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Avoid using First-Person Writing please.

The unnamed undercover Toppat Agent in "Complex" is Smith
In both Airship and Complex, a character named Smith is mentioned. In "Airship", he is evidently a member of the Toppat Clan, and has a wife who has just gone into labor. In the Ghost Inmate route of "Complex", he is apparently working at the Complex, since the guards down at the dock think the fleeing Henry is actually Smith, going off to see his family. The same game, during the The Betrayed ending, reveals that the Toppat Clan has a mole inside the Complex. Put one and one together and it's not too hard to guess that this mole is most likely Smith.
  • Jossed by the bios. Though it is worth noting that Gordon Smith (yes, we now know his first name) does appear in "Complex". (He's in the cafeteria sleeping.)

Henry is a SHIFTer.
This would help to explain how well Henry does in the successful endings: he just brute forces all the choices, jumping to another timeline when he messes up. This would also make every ending and fail of every game canon, explaining the aversion to Cutting Off the Branches and the use of Schrödinger's Gun.
  • Although he isn't a SHIFTer, alternate timelines are confirmed in Completing the Mission.

The sixth game will feature another Gadget Gabe device... which will work.
It's too good a joke to pass up.
  • Confirmed, kind of. One of the choices in 'Mission' is between three devices, ALL of which have been reviewed by Gadget Gabe. It's up to you to pick the right one.
    • A more traditional Gadget Gabe item is featured in the GSPI/IRO route: Henry has a choice between Portrait Portal, Bug Juice, and a Switcher. The correct option is the Switcher.

Henry has a Superpower Lottery.
During Jacksepticeye's playthrough of Complex, he wonders why Henry didn't just flash out of the complex to start with. The reasoning is that the choices the player selects are random selections of said Superpower Lottery, with each power lasting a short time.

Ellie was once a Haven Trooper.
(Note: This is an crackpot theory.)

  • Why else would Ellie be in The Wall? Because she was a part of a notorious mercenary group.
How did she get caught? She got distracted by overhearing two soldiers waxing philosophy. Most members of her group tend to love that in a man.
  • Alternatively, she could have the HAVEN trooper costume as one of her gadget options for the final game.@Love 777

The ‘true canon’ endings are...
Moneybag->Badass->Undetected->Pure-Blooded Thief->Convict Allies. If a singular timeline is ever nailed down, it will go through those endings.

  • Moneybag is the only ‘successful’ ending of Bank.

  • Badass is the only ending in Prison where Henry steals a police car. This car later appears in the beginning of Airship, making it canon that Henry stole it for all paths in the game.

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  • Henry’s scooter is destroyed in the Aggressive ending of Diamond, yet reappears at the beginning of Airship - thus Aggressive is non-canon. From there it’s a toss-up between Undetected and Epic, but is there really any chance that Henry would willingly leave the Diamond behind like he does in the Epic ending?

  • The Government endings in Airship are extremely unlikely to lead to Henry’s imprisonment in the Complex, as his criminal record was cleared. The Toppat ending would presumably lead to the now-non-canon Betrayed ending in Complex. The Lightning-Quick Larcenist ‘ending’ gets Henry killed. That leaves the Pure-Blooded Thief as the most-canon ending.

  • Convict Allies is just the best ending of Complex, and Ellie was well-liked enough that Puffballs included her as an ally in Completing the Mission. Honestly there’s not much to go on here, but it just feels like the correct ending if ever there was one.

    • It feels like Epic is canon over Undetected because Undetected makes reference to the Lame Ending of "Prison" and would likely keep the government from knowing Henry stole the titular diamond from "Diamond"

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    • Don't treat The Betrayed Ending as automatically non-canon, you can choose it in Completing the Mission, as a screenshot reveals.

  • 'Completing the Mission' is out, and it has revealed that ALL of the endings are canon... kind of. 'Mission' has an entirely different plot depending on which combination of endings from 'Airship' and 'Complex' you choose, though some are incompatible with others (for instance, the Rapidly Promoted Executive rank in 'Airship' (Henry took over the Toppat clan) cannot be used with the Government Rescue Operative rank in 'Complex' (Charles rescues you from the Wall).

  • Jossed entirely; Puffballs himself confirmed on Twitter that all endings are canon, stating that having a canon path defeats the purpose of being able to choose your own path. (Which makes sense; why give people a choice only to later say that some choices are wrong?) If you want proof in the game, an Omega Ending shows that all endings are part of a collective multiverse.

Choosing "The Betrayed" as the ending for Complex will be an instant fail in the next game
Concept art for the final Henry Stickmin game, Completing the Mission, suggests that at the start of this game the player is asked to choose which endings from Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex they wish to continue from, and this will determine what situations Henry finds himself in during the game.

Surprisingly, "The Betrayed" can also be chosen as an ending to continue from, even though Word of God stated Henry dies in that ending.

So, either the creators changed their mind, or choosing this ending as a starting point will lead to an immediate fail, with the fail screen claiming that Henry is dead.

  • Maybe choosing “The Betrayed” ends up revealing Henry had a child before his death, and we’re playing as Stickmin jr, finishing the job his father started.
    • Or maybe we will play as a friend of Henry we never saw before who wants to avenge him, or a member of the Toppat clan who preferred Henry as a leader and thus become a traitor to the clan.
    • Jossed. Choosing "The Betrayed" ending leads to the "Revenged" ending of Mission, in which Henry has been revived as a Cyborg and gets his revenge on the Toppat Clan.

There will be a limit to which endings from Airship and Complex you can combine for Mission
While it's a nice touch to let the player wield Schrödinger's Gun at the start of Mission, and choose which endings should be treated as canon, there remains the fact that some endings from these games are simply not compatible. "The Betrayed" from Complex for example is only possible if Henry is the leader of the Toppat Clan, and thus only compatible with "Rapidly Promoted Executive" from Airship. Likewise, "International Rescue Operative" is only a likely scenario if Henry is still on good terms with his government, and thus only compatible with "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter".
  • A screenshot heavily implies this is true, as The Betrayed Ending can't be chosen after the Goverment Supported Private Investigator Ending was chosen.
  • Confirmed. "International Rescue Operative" can only be paired with "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter". And "The Betrayed" can only be paired with "Rapidly Promoted Executive".

Ellie has a relative working in museum security.
As revealed by bios, one of the guards (Jacob; top right of page one of Diamond) has the same surname as Ellie, "Rose." With so many Punny Names and the like, wouldn't them sharing a last name be significant?
  • If this is confirmed, then it might be a funny case of Sibling Yin-Yang, with Jacob being a law-abiding guard and Ellie being a master criminal.
  • Jossed. During the first part of the Developer Commentary stream, Puff confirmed that Jacob and Ellie are not related.

Henry is fat, or at least heavier than average
Two of the fails across the series mocked how fat Henry is. With every character being drawn consistently with a stick body regardless of their supposed body type and shape, it's possible that Henry is meant to be fat, or at least having a stocky build.

Dave was imprisoned in the Airship by the Mayor himself.
In the Valiant Hero ending, the mayor is shown to be a member of the Toppat Clan if Henry and Charles try to get on the luxury escape pod. He was likely trying to steal the diamond in STD for the Toppats except Henry beat him to the punch. While he was trying to save face with his Toppat superiors, they ended up getting eavesdropped by Dave who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Deciding He Knows Too Much, the Mayor and the Toppat Clan immediately apprehended Dave and kept him under lock and key in the Airship until freed by Henry in the Pure-Blooded Thief and Toppat Civil War endings.

If one more game in the series is made, it will star Ellie and be set before Complex
Due to the myriad endings and beginnings of Mission, making a proper sequel is next-to-impossible. But, we never found out why Ellie was in the complex in the first place...
  • There might also be possibility for branches of non-CA pathes from Ellie's perspective, and maybe some Ct M pathes, but it's unlikely.

The CCC were responsible for Henry ending up at The Wall.
They wanted to prevent him from creating more chaos. They seem to have failed.
  • Jossed. The trailer for Complex confirms Grigori proposed imprisoning Henry to Dmitri.

The SuccPak (Government/Ghost route in Mission) has a built-in Infini^3.
After all, both of them are Gadget Gabe gadgets, and the SuccPak obviously has to have some sort of Hammerspace-based storage in order to fit all the contents of the Toppat Orbital Station's cargo bay (barring the car that Henry escapes in with the rest of the stuff).

Snowcap is romantically interested in Icepick.
While Icepick is busy whining about caravan protocol, Snowcap is calmly reassuring him that being on the train will be an enjoyable experience. Granted, this doesn't really imply much, but Snowcap's mannerisms (particularly, at the start of Little Nest Egg, where he has a Longing Look at Icepick before talking) seem as though they imply that he views Icepick as more than just a friend. Further emphasized by Snowcap looking pissed at the Mysterious Vagabond when he bumps into Icepick, and doesn't seem to be as chill when he's on the train out of Icepick's vicinity.

Burt is scared of Sven and feels safe when Reginald and RHM are in-charge.
The only moment where Burt Curtis isn't calm is in the "Super-Accurate Laser Shot" option during the VH ending. It follows GSPI, where Sven Svensson becomes the Toppat Leader after Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man are arrested. It's perhaps because Burt felt safer with Reg and RHM in-charge. Why?

  • For starters, they've been around for a while.
  • Second, they cared about the Toppat Clan.
    • Reginald wants the Toppats to have a good leader who's big on loyalty and knows how to be a leader: Reginald sees himself as such, explaining why he betrayed Henry in TB.
    • The Right Hand Man is the most loyal Toppat that we know of, allowing to give up his hatred of Henry if Reg trusts him.

With the two being good and caring leaders, Burt feels safe when they are in charge. Sven, however?

  • He became the leader a few months ago at best, as the entire series happened in one year. He's new and clearly doesn't know much.
  • He doesn't even want to be the Toppat Leader.
  • He doesn't hestitate to leave some Toppats behind if he has to.

Burt doesn't feel as safe as before when the Toppat Leader is an unwilling new guy who doesn't hestitate to leave him behind. He panicked in the SALS option above because he feared what Sven could do.

Sven would be remembered as a bad Toppat Leader and would get overthrown.
As mentioned in the previous WMG, Sven Svensson is a Bad Boss, willing to leave his fellow Toppats behind. The Toppat Clan is known for being big on loyalty. A leader who can and will leave his men behind is pretty much the opposite of loyal. It would be a matter of time before Sven would get overthrown and hated for generations to come due to his bad leadership and lack of loyalty.

General Galeforce covered up the fact that Henry stole the Tunisian Diamond and blamed it on the Toppat Clan.
So, as revealed in Jewel Baron, the public thinks that the Toppat Clan are the ones who stole the Tunisian Diamond. Justifiable, seeing as they already own the Norwegian Emerald and the Romanian Ruby, and it was revealed that Mayor Fredrickson was secretly a high-ranking Toppat who had a plan involving stealing the Diamond. However, the intro for Infiltrating the Airship reveals that Galeforce (and by extension, Rupert and Charles) know that it was Henry. The answer to this?

Galeforce purposefully blamed it on the Toppat Clan and got rid of anything connecting Henry to the theft so there will be more dirt on the Toppats.

All three main characters have the ability to remember, at least partially, what happened in other routes and fails
All the main characters, Henry, Charles and Ellie, have at least one case where they seemingly remember something that they shouldn't, because it happened in a fail, meaning that it never happened for them.

Henry seemingly remember all the times the Teleporter didn't work, becoming increasingly more afraid of using it, until he choose to destroy it in Mission. These include the time he got stuck in wall in Bank, got shot in the fire range in Prison, got stuck in an empty dimension in Airship and got teleported into Starcraft in Complex.

Charles, in the Government/Rescue route when the player choose to use the IR Sniper, seem to remember when in Complex he accidentally shot Henry with a sniper, saying that "there is zero chance I will hit you with that". But he never took the shot back in Complex. If you choose ”charles” in Government/Dead route, charles said “I’ve always wanted to that” After he crash his ship. Meaning he knows he would crash his helicopter/ship so many times.

  • Charles saying "I’ve always wanted to that" doesn't mean he know he would crash his helicopter multiple times, every time he crashed it is technically the first time because they all lead to a fail except for the one in Mission. It just means that he was waiting for the opportunity to do it at least once in his life, but it's not a proof of him remembering the fails at all.

Ellie in Complex instinctively shoot Henry with the Taser, when choose in combination with the Sniper Rifle. She seemingly already knows about Henry's bad aim and the accident that happens if combined Sniper Rifle and Crossbow, where Henry erroneously shoot Ellie, which never happened.


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