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Heartwarming / Henry Stickmin Series

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  • During the "RPE Rapidly Promoted Executive Ending" of Infiltrating the Airship, Henry becomes the new leader of the Toppat clan. He then proceeds to steal money from the bank he was originally trying to steal from in Breaking The Bank.
  • If you go the Earpiece route and pick Disguise when it comes up, you learn that Smith, the guy you disguised yourself as, has a wife. Apparently, she has just gone into labor, and the others are more than happy to let you go meet her in the hospital.
    • This is further referenced in GI ending in Complex, where Henry flees The Wall with a dinghy, but the guards thought it was Smith going off to see his family.
    • For bonus points, if it's the same Smith, that means he turned over a new leaf after the events of Airship, likely for the sake of his new family.
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  • The "Convict Allies" route of "Fleeing the Complex." After four games (mostly) going it alone and fighting everyone along the way, it's refreshing and sweet to see Henry joining forces with fellow inmate Ellie to achieve an epic ending through The Power of Friendship. What makes it even more heartwarming is the final scene, where the Wall's Overseer has tackled Henry while Ellie is already sitting on the motorcycle. She is in a perfect position to save herself and leave Henry to his fate, but she chooses to rescue him anyway.
  • In the "Wait For Transfer—>Government" route in Complex, Charles seems to think fondly of when you two worked together in Airship.
    Charles: (Upon noting a guard between him and Henry) I got this. Yeah, it'll be just like the old times!
    • The “Government” route in general. Henry and Charles seem to have a friendlier relationship and they seem to work well as a team. Compared to ”The Betrayed” ending where the former Toppat Clan leader saves Henry and then drops him to his doom just to reclaim his title, this is a much better outcome.

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