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Heartwarming / Command & Conquer

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  • The updated installation videos for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are not only a love letter but they also still say "For last minute changes and notes: please examine the readme file." Should you do so, there's no patch notes or anything, just this:
    Thank you for playing and supporting Command & Conquer for the past 25 years. We hope you enjoy the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection.

    Welcome back, Commander.

    ~ The teams at Petroglyph Games, Lemon Sky Studios, and Electronic Arts
  • Just the fact that for this to happen, Electronic Arts, widely known as the most evil game companies ever with track record of player-alienating practices and shutting down companies they bought that didn't generate a good fortune... went out of their way to re-gather the team that made the classic Command & Conquer games together (that they formerly dissolved), gave their support to make sure that the classic retro experience stayed intact and added extra contents not available in the PC versions before and put in bonus stuffs in there, for free, no strings, unwanted patch updates or microtransactions attached, and they managed to not even generate any scandals or controversies they're known for in the middle of such production. While EA probably still has a long way to go to redeem themselves and people may forget this act one day after they screw up again, sometimes it's a breath of fresh air that they could somehow engage in such genuine Pet the Dog.