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Heartwarming / Lost Odyssey

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  • Even though you saw it coming a mile away, Jansen marrying Ming during the ending put such a smile on your face.
    • Even earlier, at the scene just after the large fight in Numara, with Ming confessing her love on the ship deck. One line seals it: "I'm so glad I met you."
  • Kaim has one of these in the TYoD story Signpost.
  • Whenever the music piece 'A Sign of Hope' starts playing in the Thousand Years of Dreams.
  • Crosses with Tear Jerker, but in the Old Sorceress's Mansion, you meet the Old Sorceress, who is begging to sleep and be alone. Realizing who it actually is: Sarah, distraught over Lirum's death, Cooke and Mack sing a lullaby to bring her back to her senses.

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