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Funny / The Suffering

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  • The whole scene on the beach with the Mainliner, Slayer, and Fester. You can almost audibly hear the Slayer thinking "Oh crap..." right before it gets killed by a Fester. A few seconds before then, you can even see it poking the body of the Mainliner it just killed, almost like it's making sure it's actually dead.

  • When Torque runs into the Marksman for the first time. The creature emerges after killing a CO with a huge fleshy mass on its back that has rifles sticking out of it. Upon seeing this, Torque looks at the one revolver in his hand. You can tell he's clearly thinking somewhere between "You gotta be kidding me" and "what the fuck."

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  • Try to steal Clem's boat? It explodes.

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