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  • Who sent Henry the cake?
    • Knowing how Crazy-Prepared he is, he probably sent it to himself; he gave it to the post office ahead of time with specific instructions to hold it for a few weeks before mailing it.
    • He does seem surprised when it opens, so it’s likely that he didn’t know about it beforehand. More likely, it was sent by the Army guys as a test for Henry. Hence how they find him no matter which ending he gets in Prison — they were keeping tabs on him the whole time.
      • It’s possible he’s just surprised that they let him have it without tampering.
      • But by this point Henry hasn't shown any superior skills or luck, so why would the military care?
      • Like it was said above, they've been keeping tabs on him since his bank heist, so they've at least been interested since then. A test would also help showcase his abilities. If it didn't work, he'd be promptly sent back to his cell or killed; otherwise, he would've proven his worth.
  • So, in Airship, the whole reason the Army sends Henry after the Toppat clan is because they don't have any proof yet that the Toppats are criminals, and thus can't arrest them. However, in the Relentless Bounty Hunter scenario Henry breaks into the ship and arrests the Toppat leader for the military. How can they do that without proof? Also, in the Pure Blooded Thief scenario, when Henry goes rogue and steals the ruby the Military moves in to personally deal with the Toppats anyway, which again contradicts what they stated earlier.
    • Henry's goal wasn't specifically to find evidence against them; his goal was to take them down by any means.
    • What his exact goal was in Airship is likely governed by Schrödinger's Gun; Early on in the Government Supported Private Investigator route, Charles outright says that the point of the mission is to find evidence against them. For the Relentless Bounty Hunter scenario, him capturing the Toppat leader could have been among the crimes that he was subsequently pardoned forhe did that, not the Army, so you could argue the latter is technically not guilty. As for the Pure Blooded Thief ending, I imagine that big ruby held a similar importance to the diamond in the previous game, so the fact that the Toppat clan had it in their possession was probably sufficient proof. Granted, they didn't know this until they saw Henry with it, but considering the events of Bank and Diamond, it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch for them to assume that, if Henry aborted their stated mission, it was probably for something valuable (especially since they noticed where in the ship—the vault—Henry had set off the alarm). It was a risk that they took, but not an unreasonable one.
  • If Henry really gets pardoned for his crimes in Airship, why does he end up in prison again in Complex?
    • It could be interpreted as him getting captured on a heist if he took over the THC, or on a mission/still being on good terms with the Government Agency from Airship Relentless Bounty Hunter/Government Supported Private Investigator or POSSIBLY Pure-Blooded Thief.
    • Given how bad Henry's luck is, he could have just been picked up off the street and then identified as a wanted criminal later.
    • Remember, Henry was sent to take the Toppat Clan down by the military team that captured him in the first place, not the government. Sure, his past crimes may have been erased from the official registry, but as we can see in the teaser, there's still evidence of them. Besides, whatever it is he did in Airship was illegal; joining the Toppat Clan, stealing the ruby in the airship's vault, or just invading the ship and killing/taking away the people inside (since Henry's kidnappers state not having sufficient evidence against the Toppats, this would still qualify as a crime).
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    • The Wall isn't affiliated with the government that pardoned Henry. They brought him in for their own reasons.
      • Most likely, since one of the conflicting reports in Complex say Henry teamed up with his government, rather than the government.
      • Note that when Henry receives his pardon, it says "All crimes PRIOR TO 2013." This means that the Airship incident and crimes later to be had still count to his record.
  • What do the subtitle intitals (CtM) in the new Henry Stickmin game stand for?
    • Capturing the Minister?
    • Controlling the Market?
    • Circumventing the Military?
    • Completing the Mission?

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