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Tear Jerker / killer7

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  • In the Cloudman chapter, when you have to kill Ulmeyda once he's turned into a Smile. It's the text at the end that stings the most: "The day when he stops smiling is the day we remember his smile."
    • When a Heaven Smile dies, it will laugh maniacally. When infected Ulmeyda dies, it's a bittersweet chuckle at best.
  • Right at the end of the game, when Garcian finally realizes that he's the only real member of the Killer 7, and he's killed all the other members in a previous life. He breaks down, and opens his case to find all the other guns of the other Killer 7 members in it. Meanwhile, a very sad ambient song starts to play while Garcian just says,
    "No! It...Itwasn't me! It-It can't be! It's all a misunderstanding!"
    • "Hand in killer7" describes Garcian as "a sweet man who would never hurt a fly." Now imagine finding out that your fellow assassins, all of whom you at least respect, were gunned down years ago. Even worse, the person who killed them? It was YOU.
  • The other members' death scenes, mainly because they were all taken by surprise. Special mention goes to Con (who was looking out a window in his room), Mask (who was in the shower), and KAEDE (who actively tried to run and hide from the shooter).


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