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  • Adorkable: Gongora's public persona is humble, soft-spoken, stammering and endearingly awkward, playing up the image of a man not entirely comfortable with being the center of attention. His true nature, of course, is the exact polar opposite.
  • Abandon Shipping: Some fans of Kaim and Seth jumped ship when it was revealed he was married and had a child with fellow immortal Sarah.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack was written by Nobuo Uematsu, so of course, it's (mostly) outstanding.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Outside of the Character Select Forcing bits, once you get all the immortals, they will never leave your party. Tolten, Jansen, or Sed are often put in the 5th slot. Better train your immortals well - because you can only use them on the Final Boss.
  • Complete Monster: Gongora aims to Take Over the World. Since several of the main characters are immortal, Gongora had to get creative in getting them out of his way. He did so by sealing away their memories, leaving them completely amnesiac and unaware of their origins, which all of them agree is something like being a walking corpse. For him to be able to do this in the first place, they had to go through something traumatic enough that they wouldn't want to remember, so he abducted Kaim and Sarah's daughter and left them believing she was dead, forced Seth to kill her best friend to save her son, and set giant monsters loose in Ming's kingdom to slaughter her subjects until she agreed to block off her own memories to save them. As a result, Kaim and Seth both end up working for him, Ming becomes a figurehead in the country she's ruled for a thousand years, and Sarah goes insane for several decades. And to top it all off, he magically controls Jansen and forces him to attack his friends and Love Interest.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Jansen. Even people who aren't terribly fond of Lost Odyssey will attest to how, despite his rocky start, Jansen becomes incredibly likable.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Ming's outfit is one of the more Stripperiffic outfits in the game, despite her being a queen. However, given Ming's immortality and enormous power and cunning (at least when she's not crippled with amnesia), she's basically reached a point where regalia has become superfluous: her subjects fully expect her to remain on the throne for centuries to come, so why would she need to maintain appearances?
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many people pick up the game on the merits of the Dream stories, which have been critically acclaimed. They have little bearing on the main plot, which many people agree is not anywhere near as good.
  • Les Yay: Seth and Ming get a few moments.
    • Here are the edited highlights of Seth's memories of her first meeting with Ming, and context be damned: "She smiled and gave me her hand … she showed me special kindness … she was very open-minded."
    • The party are all knocked unconscious at the end of Disc 2. When Jansen recovers he calls out to Ming, only to find her gazing into Seth's eyes.
  • Misaimed Marketing: The "White Rabbit" trailer, which uses the Jefferson Airplane song in an apparent effort to imply that the game is going to be a much more surreal and trippy experience than it actually is.
  • Narm:
    • Everyone just so happens to die JUST as Kaim gets there... A bit sad at first, but when such horrible time is so excessive (and so very dramatic) it starts getting funny. Gongora claims early on that immortality attracts death; even though he's lying it looks like that lie was closer to the truth than he intended.
    • Gongora brings an entire slaughterhouse worth of ham to the game: his expressions and high-pitched laugh while he gesticulates wildly during his mud-golem summoning spell is easily one of the most narm-tastic moments of the game.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Gongora controlling Jansen like a puppet while Jansen cackles like The Joker.
  • Polished Port: While 24 gigabytes in size, the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility version of the game eliminates both an excess amount of loading that the game suffered from in its original disc format, as well as the fact that if you own a physical copy of the game, it only ever needs the first disc; the downloaded emulation contains all 4 discs brought together in data. A more stable framerate outside of screen transition fades is just a nice bonus at that point.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Tolten seems to get a lot of hate for his wangsting.
    • Sarah doesn't get as much focus as the other immortals and comes across as a little dull because of it. The fact she's supposedly an incredibly powerful mage who never gets to show her true powers doesn't help.
  • That One Boss:
    • Grilgan, Bogimoray, and the battle with the Numaran soldiers over Cooke and Mack's flowers are three good examples just from the first disc alone.
    • The Old Sorceress in Disc 2 can be troublesome if you aren't prepared to ignore going for the elemental weaknesses because her Scream ability randomly changes their weakness.
    • Living Ice in Disc 3. Your party consists of only Jansen, Ming, Cooke, and Mack. Living Ice's All-Aquara hits for about 750+ to the entire party and it can easily kill you if you aren't prepared.
      • It eventually puts up a reflect and only Mack can really attack it. Since you get Mack and Cooke back at the scene with the fight, you can't level him up so if he's not strong enough, you're screwed
    • Ancient Fiend in Disc 4. Whatever you do, do not kill both of the Keystones or you will be asking for a world of pain.
    • Getting three stars on The Ring Master. Prepare to go into battle excessively prepared if you want a CHANCE of beating him.
  • That One Level:
    • The sewers towards the end of disc 3. Have fun running round in circles and doubling back while you attempt to figure out if you're actually supposed to be going in that direction and being attacked by Goddamn Bats every 20 steps or so. There's a fair bit of loot to find but eventually you will give up searching for that and just be screaming "For the love of god where's the damn exit."
    • The White Boa forces the player into a long, tedious and unforgiving stealth mission of the "spotted and start over variety." It even includes an impossible-to-pass side area that looks as though it might guard some loot or the way forward. It does not,
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Mack is in a rather odd position. His gimmick is spirit magic and the fact that he is a hybrid. However, accessories can make anyone else (Especially the immortals, who are forced into your party) capable of using Spirit Magic, and his health and defense are pretty low for a hybrid. That said, he still does essentially carry the party through a boss fight in disc three, which is quite hilarious when you think about it.
  • Uncanny Valley: A few of the old peoples' faces - even for the time, fell right into the Uncanny Valley.
    • Gongora himself - there's something about him that just seems... off. Not just his exceedingly wide eyes.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Bogimoray is the game's way of saying "Skill Link: LEARN IT". Unless you've taught Null Paralysis to your Immortals and gave Jansen the Yellow Band, Bogimoray's Para-Flare will bring the battle to a crashing halt, no questions asked. Even without Paralysis in the equation, it still does a ton of damage, and the boss's respawning minions delight in nailing your party members with powerful Force spells in the meantime. Just in case the player decides to rush down the Bogimoray in a desperate attempt to kill it before it uses Para-Flare, there's another one waiting in the wings, with a Para-Flare fully charged upon spawning.
  • The Woobie: Several characters have their moments, but none more than Sarah and Kaim.
  • Woolseyism: Evident if you understand some Japanese and play with that audio track, much of Jansen's dialogue has changed completely and his voice acting is the best in the game.
    • The English lines were recorded first, making this an inversion from an English speaker's perspective.


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