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Heartwarming / The Blackwell Series

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  • Isaac playing along with the duet.
  • The Dictaphone that can be found on Rosa's shelf in Epiphany. Apparently Joey spotted it at a flea market and bugged her to buy it, solely because it reminded him of Lauren.
    Joey: [To self] Hm. I doubt it's the same one, but it's nice to think so.
  • The photo of Danny and Linda Marconi that Rosangela hangs on her wall some time after Deception. While she never met the people in it, the fact that she would go to the trouble of removing it from the scene of a crime because of how much it meant to Joey is touching.
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  • The "Laying It Bear" achievement in Epiphany is unlocked by discovering the truth about Griff, the P.I. Bear. Turns out that Aunt Lauren did try to prepare Rosangela for her job as a spirit medium by getting her used to Joey at a young age. The hat and tie? Yeah, they're styled after Joey.

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