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  • Andrei Ulmeyda. Yes, he does lead a cult, but pretty much everything he does is for the good of the residents of his Intercity, to the point of risking and, ultimately, sacrificing his life to become a walking vaccine against even becoming a Heaven Smile. He's arguably the least evil target in the game.
  • Garcian and Mills express their horror at Curtis Blackburn's actions. Sure, they're just wetworkers, but even a Punch-Clock Villain has lines they will never cross.
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  • Alter Ego's strange conclusion has Garcian meeting Love Wilcox, a colleague of previous assassination target Trevor Pearlharbor. Love declares that she'll take down the company responsible for killing Trevor. With that, the two shake hands before parting ways, with Garcian telling Love that her drive is "an inspiration to us all".
  • The fact that Garcian is visibly horrified when he finds out the truth about the other killer7 members. Yes, usually after retrieving their bodies (during regular gameplay), he says that he feels no remorse for a lump of "cold, rotting flesh". But when he sees the truth—himself as Emir Parkreiner, as he kills then absorbs all the killer7 members—his shock and horror seems to indicate that, on some level, he did care about all of them.

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