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     WMG for the Tiberium universe 

The nature of Kane and the Tacitcus
Kane is the leader of a race that tried to fight the Scrin but lost because they discovered the means to defeat them too late. The Tacitcus contains his essence and the Kane we see is merely a fragment of the greater whole. The Scrin are in awe of Kane's people's power and regard the Tacitcus like a bible as it is the key to leading their civilization to even greater power. Kane seeks to buildup humanity's infrastructure and tech over time to a level where they can fight the Scrin. The ascension he talks about is using the Threshold Tower to enter a Tiberium store and finally build up the weapons to fight the Scrin. Matti 23

Tiberium is Strange Matter
In the Intel Database it is declared that Tiberium can transform any matter it comes into contact with into more of itself. The process is actually quite plausibly explained even though there's no mention of any Strangelets. Basically the Tiberium being incredibly radioactive bombards all surrounding matter with heavy particles which break up the cores of said matter. Some of the released protons are then caught by Tiberium's attractive forces and incorporated into it.

Tiberium did not really evolve, its true form was always the same.
Even though it's stated that "first forms of tiberium were almost organic in nature" it always manifested itself as green (and later also blue) crystals. The fact that they sprouted from organic fungi-like pods does not necessarily mean the substance itself is organic in nature. It just mutated terran lifeforms to help it spread. By the time of the Third Tiberium War the Tiberium's most common form is a self-replicating proton lattice (which sounds pretty mundane baring the self-replication part) - the very same Green Rocks seen throughout the entire Tiberian Series. The reason it required organic life in the early stages is because its concentration was too low to affect heavier matter. Once the Tiberium's concentration became sufficiently dense, its forces were strong enough to affect even the heaviest elements and the drastic increase in radioactivity became too much even for the mutated lifeforms to handle, explaining why they gradually disappeared. In the end Tiberium itself didn't really change its nature. It just grew in mass.

There's going to be a reboot of part of the Tiberium universe
They could attempt to redo C&C 4 with a different ending and play style. This would allow them to satisfy those who disliked the C&C 4 game whilst also having a excuse to revisit the C&C universe again.

The Tiberium series (specifically the first game) is a satirical take on modern geopolitics
Specifically the way both the Brotherhood and the GDI contend for world domination and conquest. Nod is labeled as a "Terrorist Orginization" which has little regard for citizens and is ultimately a threat to the world, and the GDI is labeled as the NATO-esque right arm of the "Free World". Ultimately, both factions are personifications of how people today view modern countries and orginizations, and are basically caricatures of countries which try to uphold "world peace", or "liberation".

At the same time, both sides are shown to have empathy for what they preach, NOD only acts against civilians if they purposefully stand in their way and the GDI is only trying to secure peace for it's international order.

There's more than one 'Kane'
Magic Plastic Surgery.
  • Might well be justified in Twilight, where in the Nod campaign the player gets to impersonate Kane for one of their missions.

Kane is Immortal
Kane took a direct hit from a Global Defense Initiative orbital ion canon? No One Could Survive That!.

Kane is one of the "other" aliens that created the Tacitus.
The Scrin know of Kane, and Kane obviously knows of them - enough to be aware of their various sects, such as Reaper-17 and Traveler-59. Kane is also aware of the value of the Tacitus, which is an alien artifact created by beings similar to the Scrin, but notably different. Kane appears to be immortal, judging by how he seems to have not aged at all in fifty years, has survived being vaporized by ion cannons and impaled with a spear, may have been one of Joseph Stalin's advisors, and indicates he was around whent he Brotherhood was founded in "time immemorial." Most important of all, when Nod wins in Tiberian Sun, Kane appears to teleport away after the Tiberium missile launches.

The inevitable conclusion? Kane isn't human. He looks human, he acts human, but he survives things humans simply shouldn't survive, and has knowledge of the Tacitus no human should.

Kane is Nyarlathotep.
Similar to to the above theory. Kane may look human, but he knows things no human should know and is cabable of surviving things that would kill a mortal man ten times over. He also leads an evil semi-religious organisation and attempts to destroy the western civilisation, if not the entire human race. Nyarlathotep often appears in the form of a man, leading cults and working to bring about the end of mankind and possibly the whole world. Sounds similar, doesn't it? The reason Kane knows of the Scrin and of the Tacitus is because he is actually an avatar of a god as old as the universe and capable of travelling from world to world at whim (also explains the teleporting). Nyarlathotep has been appearing in the form of a man since the ancient times, so he could have founded the Brotherhood in "time immemorial". And being a god and all, getting impaled by a spear or vaporised by an ion cannon is just a slight inconvinience to him. Kane even shares the manipulative chessmaster ways of Nyarly.

Command and Conquer is set in the Old World of Darkness.
Assuming a fusion setting (the Triat made the universe, possibly under the guidance of God. God made Angels Vampires etc and made man in his image, with reality warping powers-Mages.)The Garou Nation won against the insane Wyrm and Weaver. But Earth is skewed in their favour due to humanity. So an element of uncontrolled creation arrives to reset the balance-Tiberium. This warps the Mage's paradigm, and makes all sorts of cool things possible (sci-fi mutants, monsters, so on) and therefore reinforces both the Technocracy and Traditions. They can't just destroy tiberium, due to paradox, so try to manipulate it instead. The Technocrats are behind GDI-come on. A high-tech UN based response force which basically becomes the government. The techies have wanted a one-world-government since WW2 at least. NOD is the creation of Caine, obviously. Gehenna is upset by tib so Caine wakes early and wipes out the Antediluvians, then turns the Sabbat into his pawns. The original Black Hand are destroyed but their name reused. The massive technological advances are due to the Technocracy adding to the paradigm as quickly as they can, Caine never dies because he's Caine, and is having plenty of fun (or maybe is limited by Lilith to stop him wiping out everything immediately). The Scrin are Deep Universe creatures related to the Tiberium entity, and have seen an opportunity to take Earth.

It makes so much sense.

The Brotherhood of Nod is responsible for World War I.
Kane has a fascination with Sarajevo, given that two of his major temples have been set up there. And the organization responsible for the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was known as the Black Hand. Coincidence?

Also their Light Tanks seem to be quite out-dated for 20 Minutes into the Future technology. (C&C 1)

Of course, it could just be excessive symbolism, just like everything else the Brotherhood does.

  • Outdated? The Light Tanks are M2 Bradleys, that's not outdated at all.
    • Red Alert 1 shows that the Brotherhood was most likely responsible for both world wars (at least their world wars).
      • Partly. The naming of the Black Hand and the use of Sarajevo both hint heavily at the Brotherhood being responsible for WWI. As for the light tanks, yes, they were M2 Bradleys. The main difference here is that the Brotherhood used them for quick hit and run attacks, not because they were outdated.

Kane is in fact Cain.
Beyond the similarity in their names, Cain, like Kane, was immortal (he survived for seven generations). The Bible does record that Cain was killed by one of his descendents in a hunting accident, but Kane could survive that easily. Furthermore, there is a verse that says:
"And Cain went out from the presence of The Lord, and dwelt in the Land of Nod, on the east of Eden."
  • That quote is actually said at the very end of the Soviet campaign in the original Red Alert. Guess who steps into the scene right when that quote is said, followed by a description of how the Soviet Union will "tire" of itself in the 1990s and transform into the Brotherhood of Nod? So keep the peace.
    • Kane doesn't say that quote (Nadia does, after poisoning Stalin's tea, killing him), but the bald goatee adviser next to her stops her, and then shoots her...telling you ominously "Commander, I AM the future".
  • While never outright confirmed In-Universe (the closest we get is Kane's line in C&C4 about finally being able to leave this place, i believe the developers confirmed this at one point.

The setting's nice 'n grimdark, the obvious predecessors to Titans and Baneblades are running around, Tiberium is clearly infused with the Warp, and that's not even talking about Kane...

  • Which would make CABAL and LEGION the missing primarchs. Anybody saw the similarities between various Marked of Kane units and Space Marines? The Awakened might as well be a Terminator with a pair of lascannons. It also explains how they went missing: They were destroyed in the Iron Man incident or joined the toasters.

Tacitus is the database for Scrin Motherships
  • Which explains why CABAL goes havoc in Firestorm.
    • In former comments by developers, the Tacitus was supposed to be a kind of Bible for the Scrin, that rebels of the empire or some such stole.

Earth's and Sun magnetic field compromises Scrin technology for faster-than-light travel
  • That's why they had to "park" in Pluto, they can't enter Earth's and Sun's magnetic field using their current interstellar technology. And that's why they had to build Threshold Tower so that Scrin may invade the Earth en masse.
  • Nope. They just can't do FTL, only relativistic speeds. They can make wormholes, but they need an anchor at the destination. Read the Warp link entries. The spent a bajillion cycles in sub-luminal transit from the Ichor hub, and then some in hibernation. They've been planning this shit for a VERY long time.

Kane was manipulating CABAL during the events of Firestorm.
During the Nod campaign of Firestorm, CABAL has the player assassinate Tratos. As a result, GDI is forced to enlist CABAL's help to decode the Tacitus, which Kane seems to have a heavy interest in claiming. In the Nod ending, we see Kane in one of the tubes that are presumably linked to CABAL's systems. It's not a stretch to assume that Kane created a plan behind the scenes to reclaim the Tacitus for his uses. Just in case things went awry (which they did), he would depend on GDI and/or any remaining Nod forces to fix everything.
  • This could be either the truth, or part of it - Kane indicates LEGION, your character in Kane's Wrath, is more than CABAL would ever be.

The GDI and Nod war will temporarily cease
In C&C4 GDI and Nod will continue to fight each other over control of the planet until they form another uneasy alliance to destroy the Scrin invasion and steal the technology they both need to keep humanity alive, GDI to turn Earth back the way it was before Tiberium and Nod to colonize new planets with/as Tiberium based life, leaving GDI behind. With massive distance between them the war will just fade away for years while both sides progress down different technological paths, until the next time they meet and war flares up again.
  • Alternatively, GDI will leave for another planet, and Nod will stay behind on a Tiberium-covered Earth.
  • Actually, given the info from Tiberium Twilight. GDI and NOD * will* have a ceasefire that would give them time to build the Tiberium Control Network. The TCN saves the planet from the xenoforming, but of course NOD being not, the peace won't last forever. And the Scrin campaing ended with a full out alien invasion being planned.

Earth will not be saved.
Command & Conquer 4 is going to be the last game in the Tiberium saga. According to what little information has been released, the Earth will become completely uninhabitable in six years - presumably because the entire planet will be one big Red Zone. This suggests that the GDI's efforts to reclaim Yellow Zones have failed, and the Red Zones now cover over 50% of the planet's surface. Barring some serious Applied Phlebotinum, there's no way they're going to recover now.

Kane's proposition is to help the GDI terraform Mars and evacuate the bulk of the human population there. His reasons could range from obtaining GDI assistance in defeating the Scrin, simply getting them out of the way so he can have Earth all to himself, or even genuine compassion.

  • The inevitable expansion will serve as a postscript. The GDI campaign in the expansion will be set entirely on Mars, and will deal with a Scrin attempt to seed the Red Planet with Tiberium. The Nod campaign will be set back on the now-uninhabitable Earth, and will reveal Kane's ultimate plans. My prediction for the expansion's title? "Kane's Legacy".

  • Earth will be saved. By the time of C&C4 Tiberium is under control, because several years prior, when GDI's efforts had almost failed due to Tiberium mutating even further, Kane came out of hiding and offered to help them build the TIBERIUM CONTROL NETWORK. C&C4 takes place after this project is completed, and the planet is in the course of recovey. Also, for some reason unknown, the Scrin armada the Overlord called for never made it to Earth. All this is information revealed by the producers on the main site about C&C4. Also, I think Kane will die in GDI's campaign, because it says so on the tin (the man who killed Kane)
    • Really? I remember the campaigns being named "Kane Dies" and "Everything Ends". Also, what about the Scrin invasion that was planned after the >mining expedition< was beaten back?
      • The Scrin invasion was supposed to have been dealt with in the cancelled FPS game Tiberium. The beta footage of the first mission shows the Scrin activating Threshold 19 and returning to Earth.
  • Jossed. Earth is indeed saved at the end of Tiberian Twilight when Kane uses the TCN to Ascend, takes his loyal followers with him, and leaves GDI with a means to properly control Tiberium's spread and use it as an infinite energy resource.

Kane is Jesus
He died several times to save you from GDI's effort to eradicate the transhuman future and rose again. Also, in Tiberian Dawn where the Ion Cannon strikes the Temple of Nod, he dies with his arms open... like a crucifixion.
  • Except that he came back many more times from what should be total annihilation...

The original ending of Tiberian Sun was to have EVA becoming a clone of CABAL in all but voice.
There are many unused audio tracks in the game files for both EVA and CABAL, some of which have them saying the exact same things. While not Out of Character in the slightest for CABAL, having EVA say lines such as "Time to erase the human factor from this equation", "You have been marked for termination" and "Data received indicates that you are a threat, prepare for sterilization" seems as if EVA was originally intended to be either infected or otherwise turn against the GDI.

Kane really does talk to God.
  • It would, at least, explain how he keeps coming back. Of course, what does this say about God?

Kane favors GDI over Nod
Everything Kane does ends in the benefit for both him and GDI. Kane's Evil Plan usually involves GDI doing his work for him, and making GDI look good since Tiberium Dawn. The only reason he made Nod is to act as cannon fodder, and to motivate GDI to work faster. Kane knows that GDI has everything needed to achieve his goals, the technology, resources, man power, everything. They are also more organized and discipline, compared to his fanatical followers who'll always fight each other for power and control when he's not around. By 4 he decided that he had enough of Nod's lack of progress in his schemes, and goes to GDI so he could reason with them and try to trick them into finishing his final plan much more efficiently compared to always having to deal with Nods inadequate capabilities.
  • Maybe he thinks GDI would do better against the Reapers.
  • In Tiberian Twilight in the GDI ending, Kane thanks Parker, but in the Nod ending he calls him weak before entering the portal (not maliciously, but more out of pity that a single gunshot can kill a human).

The Scrin are using the Threshold Towers to create planet-sized Tiberium reactors
In C&C4, the Scrin Threshold Tower is revealed to be a critical component of the Tiberium Control Network. The Tiberium Control Network is also stated to be able to harness Tiberium power even as it cleans the planet. This implies that the Threshold towers were originally intended to do something similar to the Tiberium Control Network - harness Tiberium power on a global scale - with the ability for faster than light travel emerging as a secondary benefit.

LEGION stopped the Scrin invasion dead in its tracks.
At the ending of Kane's Wrath, Kane appears to upload the contents of the Tacitus into LEGION and then sends him through Threshold 19. In fact, the Scrin message at the end of the cutscene actually states "Earth warpgate status active. Commencing Phase 2 invasion." Probably what happened was LEGION was warped right into the Scrin homeworld right as their massive invasion force was preparing to jump to Earth, and right as they did so, he used the information in the Tacitus to shut down the warpgate in the middle of the warp process and thus perform the most epic Portal Cut in C&C history. With such a massive army lost, the Scrin decided to put off any future thoughts of invasion.
  • Which is why he was absent in Tiberian Twilight... having cut off his only way home, LEGION is now stuck in Scrin World (or whatever), and probably ended up at the mercy of whatever the Scrin use as their equivalent of Norton Antivirus. LEGION's destruction meant that Kane could no longer control Threshold 19 at will, which is why he must resort to using the eye implants/Magic Eyeballs in C&C 4, a process which ended taking a lot longer.

C&C4 was a fevered hallucination.
The 'plot' of C&C4 was actually a hallucination suffered by Mr Magic Eyeballs while undergoing his surgery, which is why it makes no damn sense.

C&C 3: Tiberium Wars's canonical ending has the Commander using the Liquid-T bomb in the final GDI mission.
The intro cutscene to Tiberian Twilight is in 2062, and Tiberium is suddenly rapidly spreading again. The initial idea EA had for the cause of this was that the Scrin invasion had used so many Tiberium-based weapons and caused so much damage to the Blue Zones. However, since they stupidly decided to completely forget about said invasion in Twilight, the writers at EA never bothered to explain why Tiberium was spreading again.
But, things make amazing sense if the Liquid-T bomb was used to destroy the Scrin Relay Node. After all, TWO Liquid-T explosions occurring so quickly after each other, in the same general area (southern/southeastern Europe)? That kind of thing was probably unheard of even by the Scrin. One can only imagine just how much havoc two L-T bombs detonating would have on the ecosystem of an already Tiberium infested planet. The result would likely accelerate Tiberium's spread and maybe even mutate it further to the point that GDI's sonic-based containment fields would be useless in halting its spread. Thus who needs Invasion when humanity will end up destroying itself anyway. Also makes for one hell of a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero if true.
  • The actual explanation by EA in a pre-release interview was that the Liquid-T bomb at Temple Prime caused the accelerated spread. No comment on the GDI final mission but this may very well be truer than not.

Director Boyle is The Mole
Consider the following: The decision to leave the A-SAT network controls on Earth, concentrated in a single point of vulnerability at the Goddard Space Center, was (ostensibly) done for fiscal reasons. Now, somehow NOD learned of this weakness just in time for them to exploit it when all of the top echelons of GDI were aboard the G.D.S.S. Philadelphia, vulnerable to a decapitating nuclear strike should the A-SAT network fail for some reason. Yet here we have former financial director Boyle, who just happened to be conveniently stranded on Earth at the time of the attack. Of course, the ill-advised decision to fire the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime thus attracting the Scrin on Earth and making Kane go "Just as Planned", or let GDI use the Liquid Tiberium Bomb, was made by Boyle. Now connect the dots and see if they don't spell out T-R-A-I-T-O-R...
  • Nope. Nod knew about the issue with the A-SAT systems for a long time; they were just biding their time. And Kane has to deliberately set things up so that Boyle was forced to stay on Earth during the energy summit with Legion raiding the treasury.

Cybernetic technology used by the Brotherhood of Nod is based on the tech used by the Soviets in Red Alert to make Volkov

Kane is using Earth as a weapon to fight the aliens.

Kane is presumably a member of some other alien race fighting them, or possibly one of them. He disguised himself as a human to control Earth enough to get the aliens to invade early. He doesn't plan for Earth to win, only to weaken the aliens a little more in hopes that they'll eventually fail, or even to just slow them down a little so other planets can last a little longer.

He cares about Earth, in the sense that he cares about all the planets the aliens are destroying, which is why he wants to stop them. He doesn't care about Earth in particular, and is perfectly willing to sacrifice it For the Greater Good.

I have never played any of these games, and based all this off of plot synopses I've read, so sorry if it's obviously wrong to someone who has.

The reason the Scrin haven't invaded Earth is because they're locked out of Threshold 19 and coming the long way.
When Kane left through the tower in C&C 4, he corrupted the tower's systems so that the Scrin couldn't come in through it and GDI couldn't follow him (as a parting gift, of sorts). Without their shortcut through the Threshold, the Scrin had to take their invasion force the long way around at relativistic speeds.

Legion's fate and the plot holes between TW/KW and C&C 4
At the end of Kane's Wrath, Kane synchs you (Legion) up with the Tacitus and a ton of Scrin script gets splashed onscreen, as if we linked up with their network. My guess is Legion got sent to Ichor Hub, where he took over (taking out the Scrin and neutralizing the threat of that full-scale Scrin invasion that we were promised at the end of Tiberium Wars) and readied things on that end for all of the Nod Loyalists that Ascended at the end of Tiberian Twilight. Would have been an awfully short trip if they moved through Threshold 19 into an environment that was lethal to humans. However, he also shut down the Threshold in the process, so Kane needed to use the TCN to power the Threshold. After the end of Tiberian Twilight, the Threshold is out of action for good, so no matter what the Scrin can't use that as an invasion point. Earth now has Tiberium under control with the TCN, and despite the undoubtedly massive environmental damage, GDI will probably be able to reclaim the Earth and expand into the universe without interference and be ready for any possible Scrin action.

Kane is susceptible to the Red Oni
In much of Kane's plans and in building up the Brotherhood, he appeals to minds instead of hearts. His propaganda emphasizes how 2nd and 3rd World countries are exploited to win support in these areas, whilst sowing discontent amongst the people whose nations back GDI. How tiberium is the great equalizer that will turn the tables. He expects his underlings to trust him, based on his plans within plans, letting them motivate the people through gut reactions and passion. But he constantly fails to take into account the emotional, short sighted people in his Brotherhood.

Seth is motivated by jealousy against the player and plots to usurp him, but served as his right hand man until he becomes blatant about it. He is better served by Slavick, but both Hassan and Vega are hindrances to him. The latter even dangerously unpredictable from drug use, and certainly not clever. CABAL, implied to be the true heir to Kane's vision and executor of his will in Firestorm, fatally underestimates the tenacity of Slavick and Cortez and is brought down by these 'inferior', emotionally susceptible humans. He loses Slavick to Marcion, robbing him of a loyal commander because of petty infighting and shortsighted self-interest. He again loses the services of Killian Qatar when she is framed by the fanatical, hot-headed Abbess Kovacks, who compounds the error by sabotaging LEGION because it reminds her of her family's fate at the hands of CABAL. And in general, the usage of cyborgs after the Firestorm crisis proves extremely controversial and troublesome to Nod, forcing Kane to keep the Marked of Kane hidden until after the Scrin invasion.

Kane seems completely unable to get a handle on the traitors and unbelievers in his ranks, no matter how shrewd and charismatic. His enemies, who tend to follow a strategy or have a public image to uphold are constantly played by him, while his own ranks are filled with sycophants and opportunists who are impervious to logic and reason.

Perhaps ironically, this is reflected in his own origin story. Farming and agriculture were the future of human civilization, and the logical course of its development. Hunting and herding were outdated and limited, but God still favoured the inefficient, backwards Abel over the smarter, progressive Cain. Thousands of years later, and Kane still seems incapable of understanding why people would undercut themselves, and not see his vision as superior.

Jack Granger was the GDI commander in Firestorm
Similar to how James Solomon was the GDI commander in Tiberian Dawn, Granger led the GDI front against CABAL in Firestorm. He's old enough to have witnessed those events, and is said to have decades of military experience..

Nod used Bradleys as tanks in TW 1 because that was the best option they had
While by Tiberian Sun, the Brotherhood('s splinters) had built up a full industrial complex capable of supporting their entire military, in Tiberian Dawn they had to rely on corruption and sympathisers in the US arms industry to supply significant parts of their military, with the industry they themselves have going either towards refits or focusing on advanced Nod technology without the ability to support full mass deployment. As a result, what they could get from the US arsenal had limits, while their own industry wasn't up to the task of getting tanks to their forces that needed something to fill the role (until late in the War — Renegade's light tanks is a sign of Nod transitioning towards the TS state of being able to supply their entire army with industry under their direct control) — so Nod resorted to refitting the Bradleys they could get their hands on to drop the infantry-carrying aspect in favour of more tank-like performance, and so had a serviceable light tank that was better than the alternatives they had (mainly "make do without one").

     WMG for the Red Alert universe 

The Soviet attempt to kill Einstein prior to RA3 had even more unintended consequences than first evident - and these are completely serious.

In short, we all know that our dear friends the Dirty Communists erased Einstein from the timestream at some point prior to RA3 in an effort to prevent his meddling and thus the colossal defeats of WWII-IV. Or DID they?

Duper Hero Taisen

We know that the technology they are using is a cousin of the stuff used to send people through space to other areas on the planet, and we KNOW that since time apparently reacts to these ripples only gradually (for instance, there is no report of Hitler returning), and we FURTHER have no definitive proof that the people effected are truly dead or removed from existence, what if they really AREN'T?

Perhaps they are merely dumped in another time-stream through the Universal Membrane (or whatever the scientists in real life call it)?

And what effects might THAT have on the world?

We can safely say that Einstein must probably be feeling a good deal of regret now, given the fact that he set out to at the very least avert the Holocaust and failed miserably by opening the Jews (and pretty much everybody else East of Paris viewed as "counterrevolutionary) up to Stalin's "Red Terror" during their WWII, and REPEATED World Wars- each presumably more costly than the last with NO end in sight- while the FIRST WWII he created was costlier than THE historical WWII. As such, he might seek to undo "his abominations" and thus restore the time stream. How?

Presume he somehow makes his way back to 1924, outside a particular prison in Germany, and at a crucial moment, kills a mirror-image of himself (in some way or another) attempting to "shake hands" with a certain newly-released ex-corporal, to whom he reacts by stating that that man was trying to prevent Hitler from meeting him by posing as him, and thus fulfilling their "glorious destiny" together. They were apparently meant to meet and align, and the new man has much to teach him...

Anyway, since we know that somehow the various powers have the ability to "glance" through the membrane and examine alternate realities, and have knowledge of them, what if, suddenly, this one charismatic man with strange facial hair is seen ranting and raving to a bloodthirsty and fanatical crowd of zealots about restoring Germany and the threats of the Jews, the Communists, the West, etc..., and tells them of a great messiah that has come to lead Germany and the Aryan race to glory and victory, before telling them that "This is not a dream. I have met this man, this great and noble man, have shared in his dreams and nightmares, and have the GREAT HONOR of acting as his right hand man, just as you shall have the UNPRECEDENTED HONOR of serving him! I give you now that great man, that chosen person, your rightful Fuhrer, ALLLBEERRTTTT... NEUMANN!!!" And then the speaker yields the podium for a smaller, grey-haired, whiskered man with wild hair and a bushy mustache, standing in front of a massive flag. Cue drummers and fanatical German cheering.

In short: Einstein seeks to undo the damage he has committed by saving Hitler and restarting the Third Reich (by taking the comparatively young and inexperienced Hitler under his wings and "teaching" him his whole ideology- which Einstein would know beforehand- and positioning himself as the new Fuhrer) under his leadership, promising to undo the wrongs of "Twenty Years Ago" (both Versailles- more or less- and his meddling in the timestream).

As such, a fourth superpower (to match out the Western Allies, the USSR, and the Japanese Empire) rises, and through savage manipulation and fanatical aid abroad, the Fuhrer is able to build up a continent-spanning alliance (likely including Franco, Salazer, Chiang Kai Shek and/or the Japanese, possibly the Turks, and likely a few Latin American allies) to contest control with both the Western Allies and the Comintern, and Einstein slowly starts to loose it in some way with the crimes he orders in order to "put history back on track."

Bonus points if the Fuhrer Einstein and this timeline's Einstein ever meet face to fact. where the (extreme Pacifist, fanatical postnationalist, and general rebel) OTL Einstein confronts his mirror copy with what he has done, and Furher Einstein gives him a Breaking Speech about what he has seen, and why he is doing it.

Well, it's the only real thing I can think of at this point that could restore a semblance of seriousness to the RA continuum (let's count the themes: insanity, the morals of doing "what must be done for history", and Face–Heel Turn ), and allows further exploitation of the brand for that all-important cash. Have I gone insane yet?

  • Or Kane did it.
    • Why is there a need for an "or" there?

The "Tanya" from each game is not the same person, but a series of Super-Soldier clones.
  • The RA 3 site says that EVERYTHING about her is classified, even her natural hair color. In addition to this, how can you get a new Tanya when you lose her in a non-campaign battle? Is this an Acceptable Break From Reality or popping opening the can that contains a new clone?
    • Well, the Empire did have a cloning facility for Yurikos...
    • I subscribe more to the theory that it's a whole bunch of non-related women who don disguises to add to the mystique of the Tanya lineage, as per one of the WMGs of James Bond.
      • Alternatively, Tanya is the Slayer. The Council fell under control of the British government (or took it over), and the Slayers have been used to fight the Soviets. Each Tanya is actually a newly-called Slayer - the Potentials have all been found and undergone military training.
      • At least in Red Alert 1 its the same person. Same with 2. If you lose her during the campaigns, you lose.
    • IIRC Tanya from the first game's name is "Tanya Adams" and is a German (I think) mercenary. In Red Alert 2 she is an American soldier called "Agent Tanya." Could be that after RA1 the US decided to make "Agent Tanya" a rank after the original Tanya Adams.
      • Tanya from RA 1 was an American "professional volunteer" (eg., mercenary, although quite possibly as a cover given the USA is at that point officially non-belligerent), she's introduced as such when they introduce her to the commander.

Overuse of the Chronosphere and similar tech is causing time, space, and canon to break down.
  • In the first Red Alert, using the Chronosphere too often would create vortexes that wreaked havoc on the battlefield. By Red Alert 2, the Chronosphere became much more powerful, able to transport more units at once and activate more frequently. This enhanced Chronosphere, however, created massive, planet-sized vortexes, which caused immeasurable damage to the space-time continuum. How bad is the damage? The same war can happen simultaneously in two different decades, Green Rocks can suddenly go from plantlike to crystalline, nuclear weapons and Humongous Mecha can pop in and out of existance...
    • Overuse of the Chronosphere is also warping reality so that it progressively becomes more Camp, methinks.

Yuriko Omega is Haruhi Suzumiya.

Boris and Natasha are each other's alternate reality counterparts.
There are exactly two differences betwen Boris from Yuri's Revenge and Natasha from Red Alert 3. One, Natasha is a girl. Two, Natasha can swim. Their combat abilities are identical. One of the "ripples" from eliminating Einstein caused Boris to be born a girl instead. Natasha learned to swim given the increased focus on naval warfare in the Red Alert 3 timeline. Their backstories, and especially families, are probably very similar.
  • Or, alternatively, Boris is actually Natasha's father, and the previous Tanya (Kari Wuhrer) is her mother.
  • That could explain who that guy on the shore in the RA3 opening cinema was...

Einstein wasn't trying to stop World War II
Einstein knew that there was no way to avoid a major war during the mid-20th century. Killing Hitler wouldn't stop Japan from waging war in the Pacific, for instance (which it didn't). The Soviet Union might try something (which it did). There might even be another German nationalist who would emerge and try to take revenge on the Allies (this didn't happen).

Einstein never tried to stop the war. His goal was to prevent the Holocaust. In that respect, he succeeded.

  • We are assuming, of course, that the Soviet Union's oh-so-enlightened mindset towards religion and other, slightly subtler ethnic biases didn't translate over to the sort of ad-hoc semi-genocide that historically followed in their footsteps during WWII, or even possibly a fullly-developed infrastructure of genocide. I think there was even a fan article that broached the subject, and more or less came to the conclusion that it wouldn't have been a grand, fully instituted system with production-line genocide like the camps, but there would have been enough systematic repression/killings to go around for all "Reactionaries."
    • Plus, many of the Soviet missions in Red Alert and her expansions involve killing civilians en masse. So much for stopping the Holocaust.
      • Don't remind me (whew, Grunyev Revolution).
    • Yes, there would have been suffering, but nothing on the scale of the Holocaust.
      • The people of the Ukraine, the millions of victims of the Holodomor, and the millions more who suffered and died at Stalin's hands would beg to disagree.
      • There's not much need to speculate: from the time period of immediately before, during, and after the Holodomar, we actually have a examples of Stalin's governmental policy towards the Jews. Ever heard of the Jewish Automonous Province? If you live in the west, probably not, but is a useful record of the Soviet-endorsed Yiddish culture. Shetl and urban Jews were excluded by law from the civil and military offices in Tsarist Russia, resulting in a disproportionate number of them being intergrated into the Soviet government as a response to that. As for Jews in other countries, west Belarus (annexed by Poland and under military rule) was occupied by the Red Army (to whom the Jewish minority is recorded as having preferred to the Polish government, to the dismay of Warsaw). Their initial enthusiasm was dampened when it became clear the new government intended to enforce their own "modern Jewish identity" onto the population, along with integrating them into the civil and military service, erasing many of their traditions in the process. As a German, how would Einstein have felt about Hebrew culture being replaced by Yiddish culture?

Yuri is really Cain
  • When God placed the mark on Cain he unintetionally granted him mind control powers and immortality. He occasionally gets a new mark whenever he gets a new job.

Einstein never invented the Nuke, and the guy the Soviets erased from the timeline in Red Alert 3 wasn't Einstein
It was the staff of the Manhattan Project, hence why there are no Nukes yet the Chronosphere remains.
  • Technicaly Einstein made the atomic theory, with out him the staff in the Manhattan Project would never have built nukes.
    • Oversimplification. Other contemporary scientists were working on the theory in the same time he was and came up with similar conclusions, and they often colluded in proving each others' work. Eliminating him from the timeline does nothing to them, and to suggest that they'd be too stupid without him to fill in whatever gaps his absence would detail diminishes them as much as it diminishes Einstein himself (since some of them also filled in gaps for him in real life). Science is a team effort, even if only one name will be popularly remembered.
  • The Super Reactor being in the game suggests that at least some elements of nuclear power remain, maybe even augmented by improved Tesla technology internally in the design. However, implosion warheads became preferred and they have the advantage of being destructive to a wider variety of targets so perhaps nukes were unnecessary.

The Pacific War occurred similarly to how it did in our timeline.
  • Hitler's removal from the timeline wouldn't have had any effect on the actions of Imperial Japan during the 1930s-40s. We can assume that the creation of Manchukuo and the Second Sino-Japanese War happened as they did in our timeline. Likewise, Japan's border skirmishes with Russia and the resulting Neutrality Pact in 1941 likely occurred. But our true evidence comes from Red Alert 2, as monuments in those games show us that Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima did occur. And it's hard to imagine Japan attacking America without seizing the resource-rich European Pacific colonies.
    • The absence of Hitler and Nazi Germany would have an effect on Japanese foreign policy. Without the Axis alliance and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Japan would not have signed a non-aggression pact with Stalin, and it is implied Stalin already fought a war in China. His ambitions would have clashed with those of Japan and its puppet state. For Japan to have sought war with the United States and Europe would have been foolish with the clear threat of the Soviet Union still fresh.
  • The war would most certainly have been harder for Japan. And in 1946, when their neutrality pact with the Soviet Union expired, it was probably all too easy for Stalin to declare war and conquer most of Eastern Asia, setting the stage for the events of Red Alert.
  • It's harder to discern whether the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this universe. On the one hand, if the U.S. had completed the bomb, you'd expect the Allies to have nuclear weapons before the Soviets did in Red Alert. On the other hand, it would provide the perfect explanation for why Japan is more powerful in the timeline of Red Alert 3—a timeline where the Pacific War most likely ended without atomic weapons or an invasion of the home islands, but with a hurried peace so that the Allies could focus on the more threatening Soviets, thus allowing the "Empire of the Rising Sun" to rebuild quickly and keep the mindset that it never really lost the war.
    • In the original timeline (the one created by Einstein) the bombs were dropped, and Japan faced the same sort of disarmament they did after our war. In the Red Alert 3 timeline, the bombs weren't dropped (they didn't exist). The war ended when the Emperor took out the military leadership and negotiated a peace treaty with the Allies, preserving the nascent Empire of the Rising Sun.

The villain of the final Red Alert game will be... Adolf Hitler
Somehow, Einstein's original removal of Hitler from the timeline will be undone. However, this will not erase all the other changes - it will merely catapult Nazi Germany into the now completely insane Red Alert setting. The Nazis will form a fourth faction (assuming the Empire of the Rising Sun is still around), with their own brand of insane technology. Oh, and Kane will pop over as well, creating the final showdown of Red Alert: Kane vs. Hitler vs. Yuri. AND THERE WILL BE HAM!

RA 4 will use the Soviet/Empire ending as canon

The Allies reprimanding or disbanding Futuretech and leaving Japan and Russia will bite them in the ass. If you saw the Soviet ending, the advisor(whatever you call her) says that the Allies are making the same mistake of trusting them after stopping a "corrupt" organization. The failure to even bother helping the Empire repel the Soviets may cause them to build up a military, causing Allied forces to leave, also harming their reputation. Plus, the two endings show that the Allies are not holier-than-thou saint heroes. Plus, how could they not see the betrayal in their campaign. What might happen is this:

RA3 Uprising:

  • Final Allies mission: Allies defeated, the Allied prison is raided by the Empire using the Chronosphere, breaking out their POWs.
  • Final Soviets mission: Futuretech investigated, probably disbanded after the Allies find out they were testing on Soviet citizens. Soviet leader/commander builds up military, Allies trust Soviets.
  • Final Empire mission: Allies tried to stop the attack on Soviet territory from Empire, due to the loss back in their campaign, they were defeated, but not before inflicting heavy casualties on both sides.

Plus, they already won each war, maybe the Uprising war should have the Allies defeated instead.

  • Pure Anti-Western hatred right there
  • Cn C tradition is the good guy ending always leads to a sequel.
    • Yes, except for one key element. In every Command & Conquer game so far, the "good guys" have also been featured more prominently than the bad guys. In particular, the good guys usually get the official tutorial. But in Red Alert 3, it was the Soviets who claimed that status, arguably stemming from the fact that they were the ones who instigated the alternate timeline. This might point to the Soviet ending being canonical.
  • If this does happen, the Allies will become La Résistance, with a greater emphasis on stealth. They'll make heavy use of Chronosphere technology to launch devastating sneak attacks.
    • So, Red Alert 4 would see the Allies and Soviets going full circle, with the Soviets having the majority of advantages (including almost complete technological, and air superiority) to the Allies having to use underhanded tactics to fight them? I could get behind this. Perhaps it's also a composite Allied-Japanese force, thus meaning the Allies also get the likes of the Crusier back as well?
  • You could argue that the Uprising war does end with the Allies defeated, if you take the canon order of the campaigns to be Soviet, Imperial, Allied (with Yuriko's effectively being concurrent with or after the Allied one). While it means Japan might not be in top fighting form, it means the Allies and Soviets can fight each other - additionally, the Allied advantage in technology is blunted due to Future Tech losing funding. Let's assume Commander's Challenge is non-canon.

Kane was manipulating Hitler in the original timeline
Hitler first, and Stalin when Hitler no longer existed. Doesn't matter who was being manipulated, only that the war in Europe happen to further Kane's own goals.
  • This is why Einstein failed to prevent WWII. Kane was the one behind it all along, and he only assassinated the figurehead.

The Spy unit from Red Alert 2 is Johnny English.
If you take a close look at the spy unit's icon, the spy looks like Johnny English. Plus the unit has a British accent giving credibility to this theory.

Red Alert 3 takes place in the Star Trek Mirror Universe.
All about humanity's more warlike side? Check. Hot female officers in skimpy midriff-baring uniforms? Check.
  • Star Trek: Armada takes place in an alternate universe connected to this one, as the Mainheim Effect from the Temporal Research Facility seems very related to the Chronosphere, and the Corbomite Reflector might be an offshoot of the Iron Curtain project. The starbases roughly resembling the GDSS Philadelphia might indicate some bleed-thru from the Tiberium Universe happened.

The commanders you play as reappear as NPCs in each sequel.
The commanders of Red Alert are Ben Carville and General Vladimir, while the commanders of Red Alert 2 are Warren Fuller and Nikolai Krukov.

In RA1, the Soviet commander joined up with the Brotherhood of Nod, growing weary of being in the Soviet Union & having to watch their back constantly.
The player character was on to the fact that Kane had a certain charisma to him that Stalin lacked and saw their opportunity to get a new lease in their career. They realized that so long as they didn't get in the crosshairs for utter failure, their career with Kane had a good probability of success.

Thanks to their clearance in the former Soviet Union, in this alternative universe, Nod got ahold of Soviet high technology and based their cyborg program upon it. Their ICBM program was naturally taken from the Soviets' databanks.

Alternatively, the Soviet commander was a Nod member all along, and was in on the charade with Kane and Nadia. The profile that Stalin received was likely assembled by Kane or Nod forgers, but Gradenko wasn't permitted to scrutinize it when he got curious.

     WMG for the Generals universe 

Generals is what was happening in the world the events of Metal Gear
When one thinks about it, this makes some sense. First, let me state I have never played a game in the Metal Gear series, and am basing this on second-hand fluff.

Due to some skillful playing, the Patriots organized the rise of China's might, in order to test out new tactics and weapons in the field. The US was already gearing up with a war against China, which was why, in a removed generals mission, the US destroyed a Chinese prototype jet. The Chinese were getting too advanced. The GLA, however, threw the plans into a loop, forcing the US to waste valuable resources to aid China. Then, once the Chinese had defeated the GLA, the Patriots decided to help the group regain ground, using the UN aid drops in isolated areas as a cover to get the terrorists more money. Eventually, the GLA had built up enough support to make a move on and destroy the Chinese and American garrisons at the Cosmodrome; a small sacrifice was necessary to destroy the Chinese presence and clear the way for US domination, knowing GLA splinters would survive, paving the way for Liquid Ocelot's PMC takeover in the Middle East.

The GLA was created by China
The GLA was created by China so that they would have an enemy to fight against, and make them into the world leading super power. Why else would they attack China for almost no reason at all, and how they could sneak into China so easily, and how they were able to get WMDs without being noticed. On the first mission China planned the whole terrorist attack to have a reason to fight back. Afterward they proceeded to wipe out the GLA from the places they were hiding in. The remaining GLA leaders, unaware that China created them, fought back and retaliated against their former master, but they made a mistake in attacking the USA. After the USA takes out one of their commanders, the few remaining ones return to China for help. China then decides to salvage this opportunity by providing the GLA with the weapons and intel they need to take out the USA. After they have been driven off China now decides they don't need them any more. They now proceed to eliminate the remaining GLA forces and kill off their leaders to ensure they don't give out any evidence that points back to them.

The GLA was created by America.
Let's see... we have Central Asian mujahadeen freedom fighters valiantly struggling against an encroaching Communist superpower. The United States covertly sends aid in the form of weapons and training to help fight back and in turn, give said superpower a bloody nose. The mujahadeen are successful in repelling their invaders. Does this remind you of anything? Initially, the American intelligence and military community must have been giving each other high-fives and toasts as that nuclear bomb detonated in Beijing. At that point, the U.S. decided that the GLA had fulfilled its purpose and was content to let China pulverize them. Unfortunately for the U.S. (and just like in Real Life), the mujahads proved to be much more resilient than expected, regrouped, and ended up mounting an attack on the United States that killed thousands of Americans. In the end, the entire GLA gambit goes horribly wrong for the U.S. as their own creation destroys their European Command and unwittingly sets the stage for China to take over the world.
  • This theory is so much more believable considering America's actions in Afghanistan in the 80s, and more recently how the Obama administration was sending covert aid to "moderate" rebels in Syria like the FSA (who had an alarmingly high tendency to "lose" the aid or outright defect to ISIS) as a means of Plausible Deniability to ensure that ISIS would be able to stay in the fight in the Syrian Civil War without ever suffering total defeat. The Trump administration changed most of the covert aid recipients to Kurdish groups that would never support ISIS.

Generals is set in a timeline where the US did NOT invade Iraq in 2003
Instead, they focused on Afghanistan, killing Bin Laden around 2005. Subsequent to this, the various Islamic terrorist groups merged into the Global Liberation Army. They brought down a bunch of governments in the Middle East, including Iraq, Kyrgyztan, and Tajikistan, and helped themselves to those nations' armories (hence the tanks and Scuds).

Without the distraction of Iraq, the US was also able to bring military force to bear against Kim Jong-Il. The big difference between the Second Korean War and the Iraq War was that the US didn't get involved in the postwar occupation - the South Koreans did that.

There was also a brief war between the US and China regarding Taiwan. It ended without too much bloodshed, but it explains why the US and China are reluctant to work together.

  • There was a "Taiwan Conflict" and a "Second Korean War" mentioned in Zero Hour as part of General Shin Fai's and General Alexis Alexander's backstories, but no further details are available about those incidents.

The Chinese are stealing UN aid supplies
Evidence for this comes from the 1st GLA mission, in which there is a Chinese supply depot blocking a valley. If you destroy the depot and go into the valley, there are dozens of UN supply crates. This implies that either the Chinese are taking UN aid supplies and using them to fight the GLA, or (for a more moral alternative) that they were about to distribute these supplies to the locals when the GLA attacked.
  • Perhaps it is just a cases of Gameplay and Story Segregation. Since the supplies that are para-droped to the US drop zones also have the UN logo on them. Maybe the developers just decided to make all instant cash reward represented by a UN supply box.

The Marauder tanks are part of a mercenary force

Maruader's have a different accent from the other GLA units, have to be contracted through General's Promotion, and rather than ranting about the cause, like other GLA vehicles and men, instead demand to know if it's going to be worth their while to do what you say. I suspect they're part of a PMC that discovered the technology to absorb scraps into their machines, and perhaps sold that tech to the GLA.

  • In addition, the Quad Cannon's are likely merc-driven as well, displaying a very similar attitude to that of the Marauder. Ex-Soviet military perhaps?
  • You'd hardly need mysterious advanced technology to bolt on scrap metal onto vehicles. American forces had to resort to doing that during the Iraq war to up-armor their Humvees against roadside bombs (the source of Donald Rumsfeld's infamous "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had" line when he was questioned about this failure to protect U.S. troops by a serviceman).

China is a Communist paradise in Generals

The Americans and the Chinese may not trust one another in Generals, but the Chinese are still treated as one of the "good guy" factions, and their dominance over Europe is shown to be something worth celebrating in Zero Hour. Whether as a result of differences in history (perhaps Mao was less of a headcase or a different, saner leader emerged in charge sooner) or natural political evolution, China has become a genuinely benign Communist society. Their political clashes with the US have more to do with questions of who will have economic supremacy, as well as misunderstandings due to their very different, but ultimately complimentary systems.

  • This isn't entirely insane. Among the protestors during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 were people protesting economic liberalization (that is, restructuring the economy to be more capitalist without actually changing any government structures). A good number of the student protestors were communists, so a belief in more "legalist" or democratic communism could theoretically prevailed over Dengism. And this isn't even putting aside if Generals is secretly a Red Alert game, where China looked at the mess people like Stalin and Romanov made and proceeded to move away from such concentrated power structure if only to stay off the Allies' radar.
  • However, the problem with this comes in the cancelled Generals 2 - the EU is independent of China (which HAS managed to expand, incorporating Asian nations like Vietnam and a unified Korea) indicating one of two things: a Communist reading, where the displaced international Capitalist class basically used what fiscal power they had to push their "Liberators" out of Europe after being trampled by the GLA, or a Western, Liberal reading: China is as authoritarian as our timeline (at minimum).

China will be the Big Bad for a later Command And Conquer Generals version
With the infamous "track 9" and their seemingly carelessness about human life, it seems they wanted europe as damaged as possible, in order to weaken them before "saving" the west and preparing to conquer it, leaving the US to return with the strange tech they developed during those years in issolation, while chinese forces seem incapable of succeeding against the devastating new tech they find themselves matched against and fall back to china for a last stand, which is the final mission, Operation Dragonslayer where you raze down the Chinese Communist Party and the rest of Beijing, with the ending being of how china, now a collapsed nation is shown with GLA operatives stealing the nuclear weapons for the new war
  • Mission line

    • China
      • The Dragon Rises: Destroy the EU council just as they meet
      • Middle Kingdom: Escort surviving EU members to a Chinese base so they can surrender
      • Thorns In Our Side: Burn down a African city where the GLA hides
      • The Dragon's Wrath: Take over London, last corner of European resistance
      • Our true foe: Survive against a strange robotic army

    • GLA
      • Desperation: Get a anthrax store from Dr. Thraxs old base
      • Unity: Defeat local warlords and assimilate their forces into your own
      • Hunger of the martyrs: Gather resources to feed your army
      • Blood Conflict: Kill off a rival general who tried to betray you
      • Revenge: Destroy the Chinese headquarters

    • USA
      • Operation Savior: Liberate London from Chinese control
      • Operation Landfall: Destroy the main Chinese command center in Berlin
      • Operation Crusade: Destroy the Anthrax supplies in GLA hands
      • Operation Keystone: Liberate innocents from a Chinese factory and find their war plans in a nearby base
      • Operation Dragonslayer: Destroy the Chinese Communist Party Headquarters and the Military Center in Beijing

    • Someone's bitter about the Chinese victory in Zero Hour . . .

The Campaigns of Generals 2 will lead to the discovery of a Man Behind the Man...
One who supplied both the EU and the GLA in their bid to take down the APA, and kicked back and watched the Mêlée à Trois tear up Europe, Africa and Asia, before moving in to take out the winning faction. The prime suspects are either the United States (hoping their "proxy wars" would give them an angle to restore their New World Order), or Russia (attempting to destabilize the Old World so they could reestablish a Soviet-era hegemony). There can be odds of both serving as a Big Bad Duumvirate, with the US supporting the EU (based on the US-derived EU forces), and Russia supporting the GLA (since their arsenal is directly stated to be beefed up by Soviet weaponry purchased on the black market), and entering the fray to either commit Chronic Backstabbing Disorder on their victorious client state, or to personally clean up where their client state failed.

The Red Guard originally got the name as an insult.
Anyone who's familiar with modern Chinese history would be aware that the actual Red Guard in the 60s (named after the force that served as the prototype for Lenin's Red Army) screwed things up for China and had to be put down by the state. Its also one of the reasons why China banned the game. But, in the backstory and manual it is mentioned that before the game started China underwent a reform called the "Modern Way", which increased civil liberties and exports. Well, what if the old guard who saw all these changes decried such as a new era of Red Guard, believing that these kids were messing things up, but instead of taking them down the name actually stuck when they proved to be a worthy vanguard for China? Suddenly, the title makes sense and could even be said that this new 'Red Guard' had learned from the failures of the old. Now, would that explanation of gotten it unbanned in China? Probably not, but it's a theory that explains why it would be the basic unit for China.
  • The Rise of the Reds mod spins it in a more positive light. When the GLA set off the nuclear device during the parade, the responders were dressed in period uniforms and carrying period weapons. After one of them raised the Chinese flag over the ruins of the Forbidden Palace, patriotism swept across China, to the point the Red Guard was reformed as an auxilliary police unit.

The retreating U.S. force in the mission "Guardian Angel" isn't American, it's Afghan National Army
It just doesn't make any sense why American forces would be in full retreat from a numerically inferior GLA force. However, the real world has shown us an infamous incident in Mosul, Iraq in June 2014 where 800 ISIS fighters forced nearly 30,000 Iraqi soldiers into full retreat. The scenario in "Guardian Angel" is much more realistic if the retreating force is actually an inexperienced and demoralized Afghan army force using American equipment.
  • This WMG also assumes that the correct location of the mission is indeed the Hindu Kush mountains per Lt. Eva's briefing, and not "Northern Kazakhstan" as the mission map states.

     Crossover WMG 

All Endings are canon regardless of which side you pick in Westwood's Command and Conquer Titles
The "first" time line is just a dry run to gauge the capabilities of the other factions involved and testing certain theories with a long term plan to get a time machine at the end and use Yuri to reset the timeline (the connection between Yuri and Kane is suggested at in the cancelled game Command and Conquer Incursion). This time line consists of all the "good" endings (Allies or GDI). With the information he's collected he is able to perform a perfect run, resulting in a timeline where all the Westwood Command and Conquer endings happen (Soviets and Nod) which would have lead to the completion of his grand plan. The temple being hit by the Ion cannon may have provided the information for his next experiments learning to hack the satellite and allowing him to test out a liquid Tiberium experiment later on. Sometime after Command and Conquer 2 Yuri gets sent back and there are back to back "Evil" victories (Soviets and Nod). These endings look like they branch from a good victory in the last game but actually the context is misleading, for example in command and conquer 2 the Nod campaign mentions Kane as being suspected of been dead but this is not from the good ending in Command and Conquer 1 but during the retaliation by GDI for destroying the White House with the Ion Cannon, possibly involving the destruction of his Temple (the campaign for Nod in Command and Conquer 2 never says how the temple was destroyed). In Red Alert 2 the Soviets have a puppet government but never mention specific details, the USSR in Red Alert may have collapsed following a Victory by the Soviets in Red Alert 1, remember that Stalin and two of his closest advisers die in the red alert 1 Soviet ending and the Brotherhood of Nod is draining their resources. Maybe the USSR's resources were drained faster than planned and without Stalin it collapsed or became unstable. A war is implied in the Red Alert 2 intro and this may have occurred in the following instability. This would mean that Kane wins even when the good guys win because he's just that awesome. Matti 23

Yuri is mentioned in the allied campaign so the version sent back may actually have replaced his younger self or the person sent back has assumed his identity. Matti 23

Command and Conquer and Red Alert ARE connected
Kane isn't an alien, he's from an alternate version of earth. His people might have been the first to develop time travel (the chronosphere) and through a mishap Kane was marooned in the past and did not know how to build a chronosphere himself as well as the locals lacking the tech to recreate it. His influence changed the timeline and gave rise to the command and conquer universe as he tried to get back to his own version of the universe (he's hoping this is just a branch off and didn't erase his own reality). He made a machine to accomplish this, the threshold machine at the end of C&C. The use of this machine landed him in the Red Alert universe instead of his own and he will continue to try to return home. The next game may take place in Kane's home universe which has combinations of tech from all of the games so far (crawlers and mammoth tanks next to tesla coils and psychics) as well as factions (allies vs soviets vs brotherhood of Nod) as Kane may have brought through tech and ideals when he traveled through time. Matti 23

Some of the nations in Hetalia: Axis Powers are actually the player characters in the Red Alert series
Consider that the player seems to be immortal like Kane, given the nature of Hetalia, would this be the case, too!

Kane and Einstein are Time Lords.
Come on, somebody had to say it. The regeneration, the Chronosphere, the Timey-Wimey Ball, etc. The Time Lords are that alien civilization that the Scrin morbidly fears.
  • Kane is The Master to Einstein's The Doctor.

Both Red Alert and Red Alert 2 take place prior to Tiberian Dawn.

Think about it. Einstein was alive during the events of Red Alert 2, while Tanya had aged very little. Red Alert 2 takes place in the 1960s, about a decade after Red Alert. In the canonical ending, the Allies won GWIII, and Russia went democratic.

Kane, meanwhile, had gone underground. He may have even aided the Allies (after all, a Soviet- or Yuri-dominated world would make it harder for Nod to take control of Tiberium). He emerged only in 1995.

  • They do (RA 2 happens in the early 70's and RA 1 in the 50's), but make little sense concerning the tech level (the original RA 1 Chronosphere and Iron Curtain were more impractical, thus less blatantly absent from Tib Dawn).
    • Well do recall that at least in the first game, its the United nations they wouldn't be inclined to trust their greatest technology to all those punks.

The Red Alert series takes place in an alternate continuity from the Tiberium series.
And this alternate continuity will eventually be wiped out when one last misuse of the time machine unleashes the monster known as Kane...
  • If you count out that the first Red Alert is a prequel to Tiberian Dawn what with Kane making appearances during the Soviet campaign, the Brotherhood of Nod being mentioned as well as other references to Tiberian Dawn including certain weapons and units. Word of God explains that Red Alert 2 and 3 are alternate timelines due to time travelling attempts to avoid the Tiberium scorched Earth.

The Tiberium, Red Alert, and General universes are all running parallel to each-other.
Time split the moment Einstein shook Hitler's hand. Einstein's original chronosphere experiment took place in the Generals universe, nothing happened after he returned to the future and his considered the experiment a failure, scraping the design and eventually dying of old-age, fluctuations in the time-line then started appearing a few months before the start of the Second Gulf War. In the Red Alert universe Einstein was just regular (if exceedingly brilliant) scientist who just happened to stumble upon the same discovery as his counterpart while working to stop the Soviets and created a separate version of the chronosphere for military use. In the Tiberium universe the Soviets won the Great World War II, but were unable to maintain their holdings after their blitzkrieg across Europe, leading to GDI being formed in order to stop the constant fighting — they didn't get their act together in time before the Soviet Union totally collapsed, but the idea caught on and GDI was fully realized under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
  • Other than the question of why Tiberium appears when the Soviets win but not when the Allies win, this is the theory I subscribe to. The way the Chronosphere(then the Time Machines) works being changed each time(from splitting timeline to overwriting timeline) is easily explained by being a new version caused by changes in the timeline.
    • The tiberium thing is easily explained by this: the Scrin didn't send the tiberium meteor crashing into the Earth when the Allies won (have we even gotten to that time period yet?) because they knew that the Allies would just c-shift the meteor away from Earth before it even hit the ground, thus rendering their entire harvesting operation moot. But I think that it's far more likely that every campaign in every C&C game out there takes place in an alternate reality. Which would actually make for one hell of a war if aforementioned realities ever became aware of each-other's existence.
      • This theory has its challenges, though. First, the Red Alert universe, at least in 1 (and according to the developers, 2) lead to Tiberian Dawn in 1995. Released material from Renegade 2 indicates the game was supposed to be a post Yuri's Revenge FPS, where scavenger cults are widespread among the former/occupied USSR, and you begin to see the first signs of the evolution into the Brotherhood. THY SHALL NOT IGNORE THE EVIDENCE. Red Alert was a major break. Also there is a PDF EALA released that is Kane's dossier, that among other things, notes a man who looks all too much like Kane was sighted as advisor to Josef Stalin in the 1950s.

Kane is really Adolf Hitler.
Think about it, in Red Alert 1 we see both Einstein and Hitler being chronoshifted after shaking hands, but in Red Alert 3 we see Einstien disintegrate after Cherdenko shakes his hand. Thus, Hitler was never really killed at all, he was simply teleported into space and back in time, where he learned the secrets of cloning, conscience transference, and Magic Plastic Surgery. He then returned to Earth, probably before the unaltered WWI, and set up the Brotherhood of Nod, keeping everyone but CABAL (& later LEGION) in the dark about who he really was. Somewhere along the way he went beyond his ideals of racial purity and global domination, instead expanding his ideas to bringing about "the next evolution of mankind" and total universal domination.
  • Highly doubtful: Kane is vastly more competent conspiratorially than Hitler, shares few if any of his other interests (painting, dogs, etc), and lacks his irrational paranoia, his tell-tale illnesses (think the quaking hand Hitler kept hidden), and most of his overly irrational prejudices.
    • Perhaps a side effect of being simultaneously ejected and reintegrated into the time-stream?
    • Rather, he just WANTED you to think he was crazy. After all, no one thinks Hitler is sane or smart enough to disappear and create a new, very powerful underground group...
    • Not to mention, Kane is a tactical genius and a freaking mastermind at warfare. Whether you're GDI or NOD, Kane knows exactly what he's doing. Hitler was no military genius, infact all the 'victories' he had were moments of damn good luck. Hell, by the time things started to turn against him, that's when he started to faulter under all the pressure and the mistakes were just getting worse. Kane's known to remain cool, calm and collected even in the face of defeat.

The final Command & Conquer game will be a crossover.
A massive Chronosphere disaster will create an altered version of the Red Alert 3 timeline where Tiberium exists. Nod emerges intact, absorbing mainland Asia, while Yuri (who had yet to emerge) will take over the Soviet Union and Western Europe. The Empire of the Rising Sun (now reduced to Japan and the Pacific Islands) will unite with the remnants of the Allies under Tanya's leadership. That's right - the final battle in the Command & Conquer series will be between Kane, Yuri, and Tanya.
  • You forgot the Commando, who has a present for you. And it WILL be left-handed.
  • Perhaps also, there may be Soviet remnants who managed to flee Nod/Yuri including Natasha. Because a Charlie's Angels trio of Tanya, Yuriko, and Natasha would be awesome.

An attempt to connect all the games together that was added to the main page instead of here where it would properly go.
  • :Timeline unfolds like so (There are a few ways to do this, but I?ll do it this way.) The Soviets win World War Two, and the timeline progresses through the various Tiberian games. After all the damage that was done to the world during the Tiberian Series, Humanity is basically screwed, but Kane is finally dead. At the bottom of an old research lab a few surviving GDI scientists manage to find a surviving Chronosphere. Carefully analyzing where the timeline went horribly horribly wrong, specifically identifying Kane?s part in World War Two, they send back several GDI Operatives with the power to actually kill Kane. They do so, but do it early enough into the war that without Kane, the soviets lose. Badly. The Allies win World War Two, and the various red alert?s plot unfolds as canon. After the End of the red alert series, the world is once again basically screwed, and someone has the same idea as last time, and carefully identifies where the timeline went horribly horribly wrong, tracing it to the Soviet assassination of Albert Einstein. Using one of the surviving chronospheres, they go back in time and prevent the assassination. In the ensuing battle, however, Einstein?s original time machine (From the Red Alert 1 opening Cutscene) is destroyed, preventing him from ever going back and killing Hitler. Twenty Minutes into the future, the C&C: The Generals events proceed according to Canon. And there you have it. Every games is connected, and every event is possible via-ingame tech.
    • Good, now explain the lack of Tiberium in the Generals series(above entry has Scrin noticing the chronoshifter in the Red Alert series and deciding to just ignore the planet instead of invading in force for some reason). Also Kane is still alive at the end of Tiberium Wars in every ending.

Kane exists in both Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 3's timelines.
He's simply manipulating everyone behind the scenes as he sees fit, and waiting for the proper time to step in with the Brotherhood of Nod. The alternate technology (versus the canon Tiberium timeline that branched off from the first Red Alert game) could make them deadlier than ever. Given Kane's tendency to have a complicated plan for just about every possible situation, the lack of Tiberium (for now) would only at the most slow him down. Remember, the Tiberium meteor only struck the earth in 1995 (Tiberian Dawn), which is years after both Red Alert 2 and 3 take place and likely can still occur in those timelines.

Yuri is in fact a Brotherhood of Nod member
The marks on Yuri's forehead are the hebrew letters "resh", "vav" and "yod". Since the Brotherhoood of Nod is the only faction in Command & Conquer that uses too much symbolism...
  • Confirmed by Westwood studios itself before it closed and was bought by EA. Westwood's working title for Command & Conquer 3, called Tiberian Incursion, was originally going to feature Yuri as an acolyte of Kane and the result of Nod's psychic experiments who was sent back in time by a chrono vortex, therefore creating the Red Alert 2 universe.

The Tiberian series is an Alternate Universe of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Think about it. Humanity suddenly finds itself fighting for survival against an extraterrestrial force, so instead of fighting it head-on they build weapons based on the alien's composition, when in fact everything is The Plan by a transhumanist Ancient Conspiracy which has a strange addiction to Judeao-Christian symbolism. Not to mention both franchises have mecha and were released in 1995. Which makes Tiberium the equivalent of Adam, Kane is Lilith (or Gendo/Keel Lorenz), and the Scrin are Angels.
  • EVA is well, Eva (CABAL/LEGION might be Eva-01 though).
  • Obviously, Nod is Seele (Ancient Conspiracy) and GDI is Nerv (humanity's defence force), but if that's the case would that mean they are working together?
    • Exactly. For example, the Ion Cannon blowing up Temple Prime causing the Liquid Tiberium explosion incident. And of course the many signs pointing to Director Boyle as The Mole.
  • Which makes the Commander the equivalent of Shinji Ikari...

Kane's immortality is a Code, and Yuri's mind control is a Geass given to him by Kane
That would explain everything, although Kane is more like Lelouch than C.C.

The Empire of Japan is a Yuri faction
There was no alternate ending: Red Alert 3 takes place directly after Yuri's Revenge, and BOTH allied and soviet canon. In the Allied canon, Yuri was imprisoned in a Psychic Isolation Chamber, which was invented by Einstein. Meanwhile, the Yuri in the Soviet Ending who time-traveled and got trapped in the dinosaur age isn't actually Yuri: that was Cherdenko, whom Lt. Zofia believed was Yuri. The reason why Cherdenko never ended up in the prehistoric age is because Dr. Zelinsky modified the Time Machine so much it prevented Lt. Zofia on hacking it. In Red Alert 3, Cherdenko time-traveled and eliminated Einstein, causing the Psychic Isolation Chamber to fade out of existence and free Yuri. This was the timeline ripple seen at the Allied ending of Yuri's Revenge. Cherdenko was now in control of the Soviets and Yuri, who was now freed, evacuated to Japan, mind-controlled the Emperor and combined his genius with Japanese nerdiness, creating the Empire of the Rising Sun and also Yuriko.
  • Following the canon ending, it can be speculated that Yuri remains at large, the Empire having failed to carry out his plans. With his plan defeated, Yuri departed and released his control of the Yoshiro and his staff, leaving those alive to report the spell they were under. Maybe a new part of the world will be brought into the game as a new faction secretly masterminded by Yuri, their technology upgraded tremendously. They will likely have a suspicious mix of Yuri's technology and Imperial technology, and their leader's identity will be a mystery for much of the story.

The Soviet Front was supposed to kill Kane
During WWII, Kane was amongst the unfortunate many to die in the ill fated gas chambers (and thus, unable to make any sort of contingency plan). Without WWII's Holocaust, Kane had survived and until the day someone performs a firing squad order on Kane. he will continue to live on.

Tanya is Havoc's mother. Ghoststalker is Havoc's (probably illegitimate) son.
Badassery runs in the family.
  • Well, that or Umagon's his (probably illegitimate) daughter, she's more on the formula of the previous two (Good on infantry/buildings, bad on any vehicle) since Ghoststalker's more rounded with his railgun

Generals is set after the original, Pre-RA3 Allied ending to Yuri's Revenge.

From a technological standpoint, Real Life has proven that large complex machines like the Apocalypse/Overlord are utter failures - while Red Alert shows them to be much more powerful (and much more expensive) than a regular tank. As well, the Lasers in Generals are more refined, less power-consuming versions of the Prism tower of RA2, adapted mainly for an anti-missile use similar to real life ARENA active defense - refined enough that a version of them could be mounted on a fast-moving turret that can be put on tanks (The Paladin), light vehicles (the Avenger), and even aircraft (Granger) without majorly affecting performance beyond survivability. Generals Patriots used by the USA are a cheaper refinement of the system used in RA2 by the Allies for use against tanks as well.

The lack of Red Alert-y technology can be explained by, for Teslas, Iron Curtains, Chronosphere and the MCV, the countries not being able to maintain them (as for the Chronosphere, it's because Einstein's dead and is the only one who knows how to operate it. Pre-fabricated building tech is also improved, hence why the MCV is also replaced by fast-construction Dozers that can spam many structures in one time anywhere compared to the MCV's one-by-one and in a restricted location). They fell into disuse and were too complex to bring back online, while Nukes proliferated and were refined by China, who completely stay out of Red Alert 2's war, save for unofficial mods which allows it to take up the reigns from the Soviets. The main reason that they didn't try to take on the world by 2020 was because they lacked the confidence to, and figured that the Allies - in particular, the United States - would be on edge from Russia and Yuri, so they simply wait, until the GLA gives them the excuse to go ahead, eventually leading to Communism's spread across the Eurasian landmass. It may not be the Soviet Union, but Stalin's dream of a communist union stretching from coast to coast is eventually realized.

Mandatory Generals 2 Guessing: The third faction is a Communist remnant force (perhaps China proper) trying to restore their power. The "Treaty to end all wars" would have solidified their ability to take control of the rest of the world, and try and subdue the EU again. This is not only confirmed (while the faction isn't called China, but instead the APA), but it's clear that the Communist force takes a lot of cues from Stalin's forces - up to and including their basic tanks being double-barreled exactly like the Heavy Tanks of the Soviet Red Army.

Kane is actually Einstein, finally driven to insanity by the Chronosphere
The Timey-Wimey Ball made him Go Mad from the Revelation and assume the role of the Wandering Jew.

Kane fears the Chronosphere technology
It's why he won't act directly in the Red Alert timeline. The Chronosphere would bypass his usual immortality, so he can never make himself a target. He has to rely on subtle manipulation and proxies to do his dirty work.
  • The final game Kane appears in will end with him being erased from time. Subverting his apparent victory in C&C4.
    • And losing Kane will cause so many changes to history that it will overwrite thousands of years, creating a new timeline to be used in a future reboot.
  • This fits with RA 1: Kane is acting relatively open there (while presumably under an assumed identity he's an important enough advisor to Stalin that his one Allied campaign appearance is him standing close to Stalin during a public speech), but the Allies don't get Chronosphere technology in a mature enough form to field deploy until until relatively late in the war (unlike later games, where chrono-tech of one stripe or another come in far earlier), and he takes rather direct action in the Soviet ending — which is shortly after the Chronosphere project was destroyed.

A future game will have Imperial Russia as a faction.
Perhaps sick of all these wars, "someone" will go back in time to the early 20th century and bomb the Balkan peninsula to a crisp. I don't know who would do it though.
  • Incidentally this would also leave Ottoman Turkey as an imperial power.
  • Then it wouldn't be "Red" Alert - unless the timeline getting scrambled causes another country to replace the Soviets. America, Germany, or Britain perhaps?

Soviet March's origins as a mocking Villain Song will become forgotten by comparison and the tune will get appropriated and used as a national anthem.
This is more for an IRL WMG than a in-universe WMG.

For as mocking as the actual lyrics of the song are, it's also plainly obvious to a Russian that they weren't written or sung by Russians. A few "proper" Russian versions have popped up, ranging from keeping the spirit of the original to re-writing the lyrics to not being too far removed from the likes of "My Army" or "The Sacred War". Additionally, the song is an absolute banger even with the original lyrics. The tune is pretty catchy as well, and much like how the tune now associated with the Star-Spangled Banner was a common tune at the time and how "God Save the Queen" and "My Country, Tis of Thee" share a tune, it's distinctly possible that the tune of Soviet March might get co-opted and used regardless of its parody origins.