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  • In versions of the game prior to Elona+, Pael's sidequest could only end with her mother mutating irreversibly from the Ether Disease and you either giving her a Mercy Kill or selling her off to Moyer as a freak show, with an option to keep giving healing potions to Pael to give her some false hope and gain a bit of Karma. Elona+ added a third ending, where upon visiting her enough times her disease will actually be cured by your intervention. That this happens in the world of Elona, a game where killing and eating anything in your way is par for the course, says a lot.
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  • North of Palmia, there's a mysterious grave in a snowfield. There's also a book titled "Strange Diary" that describes someone whose sister is dying from an incurable disease and also gives some directions. If you travel to the grave and follow the directions, you'll find a mansion full of young girls playing in the snow. Rachel's brother built an entire mansion in honor of his sister's memory.

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