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Sure it's a MOBA, but there's still a few touching moments to be found.

  • Any time a character thanks another character for healing them.
    Alexstrasza: Your assistance is well timed, friend./Ah, new life blooms.
    Ana: I appreciate the support./Thanks for the healing.
    Artanis: Thank you, healer./My wounds are mending./You favor me, friend.
    Auriel: You have my endless gratitude./Ah, my spirit is emboldened!/Gloriously done, friend!
    Brightwing: Thank you, friend!/Healing is good! I like you!/You are a good person! Yay!
    Chen: That feels good!/What a pick me up!/Many thanks, friend.
    Chromie: You've undone my wounds! Thank you!/Excellent healing, friend!/I knew I could rely on you!
    D.Va: Healed up!/Awww, you must like me!
    ETC: You keep healing and I'LL KEEP ROCKIIIING!!!/You're the REAL ROCKSTAR!!!
    Falstad: Love that healin'!/Keep it up, friend!
    Gazlowe: I'm lovin' them heals!/Hey, thanks!
    Genji: I am healed!/Thank you for the healing./I am restored!
    Greymane: I can feel my strength returning!/That was much appreciated!/Your aid is well-timed, healer!
    Hanzo: I am healed!/I am restored!/Thank you, healer.
    Jaina: Thank the Light!/A well-timed heal, friend!
    Johanna: Thank you, my friend!/That feels much better!
    Kerrigan: Thanks, I needed that./An excellent heal!/Good timing!
    Li Li: You are like, the best healer, ever!/I love you so much right now!
    Lt. Morales: Nice heal! Trust me, I should know./Thanks, good to have you around.
    Lucio: Good as new!/Yeah, I'm feeling good.
    Maiev: I am glad to have you on the field!/You have my thanks, healer./Most appreciated!
    Malfurion: Blessings upon you, friend./Well done, healer./An excellent heal.
    Medivh: Thank you, healer./Exemplary healing./I will endeavor to return the favor.
    Muradin: A good heal there!/Always thank your healer!/Thank ya kindly!
    Nazeebo: Blessings upon you, healer!/I thank you for your help!
    Nova: Gotta love this medic!/Thanks for the heal.
    Raynor: Alright, this medic's my new best friend!/I can dig that!/Thanks for the pick me up!
    Rexxar: I needed that, friend./Keep it up, healer!/My thanks.
    Samuro: I am renewed!/My wounds thank you, healer!
    Sgt. Hammer: Now that's the kind of healing momma likes!/Good heal, kid! Keep it up!/Nice patch job!
    Sonya: My wounds close!/Many thanks, Healer.
    Stukov: Ah, superbly done healer!/Thank you, comrade./Wounds fade. Pain lingers.
    Thrall: Hahaha, much better!/A fine heal, friend!
    Tracer: Much better!/Aw... thanks, luv!/Brilliant!
    Tychus: Hehe, that tickles!/Aw, I love this medic!
    Tyrael: You have my thanks, healer.
    Tyrande: The Goddess blesses your hand, healer./Masterful healing!/I thank you, healer.
    Uther: A fine heal, friend!/The Light blesses your hand, healer.
    Valeera: Always love a pocket healer!/Loving that healing.
    Valla: Well done, healer!/I am renewed!/I am ready to continue the hunt.
    Varian: Great heal!/Excellently done!
    Xul: Healing magic... Quaint, but useful./Ah, much better than those repulsive potions./Well done, healer... Well done, indeed.
    Zarya: Ready for action!/I am healed!/Much better!
    Zeratul: Thank you for your aid./A timely intervention, friend.
    • Evil/villainous characters tend to let their jerkishness slip into their quotes and treat the healer as their servant, but at least they put in the effort.
    Abathur: Wounds mended./Acceptable.
    Anub'arak: I am renewed, servant!/You have done well, healer!
    Arthas: Your service is noted./My strength is renewed.
    Azmodan: I accept your offering, minion!/Most wise.
    Cho: Continue to serve us well./Gall: Compliance will be rewarded.
    Dehaka: Excellent aid!/Thankful!
    Diablo: A worthy tribute, minion!/Your healing is serviceable!/As it should be!
    Garrosh: Healing me was a wise choice!/I see you know who to heal first!
    Gul'dan: Life essence... This is your doing, I assume?/Continue to serve me, disciple.
    Illidan: I deserve no less!/Well done, healer.
    Junkrat: All patched up!/Aaaaaaall betta! Well, ya know..
    Kael'thas: A testament to my glory!/Thank you, healer.
    Leoric: Your service will be rewarded, peasant./Loyalty is its own reward.
    Sylvanas: You have my thanks, for now./I am well again.
    Whitemane: You do me a service, conscript./Together we shall be victorious./Continue proving your worth, healer.
    Zagara: I heal!/Excellent work, my minion.
    Zul'jin: Huh... Good healing, good times!/Love dat healin' mojo!
    Alarak: Hmmph. I've known much better healers./Is this the best healing you can do?/Ahh... you've served your Highlord well enough.
    • It's especially heartwarming, if the thanks the player is receiving is from their favorite character(s).
  • Jaina's interactions at the start of a game with Thrall or Uther.
    Thrall: Jaina... it's been a long time.
    Jaina: It's nice to be on the same side for a change.
    Uther: Lady Jaina, it is a pleasure to fight by your side once more!
    Jaina: You have no idea how much we've missed your counsel, Uther.
    • Jaina's warm relation with Thrall has double effect of heartwarming for this one tidbit: Apparently even in the Nexus, tension between Alliance and Horde are still existent (Muradin and Falstad and even Uther have not so nice things to say to Horde guys, while some like Rexxar thinks that Alliance are filth). In spite of what would happen to Jaina in the future, it's so nice to see that she's still the promoter of peace between Alliance and Horde in the Nexus.
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  • In Chen Stormstout's character trailer, he lists everything he fights for and values, ending in "family", when little Li Li walks up to stand beside him. It's adorable.
  • Leoric is clearly still insane and a Horrible Judge of Character but his kill quote for Diablo ("Justice for my sons! Oh, and for driving me insane!") is a testament to his former status as The Good King and shows that he's still a Papa Wolf.
    • In addition, he sounds genuinely thankful for allies. Being paranoid beyond reason regarding betrayal has made him more thankful for loyalty and companionship where he can find it, even if it's rare for him to find it to start with.
  • Tassadar and Zeratul cement their status as Blood Brothers by addressing each other with the other's culture's expression of best wishes:
    Zeratul: En taro Adunnote , old friend.
    Tassadar: Adun toridasnote , Zeratul.
    • Likewise, there's Artanis's interactions with Tassadar. While Artanis looks up to Tassadar as much as ever, Tassadar still addresses Artanis as he would a superior:
    Artanis: My mentor, guide us in the fight ahead!
    Tassadar: Faith before fear, friend!

    Tassadar: Executor, we march to victory!
    Artanis: For the glory of Aiur!
  • For those who may be disenchanted with the direction of Thrall in World of Warcraft, it's always bringing a smile whenever he says "For the Horde!" (which is a lot, it's his movement quote). It's been so long since we hear Thrall saying that.
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  • Nazeebo shows why he's the definition of Dark Is Not Evil. Everyone else is either elated or amused when they killed Arthas, except Jaina, who's saddened. Nazeebo, someone who dabbles with dark voodoo magic and knows the difference between good and evil, says this if he kills Arthas instead:
    Nazeebo: Be at peace, fallen king.
  • Many of Raynor's pre-battle interactions are plenty heartwarming, especially knowing the full context of how they've played out in canon.
    Artanis: It is good to fight by your side once more, friend Raynor!
    Raynor: You know it, man!

    Kerrigan: You up for this, cowboy?
    Raynor: Always!

    Tychus: Just like old times, eh, partner?
    Raynor: Like old times!
  • The Lady of Thorns is a Heartwarming Moment all of her own. While many of the announcers are hilariously hammy (such as Blackheart) or entertainingly snarky (such as the Raven Lord), you are constantly reminded that they are merely neutral parties observing you fight the other team, especially Ka. The Lady of Thorns, on the other hand, consistently addresses you in a gentle, friendly and helpful manner, almost to the point where you feel likes she's rooting for you. Even her voice is fairly heartwarming in and of itself.
    Lady of Thorns: (if slain) Your deeds shall be remembered.
    Lady of Thorns: (if slain) Rise again and take your revenge, hero.
    Lady of Thorns: (upon destroying a fort) *laughs* Glorious!
    Lady of Thorns: (if you win the match) Well-deserved, heroes!
    • The same goes for the Angel Illarian in the Eternal Conflict battlegrounds; he's just as supportive as the Lady of Thorns, which is even more heartwarming because he's based on the Angels of Sanctuary; Illarian treating his team as honoured allies is prescient when you consider that there are a lot of jackass angels there like Malthael and Imperius. Beleth, on the other hand, is an evil demon who treats his team like pawns — but even then, he's fairly Affably Evil.
  • Auriel really lives up the claim that she's truly kind hearted, as opposed to a lot of prime Angels in the Diablo-verse (looking at you two, Imperius and Malthael). 98% of her quotes are really kind, assuring and compassionate, believing the best of everyone, she really lives up to her title Archangel of Hope, and she even believes that one day, even Imperius will finally listen to reason. Unless of course, you're rotten to the core (like Gul'dan), in which she rightfully won't give any of those heartwarmers.
    • Of note is her interactions with Leoric, where she makes it clear that she regrets not stepping in to help the land of Tristram when Diablo first appeared.
    Leoric: You have something to say, Angel?
    Auriel: Only that I wish the High Heavens could have aided your kingdom.
  • It's a small touch, but in the in-game shop, when you select a hero you don't own, the line they recite changes after you purchase them. Specifically, the heroes waiting to be purchased will act with curiosity, dismissiveness, or try to 'sell' themselves to you. But the ones you own will act happy to see you and warmly greet you as a friend/commander. Examples of selection pre- and post-purchase include:
    Valla: How may I help?/Well met, friend.
    Varian: Stormwind honors those who serve./Ah, commander!
    Tracer: Look out world; Tracer's here!/Hiya!!!
    Muradin: What can I do for ya?/Great t' see ya!
    Sylvanas: Stand with me, or fall before me!/The Dark Lady watches over you.
    Kael'thas: For Quel'Thalas!/Greetings, warrior!
    Zagara: Speak, Terran./How may I assist you?
    Zeratul: The Void beckons./Greetings, friend.
    Tassadar: Greetings, strange one./Hail, Executor!
    Brightwing: Hello! I am happy to meet you!/We are friends now! Hello friend!
    Rehgar: Mogra!/Ancestors watch over you!
    Thrall: Lok'tar!/What is it you wish, friend?
    Lt. Morales: State the nature of your medical emergency./Always a pleasure to see you, Commander.
    Tyrael: Hail, mortal./Your presence honors me.
    Falstad: For Khaz-Modan!/How's it going, laddie?
    Zarya: I am, Mother Russia./Huh, hello friend!
    Nazeebo: Welcome.../It is good to see you again, friend!
    Abathur: Spin sequences good./Not good enough. Can improve.
    Nova: Nova here./Well, look who it is.
    Stukov: Keep your mind clear./Speak freely, Captain.
    Xul: Death...Is at my command./Ahh! A familiar face.
    Auriel: Hail to you, champion./May you ever walk in Heavens' light.
    Tyrande: Ishnu-alah./May Elune light your path.
    Jaina: For the Alliance!/Greetings, friend!
    The Lost Vikings: (Baelog) Vikings, ASSEMBLE!/(Olaf) Hail, mighty keyboard warrior!
    Zul'jin: Hey, wha' you wan'?/Ah, look who it is!
    Valeera: Why, hello./Well met, my friend!
    D.Va: So, you ready to play?/Oh, my number one fan!
    Space Lord Leoric: This disturbance had best be important./Ah, a familiar presence.
    Raynor: He-hey, man!/What's the story?
    Cassia: Welcome, warrior./Are you seeking guidance?
    Uther: Hail stranger./Greetings, friend.
    Cho'Gall: (Cho) The Hour of Twilight is at hand! (Gall) Finally!/(Gall) The master calls us! (Cho) So it seems.
    Whitemane: Show respect, acolyte./Ah. My champion has returned.
  • Contrary to his interactions with most Horde heroes (who he can be quite cold toward), Varian and Rehgar are genuinely happy to see each other again. The same thing can be said with Valeera's interactions with both of them.
    Varian: I hear you've become a respectable shaman, Rehgar.
    Rehgar: Time changes many things, Croc-bait. I am no exception.

    Valeera: Varian, figured I'd find you here. Can't stay out of trouble, can you?
    Varian: As if you'd have it any other way.
  • The trailer for Probius is the most adorable thing ever.
  • The interaction between D.Va and Lucio at the start of the game. D'awwwww.
    D.Va: Lucio! How's my favourite international DJ?
    Lucio: I play a lotta music, but you're still my favourite Song.
  • For a cross-game Patriotic Companionship, there's the fact that Zarya and Stukov, two Russian heroes, get along very well. Never mind that Stukov is now part-Zerg...
  • Genji has a special start-of-game interaction with characters such as Kerrigan, Sylvanas, and Stukov, empathizing with their plight and encouraging them to make peace with what they've become, as he has. Given that these characters tend to be treated with disdain by other "good" characters, this really speaks volumes about Genji's character.
    Sylvanas: What joy is there in this curse?
    Genji: I have made peace with what I have become. Perhaps, one day, you can say the same.
  • Hanzo is slightly confused about whether he's considered a good or bad guy, and he sees himself as someone irredeemable. Seeing him doing a respectful spar with Alexstrasza, considered one of the Big Good of Warcraft (at least amongst the Dragonflights), and her commending him is pretty heartwarming that she acknowledges his good side.
  • Auriel and Tyrael's interactions pre-match count as this.
    Tyrael: Auriel! So hope shines upon this realm, after all!
    Auriel: I am glad to stand beside you Tyrael

    Auriel: It fills me with joy to see you again Tyrael.
    Tyrael: Likewise, Auriel, your presence fills me with hope.
  • The dialogue between Varian and Anduin.
    Anduin: Father? How is this possible? We've... I've... had to endure so much without you.
    Varian: I will always watch over you, my son. No matter what.

    Varian: Anduin, my son. You've grown.
    Anduin: Father? I-it's really you! I don't believe this!
    • Anduin has unique dialogue for using Leap of Faith on Varian, and one of the options in particular is "Not this time!". In the Nexus, Anduin can do what he doubtless wishes he could have done in Azeroth: save his father's life.

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