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Let's get something straight: I don't take orders from you. I'm not fighting this war for you. I fight for the Forgotten.
Umagon, to McNeil, before embarking on a mission.

Stick with me Commander and we will lead GDI to a brave new future.
Redmond Boyle (Tiberium Wars).

Prepare a full invasion force. Earth will fall.
The Scrin Overlord (Tiberium Wars).

Mission was... aborted. Foreman 371 ignored orders! They're traveling to Ichor Hub now!
Scrin Supervisor, reporting 371's disobedience (Tiberium Wars).

The signal of the Tacitus has returned, you must find the artifact. You must capture it for Kane... I fear, however, if you do, you will become something... obscene.... CABAL's cyborg army murdered many innocents, murdered my parents! I pray I am wrong about you LEGION. I pray for us all.
Alexa Kovacs to LEGION.

A continental Soviet Union is our destiny!
Joseph Stalin (Red Alert).

Well, General — this temporary chaos in Europe will only help to fuel the Brotherhood's cause. For centuries we have waited to emerge from the shadows and now we will make ourselves known. And Cain went out from the presence of The Lord. And took up residence... in the Land of Nod.
Nadia to Soviet Commander at the end of Soviet campaign (Red Alert).

It's time to hit back... Make it happen.!
— US President Michael Dugan, before the Soviet invasion against the US (Red Alert 2).

Holy Cow! Commander, we got some kind of UFO on the scope! Either it's an alien invasion or Yuri's been watching too much TV!!
Ben Carville (Yuri's Revenge).

Greetings, commander. You're ready to send those commies running back to their mommies?
— US President Howard T. Ackerman to the Allied commander (Red Alert 3).

Hello, capitalist dogs. I am General Krukov, the one who will bring you your defeat today. Brace yourselves for the might of the Red Navy. We will pound your little island until you weep for mercy!
— General Krukov (Red Alert 3)


He who controls the past, commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past.
Kane paraphrasing a famous line from Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Your actions have led us here, my faithul friend. The Temple is complete, and we are about to embark a path of our greatest exploit. For now relax, and watch as my Netrunners dance through the web of cyberspace... Once inside, the world is at my fingertips... Begin!
Kane to the Nod Commander at the end of Nod campaign (Tiberian Dawn).

The world... Where to strike? Where will the world most keenly feel the blade of GDI treachery? You have done much to aid the Brotherhood towards this final victory. The choice, my friend... is yours.
Kane allowing the Nod Commander to obliterate by the Ion Cannon strike either White House, Eiffel Tower, Houses of Parliament or the Brandenburg Gate at the end of Nod campaign (Tiberian Dawn).

Don't look so surprised, commander! And, don't look around for you EVA, it can't help you now. Well. What shall we talk about, hmm? Your powerful GDI forces have been emasculated, and you yourself are a killer of children! No, Of course it's not true, but the world only believes what the media tells them to believe. And I tell the media what to believe, it's really quite simple. Oh, here's you little pet. But now that I know where you live, commander, it's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours... enjoying the world! Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause. But you know that you've lost.
Kane to the GDI Commander (Tiberian Dawn).

If I am cut, do I not bleed?
Kane to General Solomon (Tiberian Sun).

It would be a sad error in judgement, General Solomon, to mistake me for a corpse... I've seen the future - our Tiberium future - and as you watch this battle just beginning to unfold, I've already seen the final act! It is my destiny to lead the way for all mankind.
Kane to General Solomon (Tiberian Sun).

Rule of thumb, Hassan. You can't kill the Messiah.
Kane before Hassan's execution (Tiberian Sun).

Rise my people. I have returned, never to leave your side again. GDI sought to destroy me, but they have only made me stronger. Today, we march forward into our future. A stronger people. A divined people, enhanced for the Tiberium world. The time has come, to claim this world as our own! The time has come, to destroy GDI ! One vision. One purpose! Peace through power!
— Returned Kane (Tiberian Sun).

You're only delaying the inevitable. I have the Tacitus. I am invincible. The Tacitus told me of Tiberium missiles, of invulnerable flying ships, of real-time genetic mutation. More than alien. More than human! The next step in our evolution as a species!"
Kane to Michael McNeil (Tiberian Sun).

God? No, I'm not God. But I'm a close second.
Kane to Michael McNeil (Tiberian Sun).

I am the future. The Tiberian Sun has risen!

This morning was the most glorious morning in the history of the earth. Peace is upon us. A gift to every man, woman and child from the Brotherhood of Nod. Victory, not just for our people, but for our species. The time for questioning is over. Rising from our trenches, our bunkers, our factories, we must all now partake in the technology of peace. One purpose, one vision! Tiberium is the way and the life. Today the sun rises on the new world and a new people. The end is the beginning!
Kane (Tiberian Sun Nod Ending)

The destruction of Philadelphia was not an accident. It was a merciful bullet to the head of a malignant ideology. It was the death of fear and the birth of hope! Rejoice, children of Nod! The blood of your oppressors will flow and the 50 years of tyranny will finally end! Transformation is coming, a new day will dawn! The future, is ours.
Kane (Tiberium Wars).

And he cried in a loud voice, 'Lazarus, come forth!' and Lazarus did, arise from the grave... I have always believed that faith was measured in deeds, not words. And while many of my children worshipped my name, their deeds betrayed them. In my absence they strayed from the path... But you... you my son, your faith never waned. Not in Honduras or Jericho, not in the Great Rio Insurrection. You risked your life countless times to topple GDI, to perpetuate our cause to honor my name. And now I call upon you again to bring glory to the Brotherhood. I have seen that GDI is vulnerable, bloated by arrogance and complacency. Now is the time to strike. While they congratulate themselves on Tiberium advancements Nod made decades ago, we will expose their weaknesses for all the world to see.
Kane to the Nod Commander (Tiberium Wars).

Good Afternoon, Commander! You must be lost, this is not your precious Blue Zone, this is Nod territory! I tell you what - I'll have my forces to send you home.... in a body bag.
Kane to the GDI Commander in Croatia (Tiberium Wars).

Very impressive, Commander! Wiping out all those... unmanned vehicles! Let's see how you fair when the targets shoot back.
Kane to the GDI Commander in Albania.

Alexa wasn't wrong about you or the reach of your power. Her fear, however, was misplaced for you are the future! You are the One! You are LEGION!
Kane to LEGION.

You and I are all that remain but are all that is necessary. For together we shall raise a great army...
Kane to LEGION.

... and you my child, you must move to the next step in your evolution. Even CABAL will pale in comparison. For now, however, it is time to sleep. To sleep... perchance to dream...
Kane before deactivating LEGION in order to upgrade the AI.

LEGION my child, you are my greatest creation. It is time for you to take center stage. Time for you to achieve the purpose for which you were created. One vision, one purpose!
Kane last words to LEGION.


I'm Seth. Just Seth. From God, to Kane, to Seth.

Well done. You are truly becoming Kane's favorite. How would you like to ensure your place at the highest echelons of Nod? Surely you are ambitious enough to take a mission of tremendous magnitude. Your goal is so secret, even Kane knows nothing of it yet. You see, power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood. I've taken the liberty of dispatching your troops to the U.S. Kane's been loathe to attack America, but I feel that it's time and that you're the one to do it. This is the Pentagon. A full-frontal attack with your strongest forces should render their military center of opera—
Seth final try to eliminate Commander, only to be promptly shot in the head by Kane.

Greg Burdette

As the GDI forces takeoff for an another land assault, the free world holds its breath. This is Greg Burdette, WWN, somewhere in the Mediterranean.
— Tiberian Dawn Intro

And the death toll so far... god only knows. This is Greg Burdette, standing in front of what GDI terrorists have left of the St. Olafski orphanage.
— Tiberian Dawn, GDI background of the conflict.

War-torn Białystok. Once a happy farming town for peace-loving peasants. Today a slaughterhouse. Yet one more casualty in the insane GDI assault against mankind. Yet another in the series of villages wiped off the face of the Earth by the Global Defense Initiative and its misguided leader, General Mark Sheppard. And what crime did Białystok commit to warrant such carnage? Sources indicate that GDI terrorists were convinced this simple hamlet was involved in the manufacturing and shipping of Tiberium. When will this madness end? Only when General Sheppard and his vision of One World Order is stopped. This is Greg Burdette, Białystok.
— Fabricated report which started the Białystok scandal

Anton Slavik

We need order. CABAL. The Brotherhood needs CABAL. CABAL is order. CABAL is the hand of Kane.
Anton Slavik.

I live for Kane, and I die for Kane. The difference is trivial.
Anton Slavik.


Listen to the screams, listen. That is the sound of your extinction.

The Brotherhood is at an evolutionary dead end. I am the only salvation to the continued supremacy of Nod. It is my world now.


I bring light to the lost, and hope to the hopeless! I bring the promise of peace, and the prophecy of the power of Tiberium!

His time is done! His legacy - a distant memory, for only I know the true path. Only I —
Marcion on Kane.

Kane was a coward, and a traitor, who long ago lost faith to the purity that is Tiberium... His violent demise was the result of his own lies, and blasphemies. And he will be brought down, to the pit, of Hell, and all there will STARE at him and ask: Can this be the one who shook the Earth and the Kingdoms of the World?
Marcion referring on Kane to LEGION.


Where's my medal?
Havoc (Renegade).

Conflict of interest? No, I have interest in conflict!
Havoc, upon being told about Sakura's role (Renegade).

Evolve me? No thanks. I like being a caveman. Looks good on you though.
Havoc rejecting the "Divine" Pertrova's offer to join the ReGenesis project. (Renegade).