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  • The one shouting "momma" is visually about three times older than his mother (and quite spectacularly grizzled), yet he's still acting like a happy 4-year old.
  • The fact that the youngest party member is a melee hybrid. While the Ice Magic Beast is That One Boss for some, the fact that Mack is the main damage dealer for it makes it hilarious.
    • In addition, he outdamages three adult party members.
  • Jansen mimicking Gongora's rant in the final battle.
  • The time that the kids magically swapped out an entire army's armor to ladies' undergarments has to take the cake.
    • The entirety of "General Testosterone's" Humiliation Conga was pretty darn funny, But the kicker comes at the end just as Kaim and co. are making their exit. Kakanas, by his own ineptitude, has just made it possible for the heroes to make a clean getaway by destroying the arch they had just run under. Just before the arch collapses, Kaim, who up to this point had been a grump with no sense of humor, takes a moment to glance back at General Meat-Head with a faint smirk on his face.
    • Rounded out by Kakanas pounding his fist on his tank in impotent rage...then clutching it with a yelp of pain.

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