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  • Bouncing back from a position of disadvantage to win the match. Like this.
  • Pulling off a victory via a Foe-Tossing Charge to the enemy's core. Even more awesome if the enemy team is trying to do the same.
  • Getting a line-up of characters who actually get along and hearing them voice their enthusiasm at being chosen to work together, whether it's forming The Alliance or a Big Bad Ensemble.
    Uther: Hail, friend! What d'you say, ready to dispense some justice?
    Tassadar: Let us march onward to victory!

    Azmodan: You appear to be ready for war!
    Zagara: Let us show these fools... the fury of the Swarm!
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  • Some characters have special interactions with each other, which range from funny to downright awesome.
    Cho: Gul'dan? You...
    Gall: You should be dead!
    Gul'dan: Should I now? You'll have to tell me all about this later...

    Thrall: So... they sent you.

    Samuro: My clan was reduced to demon worshippers because of you!
    Medivh: ...I know I have made mistakes in the past. I am here to correct them.

    Varian: Valeera! Remember any of our old strategies?
    Valeera: Watching you kill everything is not a strategy.

    Falstad: Ready t' show these buggers what a couple a' dwarves can do?
    Muradin: Damn straight!

    Xul: Those who disturb the balance will be unmade!
    Malthael: Humanity's destruction will bring a new balance.

    Maiev: Illidan! I will hunt you down for as long as I live!
    Illidan: Then for your sake, I hope you die.

    Imperius: Tyrael! Ancient law strictly forbids us from interfering with the mortal world. Yet you have done so, brazenly!
    Tyrael: You cannot judge me. I am justice itself!
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  • Greymane gets to call out Arthas for his actions.
    Greymane: Everything I did was for Gilneas! Everything you did was for yourself!
  • Certain kill quotes from one specific hero to another are plenty awesome. Anything involving Laser-Guided Karma is always a nice touch.
    • Arthas gets to be on the receiving end of several unique kill quotes, mostly from past victims looking for revenge.
    • Even characters that don't know Arthas have pretty good lines:
    Xul: Merely a boy, masquerading as a god of death.
    Malthael: Death spares no king.
    • Diablo gets faced with this from Sonya, Li-Ming, and Leoric, who invoke some of his past misdeeds — choosing Leah as his vessel and possessing Leoric's sons Aiden and Albrecht. note 
    Leoric: Justice for my sons! Oh, and for driving me insane!
    Li-Ming: That was for Leah!
    Sonya: That is for Leah!
    • Other characters outside of Diablo get a good quote in if they kill Diablo:
    Tychus: Well, would you look at that? Even the Devil bleeds.
    Artanis: That was for Fenix!
    Nova: I never get tired of that!
    Sgt. Hammer: Ding-dong, the witch is dead!
    Tassadar: To defeat a swarm... tear out its heart!
    Tychus: And there ain't nobody to save you this time!
    Zeratul: For Raszagal!
    Stukov: Consider this my resignation.
    • Sylvanas thought she got away from being killed by Greymane. She was wrong!
    Greymane: [as human] Justice for Liam! For all Gilneans!
    Greymane: [as worgen] At last, I spill your putrid blood!
    • Nobody likes Gul'dan, and they make it known.
    Garrosh: Times change, but you still die.
    Stukov: What are you to a man with no fear?
    Zul'jin: Ha! Orgrim always said you were weak!
    Varian: Tell your demon masters I am coming for them.
  • Stukov has a few quotes, expanding on Lt. Morales' backstory. Apparently they even had some kind of direct history, and Stukov sounds more angry at her than any other Hero.
    Stukov: Lieutenant Morales. I could call you a traitor, but aren't we all?
    Morales: Sure. Whatever. Let's just get this over with.

    Morales: Great, I gotta work with you?
    Stukov: Come now, Lieutenant. Is that any way to speak to your former Vice Admiral?

  • Using a Heroic Ability rewards you with an awesome Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    Alarak: Meet my blades! (Deadly Charge)/I defy your strength! (Counter-Strike)
    Alexstrasza: The Aspect of Life rises against you! (Cleansing Flame)/Our lives are bound together. (Life-Binder)
    Ana: Nano-Boost administrated! (Nano-Boost)/The ghost watches. (Eye of Horus)
    Anduin: We stand as one! FOR THE ALLIANCE! (Holy Word: Salvation)/The Light shall burn you! (Lightbomb)
    Anub'arak: Embrace the web of death! (Cocoon)/Pestilence upon you! (Locust Swarm)
    Artanis: Activate Purifier Beam! (Purifier Beam)/Take their vision away! (Suppression Pulse)
    Arthas: Let the army of the damned RISE! (Army of the Dead)/Sindragosa! Let loose your wrath! (Summon Sindragosa)
    Auriel: Let my blessing be your shield! (Crystal Aegis)
    Azmodan: Drown in the tide of sin! (Black Pool)/*Evil Laugh* You though you were so clever... (Demonic Invasion)
    Blaze: Into the pillbox! (Bunker Drop)/Ashes to ashes. (Combustion)
    Brightwing: Healing among friends! (Blink Heal)/Go away!!! (Emerald Wind)
    Cassia: Suffer the might of THE STORM! (Ball Lightning)/Lend me your aid, sister! (Valkyrie)
    Cho: Get over here! (Upheaval)/Behold, the breaker of worlds! (Hammer of Twilight)
    Chromie: Power of the Bronze Dragonflight! (Slowing Sands)/See you in a few moments! (Temporal Loop)
    Chen: Storm, Earth, Fire, heed my call! (Storm, Earth, Fire)/Let's roll! (Wandering Keg)
    Deathwing: My shadow will engulf this realm! (Dragonflight) /All will burn beneath the shadow of my wings! (Cataclysm)
    Deckard: *Ahem*... Stay awhile and listen! (Stay Awhile and Listen)/Ignorance will be your undoing! (Lorenado)
    Diablo: Now, you shall know my wrath! (Apocalypse)/*inarticulate roar* (Lightning Breath)
    D.Va: Nerf THIS! (Self Destruct)/Bunny hop! Aw yeah! (Bunny Hop)/You lose! (Big Shot)
    E.T.C.: Storm! Black clouds fill the sky!(Mosh Pit)/Look out below!!! (Stage Dive)
    Falstad: Ride the lightning! (Hinterland Blast)/It's BOOM time! (Mighty Gust)
    Fenix: Acquiring targets. (Purification Salvo)
    Gall: Come havoc! Come INFINITE NIGHT! (Shadow Bolt Volley)/Oblivion has come! (Twisting Nether)
    Garrosh: LOK'TAR OGAR!/For the TRUE HORDE! (Warlord's Challenge)
    Gazlowe: Here comes the mudda of all explosions! (Grav-o-bomb 3000)/Yea-haha! Rock 'em and sock 'em! (Robo-Goblin)
    Genji: Ryuujin no ken wo kurae! [I strike with the blade of the dragon!] (Dragonblade) /Ryuu gekiken! [The dragon becomes me!] (X-Strike)
    Greymane: The beast within! (Go for the Throat)/Now YOU are the prey! (Cursed Bullet)
    Gul'dan: Such feeble minds!(Horrify)/Bear witness to the Master's true power!(Rain of Destruction)
    Hanzo: Ryū ga waga teki o kurau! [Let the dragon consume you!] (Dragonstrike)
    Hogger: Hogger shaaaaare! Hehehahahahuhu! (Hoardapult)/Smash and smash and SMAAAASH! (Shockwave)
    Illidan: YOU!! ARE NOT!! PREPAAARED!!! (The Hunt)/NOW I AM COMPLETE! (Metamorphosis)
    Imperius: Behold Heaven's arsenal! (Angelic Armaments)/You will answer for your transgressions! (Wrath of the Angiris)
    Jaina: Rise, servant of Neptulon! (Summon Water Elemental)/Ring of Frost! (Ring of Frost)
    Johanna: FAITH is my shield! (Blessed Shield)/May the Heavens' wrath fall! (Falling Sword)
    Junkrat: FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! (RIP-Tire) /LET'S GO FOR A RIDE!!! (Rocket Ride)
    Kael'thas: Behold... the phoenix god, Al'ar! (Phoenix)/And now you will taste true power! (Pyroblast)
    Kel'thuzad: I will freeze the blood in your veins! (Frost Blast)/The dark void CONSUMES! (Shadow Fissure)
    Kerrigan: Unbridled FURY! (Maelstrom)/Sic 'em! (Summon Ultralisk)
    Kharazim: The gods strike through me! (Seven-Sided Strike)/A thousand and one blessings upon you. (Divine Palm)
    Leoric: You DARE bring the warmth of life into my tomb?! (Entomb)/AH-HAHAHAHAHA! (March of the Black King)
    Li Li: Yeah! Brew's on the house! (Jug of 1,000 Cups)/C'mon, Draggy! Do your thing! (Water Dragon)
    Li-Ming: A taste of the Arcane! (Disintegrate)/That is ENOUGH! (Wave of Force)
    Lt. Morales: Nano-Stim Deployed! (Stim Drone)/Heal bus is here! Fall in! (Medivac Dropship)
    Lúcio: Oh, let's break it DOWN! (Sound Barrier)
    Lunara: Ha-HAHA! (Leaping Strike)/You can't run from nature! (Thornwood Vine)
    Maiev: This will be your PRISON!!! (Containment Disc)/Abandon hope! (Warden's Cage)
    Malfurion: Gather my friends, and be healed! (Tranquility)/Let our enemies beware!! (Twilight Dream)
    Mal'Ganis: None can oppose me! (Carrion Swarm)/Your life will sustain me. (Dark Conversion)
    Medivh: Ah, the whimsical flows of magic. (Poly Bomb)/You've wasted enough of my time! (Ley Line Seal)
    Mei: 雪球大炮! [Snowball cannon!] (Avalanche)/冰墙,升起来吧! [Ice wall, rise up!] (Ice Wall)
    Mephisto: None can hide...from the Lord of HATRED! (Consume Souls)/Know now the indignity of imprisonment! (Durance of Hate)
    Muradin: KHAAAAZ MOOOO-DAAAAAAN! (Avatar)/Ha, ha, ha! That's how we do it! (Haymaker)
    Murky: *Horn blowing* (March of the Murlocs)
    Nazeebo: Rise, gargantuan! Defend this land! (Gargantuan)/Devour everything! (Ravenous Spirit)
    Nova: Terminating, with extreme prejudice! (Triple Tap)/Here comes the light show! (Precision Strike)
    Orphea: The power of my ancestors takes form! (Eternal Feast)/Going somewhere? (Crushing Jaws)
    Qhira: Meet your end with dignity! (Unrelenting Strikes)/Mother crystal, guide my blade! (Final Strike)
    Ragnaros: BEHOLD, RAGNAROS! (Molten Core)/BY FIRE, BE PURGED! (Lava Wave)/SULFURAS WILL BE YOUR END! (Sulfuras Smash)
    Raynor: Light 'em up, Matt! (Hyperion)/Rain down hell down on my target! (Raynor's Raiders)
    Rehgar: Bathe in the power of the Horde! (Bloodlust)/You're not dying on me! (Ancestral Healing)
    Rexxar: Misha, KILL! (Bestial Wrath)/Track them down! (Unleash the Boars)
    Samuro: Meet your death! (Bladestorm)
    Sgt. Hammer: Let's rain down some hellfire! (Napalm Blast)/Time for the BIG GUN! (Blunt Force Gun)
    Sonya: Crumble before me! (Wrath of the Berserker)/Ah-AHHHHH!!! (Leap)
    Stiches: Huahehhahuhahahhehhaha! (Putrid Bile)/Ready to play? (Gorge)
    Stukov: Get out! (Massive Shove)/Now I will show you a MONSTER! (Flailing Arm)
    Sylvanas: May my aim be true! (Wailing Arrow)/*singing* Anar'alah... (Mind Control)
    Tassadar: The Void and Khala, AS ONE! (Archon Mode)/FORCE WALL!!! (Force Wall)
    Thrall: ENOUGH! (Sundering)/Earth, swallow my enemies! (Earthquake)
    Tracer: You need a time-out! (Pulse Bomb)
    Tychus: Yeah, hahahahahah! (Commandeer Odin)/Burn, baby, burn! (Drakken Laser Drill)
    Tyrael: Embrace judgement! (Judgment)/Stand firm, friends! (Sanctification)
    Tyrande: Burn in the goddess' light! (Starfall)/We meld with the shadow! (Shadowstalk)
    Uther: Fear not! The Light is with you! (Divine Shield)/DIVINE STORM! (Divine Storm)
    Valeera: There's smoke in your eye! (Smoke Bomb)/Shadows envelop me! (Cloak of Shadows)
    Valla: You cannot escape my wrath! (Strafe)/Let vengeance take you! (Rain of Vengeance)
    Varian: Face me! (Taunt)/Fall before the might of the king! (Colossus Smash)
    Whitemane: The Light shall protect you, champions! (Scarlet Aegis)/Let corruption know the flame! (Divine Reckoning)
    Xul: Poison Nova! (Poison Nova)/Rise in my service! (Skeletal Mages)
    Yrel: You cannot break me! (Ardent Defender) / The Light protects me! (Sacred Ground)
    Zagara: The Swarm consumes! (Devouring Maw)/Rise, Nydus!(Nydus Network)
    Zarya: Огонь по готовности! [Fire at will!] (Graviton Surge)/Прочь с дороги! [Get out of the way!] (Expulsion Zone)
    Zeratul: Your fate is sealed! (Void Prison)/The void claims you! (Shadow Assault)
    Zul'jin: TAAAAAAZ'DINGO!!! (Taz'dingo)/Here come the big axe! (Guillotine)
  • For those not happy with characterizations of certain characters in World of Warcraft, Blizzard have provided a meta-apology note. Author's Saving Throw for everyone! Thrall is still the take-charge, kick-ass Warchief of the Horde! Jaina is her old peace loving self, but with a greater willingness to fight for it! Sylvanas is still a seeker of vengeance instead of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope! Illidan is back to his old composite Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain personality rather than suffering from Chronic Villainy! Arthas is proactive and a Frontline General, not faking Orcus on His Throne while trying to pull off a Batman Gambit! Kael'thas is still his people's prince, not Kil'jaeden's puppet!
  • Li Li may be a Tier-Induced Scrappy, but damn, is it awesome to have Li Li heal the team in the middle of a massive battle, turning the tide. Especially if it's via "Jug of 1,000 Cups".
  • Kharazim's trailer. While Diablo made an appearance fighting Johanna on her trailer, she only had an off-screen fight with him. Kharazim, on the other hand, went straight for the jugulars and punched The Lord of Terror in the jaw.
    • And the ending narration. Shivers...
    Kharazim: I am Kharazim, Monk of Ivgorod. The Gods speak through me... and they want a word with you!
  • Meta-wise... well we may not know how it turns out eventually, but you gotta admit that Blizzard got balls when they announced just exactly how Cho'gall works: Two players controlling one character. At that point, it's the most original character concept in the whole Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, not even Valve, S2, Riot and Hi-Rez ever thought of that!
    • Deathwing. Go to his character page and check Mechanically Unusual Fighter, and you'll see a list longer than some trope pages for characters. But the biggest one: No interaction with any sort of ally assistance: Everyone is beneath him.
  • Cho'gall's trailer, especially near the end where he boasts about the benefits of two separate heads.
    Cho: If the two of us have learned anything fighting fools like these before, it's that...
    Gall: When we work as one, none can stand against us!
  • The Vulture mount, if you get it via referring to friends and having four of them reach level 10. It might look normal, but the sight of fantasy-based characters like Thrall or Diablo being turned into Badass Biker riding future technology that would not have existed in their default timelines is a very awesome concept come to life.
  • The "Azmodunk" meme received a Legendary skin, which really goes to show the connection between the fanbase and the developers. "Meme-skins" continued with the release of Dreadlord Jaina—note that this isn't just a reskin (like Angelic Diablo) but a fully-re-voiced version with appropriately different lines to boot!note  This trend was continued by D.Va getting a Deathwing skin, a nod to how the teaser for the 'Hanamura Showdown' cinematic led everyone to believe the next hero was Deathwing instead of her, which led to backlash.
  • The Gul'dan Trailer surprisingly gives one to Arthas, of all people. For one thing, he's the designated Butt-Monkey and at first, it was shown that it was to be repeated again, where he got pestered nonstop by Tracer... until he properly lands his Howling Blast on the very slippery Tracer. For someone who was doomed to be the Butt-Monkey of the game, Arthas looks like he's taking the necessary steps to reclaim his evil prominence.
    • This is eventually followed by a Big Damn Heroes by Medivh, fulfilling his promise about his warning and protecting the team from Gul'dan's Rain of Destruction
  • Auriel's trailer. Let's see if Diablo likes being whipped around by the Angel he turned into a Distressed Damsel in her game of origin.
  • Getting a kill with Sgt. Hammer's BFG from across the map.
  • Varian has come a long way from being just an ascended comic character, that pretty much his entrance in the Nexus is treated like he just ascended to a Warrior Heaven post-mortem and then he tops it off by soloing Ragnaros.
  • Probius. They took a Worker Unit and made it into a full-fledged hero.
    • Even better, his cinematic. Enemy team of Ragnaros, Azmodan, Dehaka, Butcher, and Cho'Gall (yes, six players at once) just wiped out his team. And suddenly, his Pylons rise and slaughtered the team. 6 players. Beaten by a Worker Unit. Ha. The Legacy of the Void cinematic spoke the truth: Probe OP.
  • After about three years since we saw Prime Evil Diablo duke it out against Raynor in the game's first cinematic, he is finally arriving to the Nexus as a Legendary Skin for the Lord of Terror. And it is every bit as incredible (and terrifying) as you could imagine.
  • The entire Hanamura Showdown cinematic. It's a two minute fight scene between Diablo and Genji, with gratuitous slow-mo shots and over-the-top badass action. Then, Diablo gets the upper hand and pins Genji on a wall. Just before he can finish Genji off, D.Va appears out of nowhere, distracting Diablo for long so that the two of them can break off and charge in on Diablo for the final blow.
    • Genji unleashing the Dragonblade on Diablo and sending him flying backwards with one stroke, complete with his trademark "RYUUJIN NO KEN WO KURAE!". Diablo then gets up and throws the freaking Hanamura bell at Genji, who actually brushes it aside.
    • Genji's narration makes D.Va's Big Damn Heroes so much sweeter:
    Genji: But on my journey I learned another lesson... you do not have to fight alone!
    (D.Va swoops in and blasts the hell out of Diablo)
    D.Va: LET'S DO THIS!
  • Obey the Call. After years of clamoring, the most awaited Kel'Thu-freaking-zad makes his entrance into the Nexus with all the fanfare it deserves. From Jaina leaping off Death Knight Sonya's axe sky-high, revealing herself as a Dreadlord, to Hammer punching Crypt Queen Zagara in the face, and finally Kel'Thuzad utterly shattering Varian, Johanna and Hammer's icy tombs, complete with an Unflinching 'Walk' (he actually floats, but does the same thing with that) by him and his posse from the shattering ice.
  • Dragons of the Nexus. We finally get Alexstrasza and she's in a spectacular duel with Hanzo. Also, Hanzo manages to make up for how last time he had his Dragonstrike turned around by Genji in the Dragons cinematic , this time, it takes down Alexstrazsa in her dragon form. At the end it turns out the fight was actually a sparring practice. After they realize they're ready, the fog around them clears away and they look upon Dragon Shire while portals to the other Blizzard franchises open in the sky.
  • Though mainly a funny moment, the reveal trailer for Blaze the Veteran Firebat showing his model at the end, lit up by the burning Zerg carcasses surrounding him, evokes quite a few chills the moment he drops the unit's signature line.
    Blaze: Need a light?
  • MechaStorm, a trailer for Xenotech Abathur, Mecha Rehgar, and Mecha Tyrael. It's jampacked with just about every Super Robot Genre cliche in the book, and it's awesome.

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