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The series as a whole is Reference Overdosed to a T. Clearly, PuffballsUnited loves his shout-outs.

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    Breaking the Bank 
  • The Shovel is pulled out with the classic Zelda Item Get! fanfare. The Remaster also includes camera angles imitating those of the cel-shaded games.
    • In the remaster, the Fail text for the same fail is a reference to Minecraft.

    Escaping the Prison 

    Stealing the Diamond 
  • Undetected route:
  • Aggressive route:
    "Wave g'bye to your head, wanka!"
  • Epic route:
    • If Henry uses the pick to tunnel in through the wall, he won't make much progress... until a Creeper runs in and blasts the wall apart.
    • A couple of rooms later, Henry can either use a crowbar (which gets him attacked by headcrabs), a Metroid, a Pokeball (he summons The Missingno. and crashes the game) or a Mega Mushroom.
    • In order to deal with the situation at the museum, the Centre for Chaos Containment can choose to launch a tactical nuke.
    • In the CCC headquarters, there's also this exchange:
    Corporal: I'm getting chaos readings at 10.6. It's coming from a museum.
    Chief: My god. It's over nine!
    Corporal: Yeah.
    Chief: I'm leaving this decision up to you, corporal. Just hit one of those buttons to deal with this... [Puts on sunglasses] pressing situation.
    Chief: Who's watching TV?! Get back to work!
    • In the background of the CCC Headquarters scene, a black monitor indicates that "Cam_626" is out. Considering that the 'Centre for Chaos Containment' sounds suspiciously like the SCP Foundation...
    • Possibly unintentional, but the button at the CCC that sends in a mech looks identical to the Robotomy tool.
  • Even a couple of the background paintings are shout outs. There are paintings of Leonidas, NO U Luigi, and the Biting Pear of Salamanca.
  • One of the medals (for using the Jumble Hoppers three times) is called "Like a D6", a reference to the song "Like a G6" by Far East Movement, The Cataracs, and Dev.

    Infiltrating the Airship 
  • Earpiece route:
    • One of the ways to get across the gap is for Charles to send in a Robo-Helper. Which is basically a robotic Tails.
    • When standing just behind a guard trying to get through a door, Henry can ask Charles to use remote access to hack the door open. It results in Henry getting squished. The fail screen has this to say:
    • Later, Henry can try and use the Falcon Kick to get rid of another guard. It works, but only on himself.
    • Another option is to throw a Ninja Star. When Henry somehow misses the game states "You missed! How could you miss?! He was three feet in front of you!" You can even get a medal by clicking on the letters M, U, L, A and finally N.
    • After getting the files, Henry has to take a detour with an electric obstacle in his way. When choosing how to respond to Charles, the player is greeted with a dialogue wheel straight out of Mass Effect.
    • When escaping the Airship, Henry can call for a flashbang to be thrown into the cargo bay. The throwing of which is preceded by "Fire in the hole!"
    • Another option here is a Banana Bomb. The fail screen then provides another shout out with "Dun dun dun OHHHHH BANANA!"
  • Cannonball route:
    • When chasing the Toppat Leader past some Slow Doors, Henry can use the warp turbo boost from LEGO Racers.
    • After this, Henry can try to get up to the Toppat Leader with either a pair of Techno Trousers, the Soldier's Rocket Launcher or by metalbending.
    • When the Right Hand Man apprehends Henry, he can fight him one of two ways. He can choose to Dirk, which will bring the player to a Final Fantasy VI battle screen (where he can use Edgar's chainsaw or Sabin's Blitz), or he can use a Yo-yo, which will bring him to an Earthbound battle screen.
    • The Tank that can be used by Henry bears a bit of resemblance to the Newgrounds Tank.
    • Henry can choose to use a parachute to leave the airship, though this leads to him dropping the Toppat Leader. When you mouse over the game's statement of "Butterfingers", Doctor Octavius chimes in...
  • Grapple Gun route:
  • Sticky Hand route: one of the ways Henry can try and lift the safe out is with Zero-Point Energy. Like Syndrome, he ends up flinging it above him with an undesirable outcome.
  • Throughout the whole game, if you complete a certain number of steps, then Henry can enter a room and find the fabled Biggoron's Sword. Opening the door to the room it's contained in even makes the famous "Puzzle Solved" sound.

    Fleeing the Complex 
  • For starters, the very fact that the Complex in question is called The Wall can't be a coincidence.
  • Boost Up route:
    • At The Yard (Escape Route), if Henry and Ellie choose to leave through a hole in the fence, they fall off the cliff. The FAIL screen says "Looks like you needed one of these", accompanied by a picture of Henry looking back and forth with his arms out.
      • At the same route, when you choose the truck to escape, a stickman that looks like Markiplier appears briefly when the convicts helps Henry and Ellie get in the truck.
      • On that note, the green-haired inmate who ushers them through said hole in the fence appears to resemble Jacksepticeye after the latter dyed his hair. This likeness is purely co-incidental, as confirmed by the creator of the game via a comment on Jack's video on the game.
  • Charge Tackle route:
  • Wait for Transfer route:
  • One of the medals requires the player to find Waldo. He's in The Yard (Escape Route), behind a rock in the middle-right.
  • The medal for getting 101 Fails is titled "101 Failmations". No, seriously.
  • In 5 separate locations throughout the game, you can spot G-Man standing in the background with a briefcase. Clicking all 5 of him nets you the medal "Rise and Shine"note .


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