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  • Descended Creator: Joseph Kucan, who played Kane in the Tiberian franchise, is also the director of the live-action cutscenes in the games including Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune. After Westwood Studios dissolved, Kucan still plays Kane in Tiberian sequels but he's no longer the director of the cutscenes.
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  • The Wiki Rule: EVA Database, The Command & Conquer Wiki.
  • Referenced by...:
    • Sim City 4 allows certain branded companies based off the city's Ethics. Dystopian chemical plants are called "Kane Tiberium."
    • Metroid Prime and RAGE have Captain Ersatz's of Tiberium, in the form of Phazon and Feltrite, respectively (although feltrite is largely Forgotten Phlebotinum used solely to beef up Authority assault rifles and upgrade the pc's Magical Defibrillator).
      • Phazon is radioactive, semisentient, and mutagenic. It causes mutation by directly inserting its atoms into native DNA rather than corrupting their data, the same way Tiberium does.
    • While the "Color of Madness" DLC from Darkest Dungeon is based on The Color out of Space, it also has mutants with greenish crystals growing on them, and the surrounding area.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The whole modern military theme wasn't in the original plans for the first game. It actually started out as a fantasy RTS, until they believed that fantasy was niche and modern military was more relatable with the then-recent Gulf War. The direction of what would become an entire series basically hinged on this change in direction.
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    • Command & Conquer: Continuum was going to be a Command & Conquer MMORPG.
    • There were several non-starter games with the "3" in the title. While we would ultimately get versions of both, between Generals and Tiberium Wars there was a developed version of Red Alert 3 that was ultimately cancelled, and Westwood's C&C3 (and its would-be first 3D RTS produced in house) went down with Westwood and much of its development assets would lay the foundation for what became Generals.


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