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Heartwarming / The Suffering

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For a game as horrifying and stark as The Suffering, it did manage its fair share of touching moments as well.

  • A small moment, but touching nevertheless. Prior to a puzzle, Doctor Killjoy decides to evaluate Torque in his own unique way. And if you've been Good so far?
    Killjoy: I would hesitate to call you a gentle soul, Torque, but I do believe there is hope for you yet.
  • The Good ending, but especially the note written on the picture of Torque's family.
    Note: Someone's missing from this picture, T. I don't want us to ever be apart again. Love always, Carmen.
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  • Hell, right before the final boss, Torque's family will assure you that someone else was responsible for their death, as long as you were good, of course. Malcolm will say that the assassins were wearing black masks. Cory will forgive him for being unable to protect them, even though he never got a chance to say goodbye. His wife will comfort him with the knowledge that he never took out his anger on them, and will encourage Torque to destroy his inner evil once and for all.

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