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Con Smith's headphones are the audio equivalent of Psycho Mantis' gas-mask.

Con's super-hearing is so super that he needs to wear special headphones to be able to hear anything other than migraine-inducing noise.

Travis Bell is a deceased Travis Touchdown.

Travis Bell is a "killer who got killed on the job", and has an attitude that's quite a lot like Travis Touchdown's. Also, he wears a lot of fun t-shirts. It was never actually stated what year No More Heroes takes place in, either! Though I'm pretty sure Suda51 debunked this somewhere...


To expand on this, Travis was killed by Garcian at the end of No More Heroes, while doing a shit. What a way to go.

  • Being black doesn't make him Garcian at all. Actually I think this dude's name is in the credits...

  • The guy who was in both endings of No More Heroes was "Ermen Palmer"/"Emir Parkreiner".

  • The True Ending of No More Heroes shows that Travis survives for the True Final Boss. Ermen Palmer is killed by Henry, who proceeds to wait for Travis to fight him.

  • No More Heroes takes place in 2007, in the "normal" Kill the Past timeline. There are some connections between it and killer7, but it's all very theoretical and complex.

The Heaven Smiles only look that way to the Killer 7.

When seeking out Andrei Ulmeyda, the girl in the post office mentions being annoyed at the number of creeps with the weird smile who have moved in lately. She doesn't apparently see anything odd about the fact that they are inhuman monsters.


Furthermore, in the scene explaining how the world has changed at the start of level 2, the Heaven Smile that attacks the UN summit just looks like a normal person with a freaky smile.

Evidently, the Vision Ring allows the Smiths to immediately tell who is a Heaven Smile and who is not.

Coyote was once a member of Andrei's cult

In the mission to meet Andrei, if you select Coyote on the TV screen, he gives a spiel about how "this is the moment I've been waiting for. I have to do this or the anger inside will not go away." The only other character who gets a speech like that is Dan, when on the mission to terminate Curtis.

Also, Andrei's base is in Texas. Since Coyote is Hispanic, he probably passed through Texas when he emigrated; either that, or he was born in Texas, which does have a high Hispanic population.


Finally, the cult member who replaced Iwazaru on the Andrei mission looks an awful lot like Coyote; it's hard to tell with the art style, but I think he is supposed to be Coyote, perhaps before being recruited by the Killer 7.

  • On top of all this, the Ulmeyda level is the one that requires Coyote the most.

  • Or, maybe Ulmeyda had simply scammed Coyote in the past. Ulmeyda, like many a televangelist, is a con artist. Maybe Coyote's just pissed that Ulmeyda conned him into buying all those Hawaiian shirts...

  • There is actually a reason for this. Ulmeyda City is in the same place as Crystal City, where member of Axis nations were sent during World War II, and which America used to bully South America into deporting German-descended South Americans. If Coyote's family experienced some of this, it's likely that he'd want to fuck up Ulmeyda City a bit.

Con isn't blind at all, just apathetic.

Con's blindness is a metaphor for the innocence/apathy of children: His eyes don't care to process the very adult situations their owner is thrust into throughout the game, but can easily see things a child might enjoy. Supporting this is the fact that he very clearly sees the Handsome Men, Sentai knockoffs and heroes of a popular children's television show, striking their poses.

  • Con's headphones may be the the source of his abilities, similar to Geordie's visor in Star Trek...

Killer 7 takes place in Hell

Everyone is already dead and they're all being forced to relive this whole mess again and again in Hell, with more mind screws every time around, for eternity. Or at least until Armageddon. This is really the only way to make sense of this whole game and consolidate it with the expanded universe materials and promotional materials. It also explains the bookending, Killer 8 Mode, and and Hopper 7 Mode.

Kun Lan's was influenced by the Joker.

Compare Kun Lan to the Joker as presented in Batman: The Animated Series and the 1989 movie, which would be the most familiar to a Japanese audience.

Both have deathly white skin, green hair, weird eyes, and an insane laugh. While Kun Lan may not have an evil smile, the Heaven Smiles sure do. Also, both are completely insane.

Garcian Smith is (or was) the President Of The United States

When Garcian plays russian roulette with Keane, Keane says that, should Garcian lose, he'll have to "kill the President of The United States", no easy feat to accomplish while dead. Unless, Keane was talking about committing suicide. And, yes, by the end of the game, the player knows Garcian is immortal, but why should Keane know?Also, Holbert states in his first tape that he was sent to the school to investigate its ties with the recent presidential election, and yet, in a later tape, he says it was his investigation on Emir Parkreiner that led him there. This may mean that Emir has some relationship with the newly elected president, and, as it's heavily foreshadowed throughout the game, Garcian IS Emir.

Con was one of the orphans sold at Curtis's and Pedro's organ trade
Con has no backstory (not even supplementary material provides any information of his life prior to becoming an assassin. Since Con is chinese, he could have been found by organ traffickers and sold to Pedro (as he was in charge for the boys), but Con either escaped or got rescued by the Smith Syndicate (who have been tracking Curtis down for years).This could explain why he became a member of the Smiths at such a young age.

The main character is delirious
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