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Headscratchers / The Suffering

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  • Who voices Torque in the sequel? The game's own credits leave that out, and the IMDB page doesn't have it either.
    • Torque is voiced by the same actor who voices Blackmore perhaps for obvious reasons if you've played Ties That Bind, as they share a body: Michael Clarke Duncan.
  • Why has no-one cleaned up the bodies on Carnate? Seriously, they're lying around on the asylum grounds everywhere and no-one in the past fifty years has ever gone "Gee, those rotten bodies look and smell really bad, maybe we should give them a proper burial"?
    • Who says they didn't? A lot of things from Carnate's past returns to haunt the present, perhaps the bodies reappeared along with Killjoy, Hermes, etc.
  • Why is the central plot of Ties That Bind about learning whether or not Torque is guilty? Wasn't that definitively settled in the first game? Why rehash the plot all over again?
    • Insanity isn't always as cut and dry as that, and considering the nature of the Big Bad in Ties That Bind, it's entirely possible that Torque's head was even more screwed up then it was in the original.

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