush*
    • The same holding hands eventually happened, on Edain's wedding with Jamke, but this time Tailtiu ended up crying anyway, but everyone ended up reassuring that it's Tears of Joy on the happy couple and realizing that she loved Azelle. Sweet.
  • Also in the Oosawa manga, Sigurd has just been confronted with the fact that Arvis has betrayed him and married Deirdre. Not only does Deirdre remember him, but Sigurd even shows a willingness to forgive Arvis and help him, with Arvis looking almost willing to agree. A shame it's only "almost".
  • All of Seliph's lover conversations in the final chapter. Special mention goes to Tine and Fee's.
    Tine:: I'm not letting what happened to Deirdre happen to me too! Please, Seliph... Just let me stay near you!
    Fee:: Seliph... you're like a dream come true for me. I wanna stay with you forever...
  • Muirne's secret event with Seliph at Conote really goes to show that they're really Birds of a Feather, with both being afraid to continue on but do so anyways. This is also the conversation that will likely turn them into lovers.
    Muirne: I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to make you worry, I'll try a little harder. But please be extra careful, okay? If we ever lost you...
    Seliph: Thanks Muirne, I... I feel the same for you.
    Muirne: Sir Seliph...
    • What makes this event doubly heartwarming is that it is one of the few parts of the game where Holy Blood doesn't matter at all. It doesn't matter that Seliph has Holy Blood and Muirne doesn't, or that he's a prince and she's a commoner. At the end of the day he's just like her: a scared kid trying to keep his friends alive.
  • Seliph's long hair is rather adorable when you think about it: He's almost certainly trying to be like Shanan.
    • Everything regarding Seliph and Shanan's relationship, if you think about it. Shanan ends up with Sigurd's group even if Ayra is killed in Verdane and becomes so close to the group that Deirdre trusts him to look after Seliph, a duty that Shanan takes completely seriously, even so many years later.
  • Nanna handing down the letter from Lachesis about Sigurd and Eldigan's relations to Ares. In that instant, Ares finally buries his hatred towards Sigurd for good, and even offers Nanna some training lessons in exchange.
  • While Lewyn's Chapter 10 talk with Tine is mostly a Tear Jerker, it is somewhat heartwarming to see that despite not having any conversations with Tailtiu, he still loved her enough that hearing of her sad fate (and the abuse that their daughter endured) is enough to drive him to tears despite being possessed by Forseti. Also counts for Forseti himself. He's okay with keeping Lewyn a distant or even uncaring father to his other potential children. But in the face of Tailtiu's tragedy? Forseti drew the line there and allowed some waterworks to pour out of Lewyn's eyes.
  • Asaello's and Muirne's lovers' conversation in the Finale. After realizing just how weak he is compared to their opponents, Asaello falls into a slump and laments his lack of Holy Blood. Muirne cheers him up by reminding him of his orphanage in Conote – a place that will always appreciate him, even if his talents aren't valued here.
  • The last words Seliph Says to Lewyn/Forsetti.
    “I've always heard that Dragonkind fears involvment in the world of Men... but you're different. You broke that rule. You guided us. I, everyone, everything in this earth, will never forget the debt we own you, Lewyn... no... warrior of the distant land, Forseti of the wind...”
  • Seliph rerecruiting Julia in FE 4. Not only does it inspire a feeling of "Awwww....", it's also part Moment of Awesome with you knowing you've truly outdone Manfroy this time.
  • Leif killing Travant and avenging his father Quan:
    "Father, did you see that?"
  • Rescuing the civilians. Not only do they give you a free level up, but you also get to hear their heartwarmingly sincere thanks for saving their lives. Especially from the children.
  • The entire subplot regarding thw twins Edain and Brigid. In conjunction with Thracia 776, it is all but stated, that after Genealogy's entire storyline, Brigid returns to her family several years after the end of the game. The Yngvi family finally gets reunited, after all they've been through.